Top 10 Best Apps and Sites Like Netflix Alternatives 2018


No doubt, Netflix is the best platform for streaming videos. In fact, Netflix has reserved the number one spot in this industry. It is also known as the most popular and most used platform for streaming videos and movies. People can watch almost any TV show or movie on Netflix. Even their rates are not that high, but some people are facing issues with their Netflix accounts.

I’m in no way trying to degrade Netflix, even I use Netflix and found it very useful. But if you’re thinking to move some other service/platform then here are some of the Best Netflix Alternatives which you should definitely try out.

Netflix is a paid service and it’s not always easy to buy the service for a common man. That’s the reason why I have listed out few alternative sites and apps below. No matter, if the app is a free one or a paid one, you can enjoy the free trial in the least possible case. If you come across payments page, try out the LocaliApStore to skip the page.

10 Best Apps and Sites Like Netflix 2018

We provide you the best apps like Netflix to try out in 2018:


Most probably Hulu is the biggest competitor of Netflix if you ask me. They have partnered with numerous TV channels which will help them to provide almost all TV shows to their users.

Netflix Alternate apps

Just like Netflix, Hulu has also started investing money in the original content, and I’m sure soon it will outrank Netflix if they take it the right direction, The best thing about Hulu, you can watch most of its content for free of cost.

However, you will need to purchase the subscription plan which will cost you around 7.99$ per month.


It is one of the Best Netflix App Alternatives 2018. iTunes is the most dominant and premium platform to watch TV shows and movies. In fact, it is also quite unique when compared to other streaming platforms.

sites like netflix 2017

Users can purchase TV shows/movies individually by paying an upfront amount; you don’t need to have a monthly plan or subscription to use iTunes. If you like something, then just go and purchase it.

As simple as that, iTunes is available in many countries like Australia, United States, etc. However, iTunes can be accessible only on Apple products, if you’re holding an apple product then try out this service.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is known as the home for best books and music. Now Amazon Prime has jumped in the streaming field; slowly it is gaining popularity all over the world.

best apps like netflix

The only thing which backfires Amazon Prime is its slow content update, but I strongly believe that they will improve their content update cycle once they get a good amount of user.

So it won’t be wrong to put Amazon Prime on this list. It offers unlimited streaming with no restrictions at all just for 79$ per year. Amazon Prime can be accessible on both PC and Mobile, so overall it’s a decent streaming platform with great potential.


So here comes the most popular video sharing site Youtube. I’m sure most of you haven’t expected Youtube to be on this list but trust me, It has many legal movies and shows to offer.

 Sites Like

Over the years, many content providers/creators have partnered with Youtube to publish their content. The best thing about Youtube, it can be accessed via any mobile or PC.

Tons of videos/movies to watch, and if you get bored in the midway, funny and comedy videos are just a click away.

You can watch as many as you want after purchasing any movie/video from Youtube both in Sd and HD. Youtube++ is a much better tweak which provides more advanced features.


Actually, SlingTV should be on the top of the list. But due to lack of popularity, it won’t be able to make its way up there. Most of the streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu don’t provide any live streaming options.

websites Like Netflix 2017

It’s a major disappointment (or at least for me) if you want to stay updated with your sports/matches. SlingTV offers you tons of live streaming option from numerous channels just for 20$ per month.

You can also add any add-ons to your current plan (chargeable) to make your streaming experience even more awesome.


The Vudu is known as the potential player in this field, owned by Walmart. Vudu site is like Netflix; it offers similar content which you will find on any other streaming platforms like Google Play or iTunes.

Netflix Alternatives for iOS

The best thing which makes Vudu as a deserving competitor of Netflix is because of its integration with Ultraviolet. A service which gives you digital access to the content/media you buy, which can be watched as many as required through Vudu.

You can also share your favorites/library with any five other people/users.

Google Play

As you can see, I’ve covered Youtube earlier in this list which is owned and operated by Google. However, Google Play is something different and has its spot on this list. It’s a platform for providing media service like books, apps, movies, music, etc.

Netflix Alternatives for android

Google Play can be accessed from any Android device. Users can download the episodes/videos from the catalogue and save it permanently. Google Play often provides many movies/shows for free of cost as a part of their promotion or offer.

It’s a good platform for Android users to catch up some good media things for affordable prices.


Epix is another well-known streaming platform which brings blockbuster movies right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. If you’re a fan of movies, then Epix is a one stop solution for you.

Best Netflix Alternative

Epix features a massive list of latest movies/videos; it’s a good place to watch almost all type of movies. Epix brings almost all movies in HD mode, but you may observe poor quality in certain films.


Crackle is a popular streaming service provider for both PC users as well for mobile users. Crackle’s movies list is not as big as the other streaming service providers, but surely they’ve got some exciting and top rated movies for their customers.

app Like Netflix

The best thing about Crackle, you don’t have to pay anything to watch the latest movies on your PC/Mobile. It’s absolutely free of cost, just give it a try.


HBO Now comes in the best Netflix Alternatives; I guess I don’t need to mention anything about HBO. The channel has started this service with an aim to get people rid of Cable TVs.

site Like Netflix

HBO subscribers can watch exclusive content anywhere and anytime; the prices are also very low compared to other apps. Give it a try; I’m sure you will like it.

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Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that Netflix is on Position number 1 among all movie streaming services. Netflix is a Premium service and of course, it has different plans. That is the major reason for people to look up for Netflix Alternatives 2018. If you are on Android or iOS, you can get the best apps like Netflix from the list shared above. I would like to hear you in the comments and let me know your favourite app/site similar to Netflix. Thank You.


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