Best Movie Apps for Android, iOS to Watch Movies Online 2017

Watching movies is the best way to lose boredom and work tensions. Many out there including me, loves watching movies in free time. There is a vast range of the internet worldwide. Of course, you can choose whatever the genre you like to watch. Do you know that watching movies online is easy in 2017?. I would say it is pretty easy if you have a better active internet connection. To make it handier, Today, we are going to provide you a list of Best Movie Apps for Android, iOS 2017. Get ready to watch movies online with ease and make your day blissful.

No matter you have an Android phone or an iPhone. I am going to give a list of best movie apps 2017 for Android and iPhone. Of course, these free movie apps does not need your Android to be rooted or an iPhone to be jailbroken. All the apps listed in this article are using by millions of people worldwide. So be ready to explore your smartphone to entertain yourself. Check out the wonderful apps given below.

15 Best Movie Apps for Android, iOS 10/9 that are actually Free in 2017

best movie apps for android 2017

Make sure that you are connected to a public wifi on your Android or iPhone. It is recommended to have mobile data is ON though you have connected to wifi. It will help you prevent interruptions if wifi cut off while installing these free movie apps 2017.


Crackle is one of the best movie apps for android. You can watch the movies and shows without any issues and errors. There are no complications that you need to go through. Browse the movies and shows of your choice and start watching them right away. Moreover, you will be able to navigate to different sections of the app. It is the completely free application, and it is available for Android and iOS.

Enjoy yourself by watching different genres like Comedy, Drama, Action Entertainment. You can make a list of best movies and shows of your choice. Access those movies and shows anywhere anytime with ease. Crackle is such a cool movie app for android to stream videos to Apple TV, Roku, Playstation, and Xbox. You can get this app for your Android and iOS right away.

Crackle - Free TV & Movies
Crackle - Free TV & Movies
Developer: Crackle
Price: Free

Tubi TV

It is yet another app to watch movies online. Watch movies and shows in High Definition without any errors and downtimes. Tubi TV is far better than Netflix and Hulu in various aspects. The Best part of the app is that it is free. There are more than 1 Million people are using Tubi TV on their Android devices. You can access the movies and shows on Tubi TV anywhere anytime. It works even with low speeds of internet.

The important thing about the Tubi TV is that it has commercials. utilize to the point; it has fewer ads than Hotstar, etc. Tubi Tv is one of the best apps to watch anime in 2017. It is not limited to particular region and genre. You can have Horror, Comedy, Family Dramas and Action oriented movies of various languages.

Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme
Tubi TV - Kostenlos TV & Filme
Developer: Tubi TV
Price: Free


Flixster is yet another popular movie app for Android, iOS. The total number of users for Flixster app is very high in number. You can watch almost everything for free. It is loaded with the movies, trailers, programs and special shows, and documentaries. Use Google Voice Search to search movies and shows of your choice with ease. Choose your favorite stuff to watch and save them into a list to access them later.

Flip through movie photos and watch trailers of course. You can browse user reviews and ratings for a movie with ease. Moreover, you can also write a review and express your opinion without much hassle. Bookmarking the upcoming movies and shows will notify when they are available.

Movies by Flixster
Movies by Flixster
Developer: Flixster Inc.
Price: Free


Showbox is a very popular app to watch movies online in 2017. It is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. Of course, you can have Showbox on PC Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is super easy to watch movies and shows on Showbox, and it has millions of active installations. You will be able to watch movies and shows including Series and special programs. Showbox is not available in google play and app store.

You can also download movies and shows with just a single click. Easy navigation on Showbox from different sections is a cool feature. The search bar will help you find your favorite content. Bookmark the videos and save them as a separate list to access them later.

Terrarium TV

Terrarium Tv is the best alternative to Showbox. It is a new but most popular app to watch movies online in HD for free. You can use Google Drive and other cloud spaces for movies and shows etc. Terrarium Tv supports subtitles of different languages. Get latest updates and additions to the collection from app notifications. Terrarium tv also helps you swipe down with your fingers to load the latest stuff.

Terrarium tv is compatible with different VPNs also. One can watch unrestricted movies and shows. Let me tell you this clearly. Let us suppose that your country does not allow some programs and shows to stream, yet you can use a VPN to access them from different IP address. Check out Terrarium TV Alternatives for your Android and iOS devices.

Bobby Moviebox

Bobby Moviebox is one of the best movie apps for iOS users. It has a super awesome user interface that helps every user to access their favorite content with ease. Bobby Moviebox supports various versions of the iOS operating system and compatible with all version of iPhones and iPads. It will provide frequent updates to every user.

Download Bobby Moviebox from its official website and install it on your iOS device. Search and watch lots of HD Movies and Programs for free.


Here comes one more movie app to the list of free the shows apps 2017. CinemaBox is available for Android and iOS. Use bluestacks or any other android emulator to watch movies and shows in CinemaBox on Windows or Mac PC. Offline Mode and Kids Mode are two great features of CinemaBox.

CinemaBox app supports streaming to Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire Tv, etc. It supports subtitles of various languages to help everyone watch all shows and movies.

Flipps HD

Flipps HD is the best movie client for TV. It supports 5000+ models of TVs and other streaming devices. You can have movies, shows, and youtube videos on your tv with Flipps HD app. Access more than 100 channels to watch movies and shows. Best of Flipps HD is that you do not need any dongle or set-top box to stream videos to the tv. Open your smartphone and connect it to the internet and choose the video on Flipps HD and stream it your TV.

Content organization is a great feature using which you can organize the videos. Add your favorites to a separate list and name it so as to access it later. Also supports Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Dish Hopper and Apple TV.


Hubi is yet another one from free movie apps for android, iOS 2017. Stream and download your favorite movies and shows with just a single click from Hubi. You can get the app from Google play for your android device. Hubi Currently Supports 39+ Services like DaClips, BillionUploads, FileNuke, etc.

Download movies on Hubi and watch them later. It has eye catchy user interface. Background download feature is the best option for you to watch videos while downloading. Hubi supports Mx Player, V Player, Mobo Player to watch videos without bugs.


With Viewster, you can watch movies online in 2017 with ease. Viewster is one of the best movie apps for Android, iOS. The app supports all versions of Android and iOS operating systems. You can watch movies and tv shows on your Android mobile. It is one of the cool apps to watch anime for free. Viewster is a great place for Sci-fi movies, documentaries, and anime shows.

It will not ask you for sign up, and no registration is required. You can start watching your favorite stuff right away. You can follow your favorite channels for future updates to the shows and movies. Create a list of your favorite movies and programs to access them later.

Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV
Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV
Developer: Viewster
Price: Free


Netflix is a premium service that provides you Movies, TV Shows, and Programs in High Definition. It has grown to a state of being the best movie serving service from a normal DVD rental shop in the United States of America. Netflix app is available for Android and iOS, and of course, you can get access to Netflix from your computer.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+
Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+

Moreover, Netflix app has a great collection of new and old movies including the TV shows that you missed watching on TV. There are different ways using which you can get Netflix premium account for free. In the meantime, you can download Netflix app for your smartphone here. Apps Like Netflix will make your day better with latest movies and tv series and much more.

Cafe Movie App

Cafe Movie App is a new app into the market of entertainment. You may try this app on your Android device and a web interface as well. Just like the movie apps listed above, it has different categories for movies, tv series, talk shows, and other entertainment stuff.

Interesting fact about the app is that it is not available in the google play store. You can download the app from third-party apps like AppiShare, Tutu Helper, PP25, etc. Just try the app and let me know if this can be one of the best movie apps for your android or not.

Wrapping Up

Be smart and better utilize your smartphones. Listen to Music while jogging or workouts. Watch movies online to get relaxed in your free time. I do the same, and I have all the best apps to watch movies online on my iPhone. So, I have listed them out, and you can download best movie apps for Android, iOS 10/9/8. I would like to hear you in the comments. Thank You.

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