Apps Like Tutu Helper for iOS and Android to Get Free Paid Apps

Tutu Helper is also known as TutuApp and it is a versatile app store to get free paid apps and games. It is available for iOS and Android as well. Moreover, the marketplace is available as a paid version for those who would like to access all its features. The free app is enough for anyone whose main purpose is to get the paid apps for free. It is a great platform for guys to know about the app before buying it from the official sources. If you are trying to get apps like tutu helper for any reason, you are at the right place.

The most downloaded games from the tutuapp include Minecraft Pocket Edition and Super Mario Run Hack, etc. Moreover, you can also download various screen recorders for your iOS device and Spotify Premium without wasting time on Apple app store. It has mods and tweaks for games and apps for your iOS and Android devices.

Sometimes, you may not be able to download any app or game on the tutuapp. In such cases, you may need other third-party app stores. Moreover, It is not an easy job to find out the best third party app store for your iOS or Android device. But you don’t need to worry as I am going to provide you a list of best apps like tutu helper for your iOS and Android devices. In case if you haven’t installed Tutu Helper, Check out the detailed guide to Install Tutu Helper.

apps like tutu helper for ios and android

The Best Apps Like Tutu Helper for Your iPhone and Android Device


pp25 tutuapp alternative

PP25 is one of the best third-party app stores by far. It has different ways to Install PP25 on your Android and iOS. The default language of the app is Chinese and you cannot change it to the English or any other language. It’s considered to be one of the negative points of this app store. But do not panic, users can search for their favourite app in the English language.

You can download various modded games and tweaked apps just by using the search bar.


vshare tutu helper alternative

vShare is yet another third party app store which is better than Tutu Helper in all the aspects. The apps and games listed in the vShare app are completely free and the app is available for Android and iOS as well. All the apps and games on the vShare app are well categorised and it has such a wonderful user interface to access them. vShare is available in free and paid versions for both Android and iOS.

Check out how to download (vShare Pro) AppiShare on your Android and iOS.


aptoid apps like tutuapp

Apptoide is one of the biggest third-party alternatives to google play and Tutu Helper as well. In case if you have any difficulties with Tutu Helper, you can go with it. Believe me, you can find a lot of apps and games that are not available in Google Play. I should say that the Apptoide is an Android warehouse for free paid apps and games.


appcake apps like tutu helper

AppCake is one of the best apps like tutu helper and Cydia as well. The biggest advantage of the app is that it does not require a jailbroken device. It has thousands of tweaked apps and games from entertainment to books, travel, and lifestyle, etc. Downloading the cracked apps on your iPhone or iPad using AppCake is safe as well.

All new apps will be there under Just Arrived category on the app. Moreover, the default language of the app is English and you can use it if you have any difficulties with PP25.


apkmirror tutu helper alternative

APKMirror is a third party app store that hosts Apk files for Android devices. It does not help if you have an iPhone or iPad or an iPod Touch (iOS Devices). You can search for your favourite app or game using the search bar and download the apk file. Installing Apk files on any Android device is not a big task. Just enable Unknown Sources by going through Settings on your Android device. So, if you are on Android, you have one more from the list of best apps like tutuapp for Android device.

Wrapping Up

We use tutu app (tutu helper) to download premium apps for free and of course, on Android and iOS as well. If you have any issues with the tutuapp, you can go for any tutu helper alternative from the list provided. Don’t panic, you may use any of these apps either on your Android or on iOS devices. I would like to hear if you know any other app like tutuapp through comments. Thank you so much.