How to Root Android Without PC or Computer using 11 Best Rooting Apps (2018)


People prefer Android over any other OS because Android is the only operating system which offers extreme customizations like installing third-party apps, etc. But every Android Phone (Unrooted) will be limited to certain features and settings. Rooting Android Phone will open the doors to unlimited customisations. You can also root your device by using the best rooting apps 2018.

As I said earlier, Android offers a lot of customizations, but to gain access to your device’s settings to its potential, you need to root android phone.

In this article, I am sharing some of the best ways to Root Android without PC in 2018. Before jumping into the topic, let me clear all the doubts regarding android rooting.

What is Rooting?

You’ll find tons of articles explaining the root and its process to gain. If you’re someone who is holding basic knowledge in techy things then most probably you’d understand nothing.

Many people think that rooting is a complicated process, but actually, it’s not. Let me explain you about rooting in my words for better understanding.

root android without pc

Rooting is nothing but gaining access to full control over your Android. Most of the mobile manufacturers don’t offer deep customizations and settings. But to unlock the potentiality of your device, you need to root your Android phone.

It’s like jailbreaking the iPhone, Once you successfully root your Android device, you’d get deep-dive access to the settings of your device. You can make unlimited customizations on your device to make it faster and smoother than ever before it was.

Advantages of Rooting

There are tons of benefits of rooting the Android device, the list of advantages is massive.

benefits of rooting android

Here I’ve mentioned some of the most useful and attractive benefits of rooting.

  • Removing Bloatware: Many Android phones nowadays come with shit loads of bloatware, and simply you can’t uninstall them using the settings option. To remove all the bloatware apps, you need to get root privileges. Device with less/no junk will lead to good performance.
  • Root Access: You’ll be able to unlock the features which are locked by the manufacturers using the root privileges. (Example: wireless tethering )
  • Install Third-Party Apps: In unrooted phones, users cannot install apps which are bit incompatible and unstable, but one with root privileges can install all type of apps.
  • Stay Updated to Beta Versions: Having Root privileges will help you in staying updated with latest Android OS versions. This feature could be very useful for developers.
  • Unlimited Customisations: After passing a certain period, you’d get bored with your device’s skin and launcher. Having root access will allow you to change the skin of your device to make it look better and new. Check out the Best Go Launcher Themes and Icon Packs and also Free Windows Launchers for Android, you can install them even without rooting your device.
  • Custom ROMs: You can also install custom ROMs if you have root privileges, installing ROMs is not possible on unrooted devices. Advantage of Custom ROMs is that you can check any Android version before it’s officially available for your device.
  • AdBlock: There are plenty AdBlock apps for the rooted android device. You can get rid of those annoying ads that pop-up while browsing for the important information you need.
  • Full Backups: Root access will be super useful when it comes to full backup. The normal Android device can’t be backed up fully, you need to root it in order to take a full backup.
  • CPU Clocking: Increasing the CPU frequency will help us while playing CPU Intensive Games. Decreasing the CPU frequency will lead to the extended battery life. Check out the Best Battery Saver Apps to save battery if your device is not yet rooted.

Disadvantages of Rooting

There are no many disadvantages of rooting, having root privileges will give you access to unlimited customizations.

disadvantages of rooting android

However, there’s one significant disadvantage of rooting which I would like to mention. So here it is.

  • As soon as you root your Android device, the warranty of your device will void. Once you install root on your device, you’re on your own. The company will not be able to help if your device faces any damage. However, there are some popular brands like Xiaomi which offers warranty even after rooting. So it’s better to check with your device’s brand before installing the root privileges.
  • Hardware Issues: Sometimes, the motherboard will get affected with the unusual and un-permitted activities if done. Changing the Logic Board (Mother Board) is not a small thing, it will cost you at least half of your smartphone price.
  • Software Update Issues: Unrooted android devices will receive regular updates upon latest changes to the core operating system. Whereas, the rooted devices will not get automatic updates, you need to do it manually.
  • Ad Blocking: Blocking ads may sound good if you are irritated a lot with pop up ads, etc. If you block ads, every app/website developer will get affected as it shows direct impact on their earnings. It’s okay if you can organise which website/app to block ads on.
  • Malware Issues: Unrooted device is fully protected in all the sense. Whereas, the rooted device has the maximum chances to get affected with malware, virus as installing third party apps on android (after rooting) has no restrictions. Choose which app to install, which app to avoid wisely.
  • Security Problems: Some apps will secretly collect all confidential information from your device and export it to their database. There are chances that the information collected in such ways getting personal issues.

Prerequisites to Root your Android Device

Rooting is not a simple process as it sounds until and unless you meet some prerequisites. Here are they.

  • At least 50% Battery Level or Connected to Power Source.
  • Active Internet Connection (Mobile Data or Wifi).
  • Some free space on your Android device.
  • Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging >> Enable it.
  • Backup all your data (Most recommended).

Permissions to Install third-party apps is yet another important prerequisite. You need to allow installation from unknown sources, to do that open up your settings. Scroll down till you find “Developers Options,” open it and tick mark the option “Allow Installation of Apps From Unknown Sources.”

By doing this, you can install any Apk file on your Android device. Improve the performance of your rooted android phone with these Best Rooted Apps for Android Devices.

How to Root Android Without PC or Computer in 2018

There are many ways to Root Android Without PC, but most of them will not work for all brand’s models. Here I’m going to share two ways which you can use to Root Any Android Phone without Pc.

The procedure of rooting android is same but the rooting apps and the smartphones will be different. But, every app will be different from the other app, you need to figure it out and do it well.

Don’t worry, I have provided around 10 best rooting apps to root android without pc in 2018.

Why you would actually need such apps and what about the side effects upon using such apps?, let’s discuss about it now.

  • You can root android without computer (Windows or Mac), the computer is not at all needed.
  • The apps are super handy and you don’t need special skills to use them.
  • Free for life, you don’t need to invest money to buy them, for rooting.
  • Fits all Android smartphones irrespective of the brand name, it can be (Samsung, LG, Sony, OnePlus, Micromax, Lenovo, Oppo, Motorola, Panasonic, Vivo, HTC, Google Pixel, Gionee etc).
  • No data loss will occur. Of course, I strongly recommend you take backup of your data.
  • Rooting is possible with one click (easy for everyone).
  • Root any version of Android operating system (from Android 4.0 to Android 8.0 Oreo).
  • Not much time, the entire rooting process will be wrapped up under 2 to 5 minutes. Of course, it depends upon how quick you take action.

10+ Free Rooting Apps for Android to Root Android without PC (2018)

Why only 10 apps listed below as there are a lot many of such kind?, the answer is simple; not all apps are genuine. Yes, you heard it right, everyone in the race tries to win but not everyone.

Similar way, there are only few apps that stand on their word. I am sure you can find all rooting apps that work without any issues.


Kingroot is one of the most popular apps which is capable of installing root on almost all Android devices. The app is completely free to download and use.

root android phone without pc 2017

Here are the exact steps which you need to follow to gain Root Access on Android without PC using Kingroot.

  1. First of all, you need to download the Kingroot apk. Follow this link to download the latest version of Kingroot from the official website.
  2. The Downloading will be over within few minutes (depending on your internet connectivity).
  3. Now go to downloads, find and Install Kingroot Apk on your Android device.
  4. Since the app is very small in size, the installation part will not take much time.
  5. Open the Kingroot app; it will show you whether your device is rooted or not on the homepage screen of the app itself.
  6. Click on start rooting to initiate the installation of rooting; the rooting process may take a few minutes to finish (If your device starts rebooting while installing the root, please don’t panic. It’s just a part of the process).
  7. After few minutes, you’ll see the success message of successful root installation.

That’s it; Now your Android device is rooted. You can enjoy all the root privileges from now.


how to root android phone without pc

TowelRoot can root almost any android device, millions of people have used TowelRoot to root their android phone. The app belongs to chinese developers and targeted for Chinese smartphones. Well, if you have a Chinese device, then I highly recommend you to try TowelRoot first. The success rate of Rooting with TowelRoot is very high than any other rooting apps.

The process of rooting via TowelRoot is same; you have to follow the same instructions which I’ve written above in Kingroot’s process. Not to neglect, check out the instructions provided below.

  1. Download the TowelRoot apk from the official site to prevent malware/trojans.
  2. Go to Downloads Folder and Install TowelRoot Apk file on your Android smartphone. As we already know, the installation may take some time, don’t operate anything in the meantime.
  3. Open the TowelRoot app on your Android smartphone.
  4. Click on Start Rooting to root your Android device without installing any other third-party apps.

That’s all! Restart your Android smartphone and enjoy the root privileges.


KingoRoot is yet another awesome app to Root Android without computer. Just like the above methods, you don’t need a computer, it’s just enough to follow the instructions I have provided below. Make sure you follow any one of the methods provided in this article. You don’t need to go with each and every method.

  1. Download KingoRoot Apk file by going to You can download the PC Version if you are on pc as it has higher success rate than the Mobile version.root android without pc using kingoroot
  2. Transfer the file to your Android device using the File Managers from your pc.
  3. Install KingoRoot.Apk file on your Android device.
  4. Launch KingoRoot App and tap “One Click Root” to start rooting your Android device.root android without computer using kingoroot
  5. Just wait for some time without touching your device. A result screen will appear with a message either successful or failed. In most of the cases, it will be successful.rooting android without pc

That’s all you should do with a KingoRoot app on your Android device. In case if the root is not successful, you can go with the PC version or you may follow any of the methods provided in this article.

Root Dashi

Root Dashi is one of the latest rooting apps for android smartphones. It comes with all basic features the other apps listed above carries.

rooting apps for android

Root dashi is somewhat similar to Kingoroot in terms of functionality, appearance, options, etc.

Here are the instructions you need to follow in order to gain root access on android without computer.

  1. Download Root Dashi Apk from here and install the app on your Android device. I hope you have done necessary changes to the settings (unknown sources).
  2. Click on “Root” option which is readily available on the home screen of the Root Dashi App.
  3. Wait until the process is over.

One Click Root

The name of the app says it all. It does not much time and you don’t need to be a tech savvy. It requires a simple set up to root android without pc.

android root apps

The UI (User Interface) of One Click Root app is unmatchable. The app is very easy to handle and use, any newbie can easily play with it.

In case if you come across any issues while rooting, the live chat support will help you resolve it in no time.

Check out the instructions to root android phone without computer.

  1. Download and Install One Click Root App from this link, on your Android smartphone.
  2. Open the app and click on “Root” to start the process.
  3. The app will scan your device and gets the current status. If rooted already, it will be displayed there, or else, you can start rooting right away.
  4. Skip, if you come across any popup asking the third party app installation.
  5. It will generate a success message if rooting android is successful.

iRoot App

iRoot app is yet another powerful rooting app for Android smartphones. If you would like to go with an advanced app that can do the job under 2 minutes, you can give it a try.

iroot without pc

iRoot app is best known for it’s fast, yeah, it will get the root access on your device very fast. A lot of people are facing problems with pop up ads in this app.

The iRoot app is best in terms of the ability to remove pre-installed apps, kernel, custom ROMs, etc. Moreover, the iRoot app is available for both PC and Android. You don’t need a PC version as you are rooting android without pc.

Finally, follow the instructions to get your android rooted.

  1. Download and install the iRoot app on your Android device from this link.
  2. Click on “Gain Root Access” to root your smartphone and wait for sometime.
  3. “Got Root Access” is the message that will be displayed on the screen if everything is fine.

Try out Framaroot or Towel Root app if you have issues using the app.

Z4Root App

Z4root app is well known for it’s compatibility and support. Although the app is not that popular, but it can do the job without any issues.

root android without pc using z4root app

It does not host any pop ups and zero bloatware made it steal place in this article. Most importantly, it won’t require a pc to root android smartphone.

Rooting process is same as the apps discussed above. Just download and install the app from the official website. Open up the app and click on “Root” which is available on the home screen of the android device.

Wait till you see a message saying “rooting is successful“.

Baidu Root

Baidu root will root android without pc no matter which version of OS is being run. Surprisingly, the app belongs to china and the default language is the major problem for rest of the world.

root android without computer using baidu root app

Language is not a problem if you know how to start rooting process. It can root old android phones as well. Just download and install the app on your android device and click on “Root” button to start rooting process.


Framaroot is one of the finest apps to root android without pc in 2018. Developers of the framaroot app made it the way suitable for wide range of android smartphones.

rooted android without pc

Framaroot app is completely free and it does not have any bloatware inside it. One of the most important requirements by Framaroot app is, the active internet connection. Without internet, the rooting process won’t take process.

Download the Root Apk from the official website of Framaroot. Install the app on android device, open up the app and click on Root to start rooting process. Don’t worry, it won’t take more than 2 minutes.

Root Master

The most simplest rooting app to root android without pc. Root master is the best choice if you are new to rooting and related stuff.

root master rooting android no pc

User interface of the Root Master app is super simple with only few options (Share, Feedback, About) – Navigation Menu.

A big button which is rounded and white in color will help you start rooting process. Wait for sometime and check if your device is rooted. Rooting is done, Gain root access, Root successful are the indications upon successful rooting.

This way, you can Root Android Without PC, There are various other Rooting Apps to root your Android devices. Hope these methods are just enough to finish rooting android without computer.

Wrapping Up

Rooting Android device has both the advantages and disadvantages. Make sure that you have clarity on rooting android phone. We have few methods that won’t damage your android device. You need to follow the simple instructions to Root Android without PC, Windows or Mac. I would like to hear you in the comments. Thank you so much.


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