Top 10 Best Apps Like ShowBox for Android, iPhone, PC, Roku, etc


Looking for the Best Apps Like Showbox 2018 to stream HD movies and other stuff on Android and iPhone?. In this article, I will provide you a bunch of top alternatives to Showbox app.

Showbox used to be the best movie streaming app for Smartphones in its prime age. But it slowly started fading away from the crowd and lost its popularity.

For some reason, you might have stopped using the Showbox; else you wouldn’t be here on this article looking for the alternatives to Showbox app. There are plenty of Apps similar to Showbox out there, but only a few handful amount of apps deserve to be called as Showbox Alternatives.

If you are also looking for the apps similar to Showbox to watch movies and Tv shows, then you’ve landed in the right place. Today, in this article, we’ll be introducing the best Showbox alternative to watch unlimited movies and Tv shows for free of cost.

10 Similar Apps Like Showbox 2018

I have provided all top similar apps to showbox that can be used on various devices like Android, iPhone, Roku, Chromecast, etc. Go through the list and find out the one that suits you the most.


CinemaBox is our first pick on this list of Apps like Showbox. It is one of the best alternative to Showbox that one can find at the moment. CinemaBox features thousands of movies, shows, podcasts, and much more. They have a wide collection of movies that includes all types of genres.

Apps like showbox for android

It doesn’t matter what kind of movies you would like to watch, CinemaBox has got everything covered for you. Just download the app, create your free account and hop on. It’s that simple, and most importantly its absolutely free and doesn’t require membership.


  • A wide range of Movies and Videos collection for free of cost.
  • Each video is available in different formats and different qualities.
  • The stuff which is listed on the CinemaBox app can be saved to view them offline.
  • Bookmarking the loved videos will create a list to access them anytime.

MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is another well-known movie streaming app for android phones. The MegaBox HD app probably has the largest collection of series based movies and shows. Of course, you would see other movies as well, but they are more focused on series based content.

Apps like ShowBox ios 11

Movies or Tv shows can be streaming from anywhere using your smartphone; you just need to make sure you have a good internet connection. The MegaBox HD team offers a regular update of movies, shows, and other general stuff. You can also reach out to their support and make movie requests. and if you are lucky enough, the requested movie will be made available on MegaBox HD.


  • Megabox HD is completely free app and it does not host any advertisements as well.
  • The user interface is super simple comparing with the CinemaBox.
  • Find a lot of Movies, TV Shows, Videos, etc with just a single search.
  • Movies can be shared through social networks.
  • It has wide range of movies from different categories like Horror, Comedy, Tragedy, Love, Romance, etc.


Crackle is a free movie streaming provider owned by Sony. The Crackle app aims to simplify the way people stream movies using their smartphones or Computer. It’s a free service where anyone can go and get their account registered for free to gain access to the service.

ShowBox Alternatives

You can save any number of movies or shows on your device and watch it later onwards. There is no subscription concept on Crackle, everything you see on Crackle can be watched for free of cost. You just need to have an activated account in order to stream the content, just follow the instructions and you should be good to go! Crackle is one of the best apps like Showbox for iPhone as well.


  • Crackle is the best app to watch TV along with Movies, TV Shows, Offline Videos.
  • Search for the awesome and unforgotten movies through the simple search bar of the Crackle app.
  • No Cable subscription to watch Movies, Live TV, etc., it’s just free.
  • Actually no need to log in, but, if you logged in, your watch data will be saved. It will help you resume watching a movie or video from where you left it exactly.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another simplistic yet powerful movie streaming app. The Popcorn Time is available not only for Android, but for iOS and Linux as well. Whenever a new movie or show comes out, you can expect it to be made available on Popcorn Time within a few days.

Free Showbox Alternatives

The team behind Popcorn Time is quite active and updates the content every month. It also provides subtitles for almost all the shows and movies, simply go to options and choose the language you want. The account options and movie lists are arranged quite neatly so that it will easy for the user to find their favorite movie titles.


  • Popcorn Time will constantly search for the best movies and tv shows online from different torrents, etc.
  • It allows you watch any movie, any tv show for free. No restrictions at all. All you need is just an active internet connection.
  • You can find subtitles for each and every video that you find on Popcorn Time. You can watch movies with or without subtitles.
  • No wait, No downtime, stream all your favorite movies and tv shows instantly and from wherever you are.


If you aren’t satisfied with free movie streaming apps, then HBO Now is a perfect fit for you. This is paid service that would cost approximately 15 USD per month. It’s worth every penny you pay, they provide quality streaming with dozens of add-on features.

top alternatives to showbox app

You can try out their service free for a month to see if it meets your requirements. In case, if you aren’t satisfied, you can move out by canceling the subscription at any time. HBO Now is a perfect destination for all the Tv show lovers out there. Based on your behavior, HBO Now even provides recommendation content, this way you can find some cool shows which you might have never heard of.


  • Stream TV and Movies from HBO Network.
  • No Cable needed, free for 1 month and after that, you need to pay some money to the app developers.
  • Find documentaries, Movies, Original Series, etc., at your fingertips.
  • The app is available for almost all kinds of devices running either Windows Phone, Android, iOS, etc.

Hub Streaming

Hub Streaming is another great alternative whenever Showbox is down. Their database contains a wide selection of top rated movies and Tv shows. You would never feel left out once you join the Hub Streaming community. You can even share links to specific movies with your friends and community members.

best showbox alternative

Besides that, Hub Streaming actually allows users to download the film in the form a “File” and can be watched offline anytime. There’s also an option to switch between players just in case if you don’t feel comfortable with the possibilities of a particular player. The web version of Hub Streaming is even more excellent, the web interface helps you to find your favorite movies with just one tap.


  • The Hub TV hosts plenty good Live TV Channels for free.
  • Access Movies, world news, tv shows with ease.
  • The app is mostly meant to watch Live TV in Arabian Regions, and all other major parts of the world.

Movie Box

Movie Box is a quite similar app to Showbox, it’s more like a cloned version of Showbox app. However, Movie Box surpasses Showbox in every aspect. Movie Box provides multi-language subtitles for the majority of the movies and shows. You don’t need to download any additional subtitle files; Movie Box will do that job for you.

Free Movie Streaming apps similar to showbox

The app features simple options and easy to navigate interface; it’s pretty unique in┬ácomparision with the other movie streaming apps. Go ahead, give it a shot to Movie Box, I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed at all.


  • Moviebox has huge demand for iOS platform as it’s the showbox alternative for iPhones.
  • The app hosts all latest movies in High Definition quality.
  • Watch movies any number of time and save them offline to watch later.
  • Moviebox is a unique app in this list that helps you connect your phone to chromecast to stream movies on bigger screens.

Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv Apk is a new movie streaming app on the market comparatively. Due to its wide variety of features, Terrarium Tv has gained a lot of users since its release. I generally think it’s a pretty cool app for those who do not want to compromise with the quality of movies.

terrarium tv the best showbox alternative app

It provides full HD streaming of Movies and Tv shows; you can even download the movies at high quality and watch it later anytime without having the internet connection.

So, in case, if you are in hurry or running out of time, just download the movies and shows that you would like so that you can watch them whenever you are free. You can check out few other alternatives to terrarium tv.


  • Name of the app represents “TV“, yeah you can watch thousands of live tv channels on Terrarium TV app.
  • Terrarium TV is a great place for movie buffs and geeks, where they can find any kind of movie for free of cost.
  • Switching the quality while watching is adopted very well by Terrarium TV.

Wrapping Up

Those are the pretty good Showbox alternatives you can try on your Android and iPhone. Experience the fluid flow movie streaming using the apps like showbox (2018) provided above and enjoy watching stuff for free. Share the list with your friends over social media, thank you so much.


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