How to Install Cydia without Jailbreak on iOS 9/10 (Cydia Installer 2017)

Install Cydia without Jailbreak: We all know that we need to jailbreak iOS devices to install Cydia. But, we cannot jailbreak iOS 9 or later devices.

Of course, it is not safe to jailbreak iPhone or iPad as it causes few serious effects. Today, I am going to show the best tweak using which you can install Cydia on iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking. I have tried various methods to install Cydia on my iPhone 6s Plus. Few of them are working, but many of them caused me issues like “No Network,” “Phone Can’t Start.”

Let me give you the best working methods to install Cydia on ios 9/10.2.1 without jailbreak. Later, you can use the Best Cydia Apps on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Go through the best methods to install Cydia no jailbreak on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Check out the requirements that Cydia Installer needs.

Cydia Installer Requirements

  • A iOS Device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).
  • iOS Device without Jailbreak.
  • iOS 9.0/9.1/9.2, iOS 9.3.3, iOS 9.3.4, iOS 9.3.5, iOS 10/10.1.1, iOS 10.2.1.

How to Get Cydia Without Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 9, iOS 10.2.1)

As a first step, go to Settings >> General >> Software Update. Install the latest version of iOS software that is available for your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. download and install software update on iphone to install cydia no jailbreak

Make sure that your device is connected to the internet. After that, you can install Cydia without jailbreak and zero errors. Follow the simple instructions that I am going to show you now.

  1. Open on Safari on your iOS device. Click on “Install” option which is there at the top right corner of the browser.install cydia from flekstore
  2. Click on “Install” button which is there at the top right corner. It takes few seconds to Install Flekstore Profile.install flekstore to install cydia app without jailbreaking
  3. Authenticate the installation process with Passcode.enter passcode to install flekstore without jailbreak
  4. It will show you a Warning that it is not verified. Click on Install button. It will take some time to finish the installation.install flekstore profile for cydia
  5. Click “Done” after completing flekstore installation.flekstore profile installed for cydia installer
  6. Open flekstore app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Click on “Start” if you want to go with a quick tour. Or else, Click on “Not Now.”quick tour or flekstore ios app
  7. Scroll Down and Click on “Tweaks” on the Home screen of FlekStore iOS tweaks on flekstore app
  8. Scroll Down till you find “Cydia” from the Tweaks List. Click on Cydia now.cider installer download
  9. Now, It is time to Install Cydia Installer on iOS 10.2.1/iOS 9.cydia installer download
  10. Open Cydia on iPhone after completing the installation process.

It is the Best method to get Cydia installer for iOS 10/9 without jailbreak. Moreover, you can get awesome apps for your iOS device from Cydia.

Video Tutorial to Install Cydia on iOS 10/9 Without Jailbreak – No Computer

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Install Cydia No Jailbreak (Alternative Method)

Here is another method that works like a charm. Give it a try and you can install cydia without jailbreaking and you do not need flekstore, etc.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the Internet and Open App Store and Type “vSSH client” and hit enter.
  2. Download and Install vSSH client app on your iPhone or iPad from the app store.
  3. Open the app after finishing the installation.
  4. Click on “Quick Connect Network” on the app to start Installing Cydia.
  5. Copy the IP Address of your Wifi Network. To do that, Go to Settings>>Wifi>>Open & Click on Connected Network.
  6. Copy the IP Address now and come back to the vSSH Client app.
  7. Click on the IP Host option on vSSH Appa and paste the IP address that you have copied.
  8. Do not change the Port address and leave it like that.
  9. Enter the Username as “root“.
  10. Scroll Up, & Click on “Connect” which is there at the top right corner.
  11. Click on “Yes” from the popup for just once.
  12. Enter the password as “alpine” when it asks you to enter.
  13. Now, Click on Return and go back. Copy the Link given below.
  14. wget -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/
  15. Paste the copied code into the vSSH app and click on Return.
  16. It will take 2 minutes to finish the process and your iPhone will be restarted automatically.
  17. Cydia on your iPhone must be added in the cydia on iphone no jailbreak
  18. Open Cydia on your iPhone or iPad and Download Cydia Apps.

Now you have 2 methods till now to get Cydia Installer for iPhone without jailbreak. Let me know if you still not able to get it for your phone. Check out the latest method given below.

Install Cydia Using OpenAppMkt App

This is another way of installing Cydia on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking. OpenAppMkt is a third party app store just like Cydia, Mojo Installer, Tutu Helper Free iOS App etc. But the difference is that it has TaiG jailbreak tool to Install Cydia by jailbreaking the device. As we do not want to jailbreak, I suggest you check out the instructions shared below.

  1. Visit OpenAppMkt official web page from this link on safari or google chrome on your iOS Device.cydia openappmkt
  2. Tap “Get It” button beside the app icon wait for a second or so.Install Cydia on iPhone from OpenAppMkt
  3. Now, the OpenAppMkt app will ask you to use your location in order to install Cydia without jailbreak on your iPhone or would like to install cydia
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish the process of installing Cydia on your iOS 10 or iOS 9 device.
  5. Come back to the home screen of your iOS device and start using Cydia. Install Cydia Tweaks and download a bunch of tweaked apps for your iDevice.

Guys, Recently I came to know about this method and I would love to share it with you right here. Check out the instructions and get Cydia on your iOS 10 or iOS 9 device without jailbreaking.

How to Use Cydia Installer on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

We have seen how to install Cydia without jailbreak on iOS 9/iOS 10. Let me also guide you get Best Cydia Tweaks from Best Cydia Repos. So that, you will have everything on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open Cydia on iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. Sign Up or Login with your email.cydia installer for ios 10
  2. You will see three options (Home, Manager, Settings). Click on “Manage” for Cydia to get cydia without jailbreak
  3. Scroll Down and Click on the app that you want to Install. Or else, search for the app using the search bar.cydia installer for ios 9

That is a simple tweak to get Cydia installer for iOS 10/iOS 9 without jailbreak. You can get unlimited apps from Cydia repo as well. Now, You can record screen with iPhone Screen Recorder Apps from Cydia.

If you are looking to remove Cydia app without a computer, you can follow the step-by-step guide to Delete Cydia from iPhone Without Computer.

Wrapping Up

I hope this guide to Install Cydia Without Jailbreak on iOS helps you. You need to follow the simple instructions to get Cydia installer for iOS 9/10 in 2017. I would like to hear from you. Let me know if there is any other trick that can help our visitors to install Cydia on iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7s/7s Plus without a need to jailbreak. Thank You so much.

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