Trouble using Cydia Impactor on iOS 11? Try it’s Alternatives


We all know that the Saurik’s Cydia Impactor is the finest tool to side load modded .IPA files to iPhones, but not any more. Most of the iOS 11 devices are incapable of side loading apps from Cydia Impactor. If you are also facing the same issue, I have a perfect solution for you.

You can downgrade your iPhone from iOS 11 to iOS 10 to make Cydia Impactor work without any issues. But, that is not at all recommended, downgrading the operating system may cause some serious issues. Instead, you can try out the alternatives to Cydia Impactor on iOS 11 devices.

If you would like to downgrade to any of the version of iOS 10, follow the instructions provided below.

How to Downgrade to iOS 10 from iOS 11

Go head, if you are really interested doing it. If not now, we cannot assure it’s possible in future.

  1. Visit by clicking here.
  2. Choose your Device from the menu you see there.downgrade ios 11 to ios 10
  3. Now, choose the any subversion of iOS 10. Interestingly, lower than iOS 10.3.3 or iOS 10.3.2 is not allowed.
  4. Go to Settings >> iCloud >> Find My iPhone >> Turn Off (on your iPhone).
  5. Connect your iOS device to the computer using the lightning cable. Trust the connection when prompted.
  6. Now, Check for the updates, Load the file you have downloaded from the above link and wait for sometime.

Your iPhone will be ready with iOS 10.3.3 or iOS 10.3.2 in next few minutes.

If you are not interested in the method provided above, you can try out best apps like cydia impactor for iOS 11 devices provided below.

Cydia Impactor Alternatives (2018)

We present you the best alternatives to Cydia Impactor:

1. Xcode and iOS App Signer

It’s not as easy as it sounds, you need to have a computer (mac) in this case. If you have a mac pc, you can bundle the ipa files into a single file using the iOS App Signer. Finally, side load the output to any iPhone, or iPad, or iPod running iOS 11.

Download App Signer from this link and check How to Install App Signer on Mac Without Errors.

2. AppValley

AppValley is one of the famous third party apps (App Store) to side load any iOS app that is not available in the Appstore. It has a great collection of apps, tweaked apps, modded games, etc.

In simple words, installing apps to any iOS device from the AppValley is super simpler than Cydia Impactor. Why because, the process of installing apps on iPhones, iPads from AppValley don’t require a computer.

Moreover, you don’t need to sign the app certificate with your apple account. Everything is pre-done and you are all set to use it. So, we can consider the AppValley as an alternative to Cydia Installer and Cydia Impactor as well.

3. TweakBox

TweakBox is my favourite tool that is very awesome at job. You can find thousands of free tweaks which are completely free, you don’t need to pay unless they are UDID Apps.

Installing any tweaked app such as Youtube++, Snapchat++, Napster++, Deezer++ is very easy. You don’t need to sign any app certificate, hit install, it’s done.

Download Updated Cydia Impactor for iOS 11

It is said to be believed that the latest version of Cydia Impactor supports iOS 11, but I don’t think so. I have tried 2 months ago on my iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 11 and it didn’t work.

cydia impactor not working on ios 11

Now, I have tested it with my iPhone X (I don’t have my old phone now to test it now) but not working for me.

Try it yourself and enjoy side loading apps to your iOS 11 device if it works for you. Meanwhile, you can download it from the official website.

If you have installed the software already on your device, open it, update the current version to the latest version.

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Wrapping Up

Those are the alternatives to Cydia Impactor to try out on your iOS 11 devices. Most importantly, check if the updated version of Cydia Impactor is working and start using it. Share this guide with your friends, thank you.


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