10 Best Apps Like Offer Up To Buy and Sell Online [Locally] in 2018


Why looking for Offer Up Alternatives? There’s no doubt in saying that Offer Up is one of the best platforms for buying and selling. Offer Up has gained a lot of fame and traffic over the years.

It is one of the best-classified ad apps which lets the user post buying and selling posts. Users can quickly post their buying and sellings requirements on Offer Up for free of cost. As you all, opinions of all aren’t same. In case, if you don’t like Offer up for some reason, don’t worry, because we’ve got your back. Today in this article, we’ve rounded up 10 Best Apps Like Offer Up.

The app or sites like offer up which I’m going to share in this article are quite to similar to Offer Up.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the topic and find out the Other Apps Like Offer Up. Whatever the apps listed below, are completely working well without any errors.

10 Best Apps Like Offer Up You Should Try in 2018

apps like offer up you should try

All of them are genuine and worth your time and effort. Don’t forget to mention your favourite one in the comments.

1. Close5

Close5 is one of the best alternatives to offer up in my opinion. Users can download the Close5 for free of cost and post their buying and selling related posts.

close5 apps like offer up

Close5 uses the GPS of the user’s mobile to track the location and will show you all the selling posts near to your location. Close5 could be very helpful in cases where you want to know the people who are selling items and are very near to you.

Luckily, Close5 is available for both Android and iOS platform for free.

2. Oodle

Oodle is quite similar to Close5 app and comes under the Apps Like Offer Up. Users can actually make some decent money using the Oodle app.

sites like offer up

All you have to do is just list the items which you want to sell. Within a short time, you will get loads of buyers. Just like the Close5, Oodle also uses the GPS system to track the user location.

It also shows the deals which are around your location. Oodle is available in Google play store as well as in App Store.

oodle Classifieds
oodle Classifieds
Developer: MTPH Software
Price: Free
Developer: Chris Whinfrey
Price: Free

3. Let Go

Let Go is another great app which is similar to Offer up. One of the best thing which I love about Let Go is it’s ability to auto fill the ads page.

alternative to offer up

You don’t have to type all the details, Let Go will automatically fill the required details on its own. However, if you wish, you can also fill the form manually. Just take a picture of what you’re going to sell, the app will help you to get it in the right place.

letgo: Mit Gebrauchtem handeln
letgo: Mit Gebrauchtem handeln
Price: Free+
letgo: Handle Gebrauchte Dinge
letgo: Handle Gebrauchte Dinge
Developer: letgo
Price: Free+

4. Varage Sale

There are many people out there who might not be interested in the modern type of classified ads. Varage Sale is a traditional classified ad service app.

alternatives to offer up

The app will also verify the authenticity of the advertiser or seller; you need to connect it to your Facebook account. After passing the authenticity check, you can start selling or buying stuff on Varage Sale in a traditional way.

Fortunately, Varage Sale is available for both iOS and Android Platforms.

Price: Free

5. Recycler

Recycler is another great app which is almost similar to Craigslist. Here you can sell pretty much anything you think of.

apps like offerup android

The interface of the app is quite good; you can easily navigate through the listings. The best thing about Recycler, is you don’t to have to use any third party sites to connect with the seller.

You can directly connect or contact the seller from the app itself.

Recycler Classifieds
Recycler Classifieds
Price: Free

6. Selio

If you are looking for something very simple and fast, then Selio is the best option for you. Selio is an app like offer up where you can sell your stuff.

Selio offerup alternatives

The app provides a private chat option which you can use to communicate with the buyers privately. Give it a try.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Developer: Selio
Price: To be announced

7. Yerdle

Yerdle is a unique app but does the similar job like offer up. Firstly, Yerdle isn’t a money making platform. It’s pretty much like a swapping goods system.

Alternatives to offer up sites

The buyer has to pay the shipping fees, once he receives the product, the seller would get Yerdle credits which he can use to purchases anything in future. Yerdle doesn’t have any app yet; you can use the website.

Click to visit Yerdle Website

8. Listia

Listia is also quite same like Yerdle, just list the items which you want to sell for free of cost. The buyer makes the shipping fees payment; you’d get your money once the buyer receives the product.

Similar to offer up


This is also not a money making platform; here you can save a considerable amount of money by swapping products.

Listia: Buy, Sell, and Trade
Listia: Buy, Sell, and Trade
Price: Free

9. Social Sell

Social Sell is more than an ad selling place; you can also do social marketing here to get your products sold. You can sell almost anything through marketing, be it a good or a service.

Offer up alternative apps

Everything can be sold or purchased here; the process is quite straightforward and unique.

SocialSell: Buy & Sell Locally
SocialSell: Buy & Sell Locally

10. eBay Classifieds

Probably, the last app which comes under Apps Like Offer Up on our list but not the least. I know that eBay is a marketplace, but it also has a section of classified ads.

Offer up alternatives

You can post the details of the item which you’re willing to sell for free. There are no charges for buying or selling on eBay Classifieds.

Give it a try; I’m sure you will definitely love the system of eBay classifieds. The interface is also quite good and simple to navigate through various listings and options.

Visit eBay Classifieds website

If you come across any app that is a paid one, you can use Tutu Helper or the Apps Like TutuApp to download free paid apps on your Android and iPhone.

Wrapping Up

We all know that the Offer Up is the best app to buy and sell online locally. One would love to have alternatives for Offer Up app. So, you can go through the Other Apps Like Offer Up for Android or iOS in 2018. I would like to hear you in the comments if you have any doubts. Thank you so much for reading the post.



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