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Generally, we use emails to send photos, documents and other files which are small in size; you may use temporary email generators to send files anonymously. Moreover, we cannot use emails to send larges files like Videos, Projects, etc. Well, it’s not their fault as they are meant to send small size files only.

There will be instances where you will have to share essential data that are large in size with your friends or mates. What you’re going to do in such situations? You can opt for best anonymous file sharing sites 2018 for this job. Cloud storage system is probably the most efficient way to share data with a large group of people with minimum or free of cost.

free anonymous file sharing websites without registration

Nowadays, most of the companies are using cloud storage services to share a large sum of files with their employees. It’s now the era of cloud storage, where the data is stored and managed remotely over the networks.

Physical storage devices aren’t budget and proved to be in inefficient in nature at workplaces. That’s why most people prefer using Best Anonymous File Sharing Websites to share files online with ease.

Why is Cloud Storage So Popular?

Cloud Storage is the new way of storing important data and files securely and safely. Just like a physical storage device, you will be able to manage all your files in cloud storage as well.

As the days are passing, more and more cloud storage service providers are jumping into the market. But choosing the right and best one is difficult these days. But don’t worry, we’ll share some of the best file sharing sites at later point of this article.

  • Security is probably the most famous reason why many people resort to cloud file sharing sites. The files which you store in the cloud are adequately encrypted and kept safe from hackers or stealers.
  • Easy accessibility is another plus point of cloud storage systems. You will be able to share files with a lot of people in a few simple steps. All you need to do is just share the link with whomever you want, that’s it.
  • Budget-friendliness is also good plus points of cloud storage. Most of the service providers are offering cloud storage service for free with limited facilities, while the higher version plans cost a little money.

Best Anonymous File Sharing Sites 2018

We provide you the top 5 free anonymous file sharing websites to share files online without registration or sign up:

1. ZippyShare

ZippyShare is a well-known name in the market for sharing sites anonymously. The best part about Zippyshare is that lets you share and store files without any registration.

best anonymous file sharing sites

You don’t need to create an account with them to use their service. As soon as you open the site, you will be greeted with file upload screen where you need to drag and drop files to upload them to cloud.

Once the upload is completed, you will receive a link which you can share with as many people as you want.

You will also receive unlimited disk space and allows uploads up to 500 Mb per file. If your requirement is more than this, then you can download their uploader tool which comes with advanced features such as Automation, file spitting, report generator, etc.

2. SendSpace

Sendspace is another free anonymous file sharing site for sharing large files with multiple people simultaneously. Sendspace can be considered as a good alternative for Zippyshare.

share files online free no registration

It’s recommended for all the users to register an account with Sendspace to share files efficiently without any risks. However, still, you can proceed without registering if you wish.

The site provides various wizard tools which will help you to analyze the performance of your files like how many times they are download, what kind of users have downloaded it etc.

Sendspace will always be free to use for users; they are not going to charge you ever in future. So, you don’t need to hesitate, just go ahead and start uploading the files to store and share them securely with your friends.

3. Tiny Upload

Tiny Upload is the best solution for those who are looking for file hosting solution. In shorter words, Tiny upload is a lighter version of Zippy share.

anonymous file sharing sites

You can upload a maximum size of 50 MB file in one go, any file beyond the limit will be divided into smaller parts automatically. Unlike other sites, Tiny Upload holds all your uploads for the lifetime.

You can just upload your essential data on Tiny upload and forget it, come back whenever you require.

Tiny Upload has no limits on download and upload speeds. They provide service with the revenue they generate by advertisements. You can freely upload, download and share files with as many as you want. Just make sure to create an account with them before proceeding.

4. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a premium anonymous file-sharing site that comes with a lot of experimental tools. The site included two plans, i.e., Free and paid that costs around 12$ per month.

top best file sharing sites

In the free version, you will get a total of 2 GB space to upload and share files. WeTrasnfer is an ideal choice for people who would like to share small size files with an unlimited number of people.

If you’re a website owner and would like to share a file with your readers, then WeTransfer is a quality choice for you.

The paid version packs a lot of features such as unlimited disk space, no limits on download or upload speeds, link management, and analyzer, etc. The premium version is efficient and reliable for startups and small scale business companies.

5. File Dropper

File Dropper is the simplest way to share files online with your friends. It features a simple and probably the cleanest interface ever.

free file sharing sites

The first thing you will notice on the site is a link box where you can drop the files to start the upload. You will be able to decide what to do with your files once the uploading process is successful.

You can either store the files and edit them whenever you want and simply share it with your colleges or buddies.

Additionally, you can sign up using your email to get some extra added benefits like increased disk space and upload limits. Whatever you share is completely private, that’s why File Dropper is known as one of the best anonymous file sharing sites.

Please keep in mind that the service is meant for personal use only. You will need to contact the administration for commercial use.

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Wrapping Up

Share larger files with your friends by uploading files to the Best Anonymous File Sharing Sites 2018 provided in this article, and share the links with them. So that, they can access the files from anywhere in the world, all they need is an active internet connection. Most of the sites listed above support you share files online free without registration. Share this article with your friends, thank you.

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