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  1. Great post but none of the accounts work OR I’m just restarted and don’t know how to use them?

  2. byRepeax says:

    Pls help me. I dont have a minecraft premium account

  3. few arent working plz add full list

  4. penelope_chase says:

    working, thanx.

  5. TdmMember says:

    Hi, none of the accoints or passwords work for me. Could you update the list? Thank you.

  6. You need the username to migrate?

  7. None of them is working at my location, please update. Thanks

    • Tricks Empire says:

      Hi Remenar, Please check them again and they are working for many out there.
      If still not able to use them, kindly wait for some time and I will update them with the new details.
      Thank You 😀

  8. None of the gmail ones work. Just to let you know

  9. some of them are currently working. Thanks

  10. none of them work for me now, Provide me few more.

    • Tricks Empire says:

      Hi Seb N,
      Glad to know the working condition of the minecraft accounts provided 😀
      We are on the way to update them.
      Thank You.

  11. Um, none of them are working and I followed your instructions and it says they all work so may you please help me with that?

  12. Hi Tricks Empire, It seems your accounts are not working for me or them. Can you try uploading the usernames instead?

    • Tricks Empire says:

      Hi Cole, Glad they are working for you 😀
      You can check this page for more updates on accounts/usernames.
      Thank You.

  13. No, I said they are NOT working.

  14. None of them are not working besides one, but thats the demo.

    • Tricks Empire says:

      Hey Andy,
      Will update the list asap.
      Thank You 😀

      • Alex Seaney says:

        hey it wont work please update!

        • Tricks Empire says:

          Hey, Alex… Updated last week also.
          They will get expired with time as we all know.
          Sure, I will update 😀

          • Hi, none of these accounts work. Please oh please update them and reply to me.

          • Tricks Empire says:

            Hi Stevey,
            If you are in a position not able to access the Minecraft with the accounts provided above. There might be 2 reasons as I concern.
            1. Minecraft Account Details may get expired.
            2. Because of your System/ISP IP.

            If you are facing issue with the 2nd reason, You may use various VPN’s to mask the IP of your PC and ISP (Internet Service Provider).
            If you are facing issue with the 1st reason, You may be required to check out the updated list provided above. Thank You so much.
            In case the accounts are not working, Please check out the latest ones I provide every week.
            Thank You 😀

  15. Jacky Tran says:

    Greetings, I’m here to look for a Minecraft account but noticed that few accounts are invalid, Its probably because someone changed the passwords. Please update them, thanks in advance!

    • Tricks Empire says:

      Hi Jacky Tran,
      Yes, There is a possibility of password change. Don’t worry, Few more accounts are on the way. Thank You 😀

  16. Hi,
    I tried all of them and half of them don’t work.

    Please update the list!!


  17. Kennedy says:

    pls help me give me some accounts

  18. They aren’t working… Wait for the next update 😀

  19. Help, pls few more working accounts for me!

  20. patrick says:

    pls i want to play minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Mohammad says:

    I tried all of them and not a single one worked. 🙁

  22. guys its work

  23. do you have any new accs

  24. hi i need a third account

  25. only 1 acc works and its not vene premium

  26. young_punk says:

    None of these work except only 2

  27. Where Can I find the instructions on how to use the accounts?

  28. Can you post more accounts cause some don’t work and others have changed password

  29. hay bro so witch ones do work that is what i whant to know

  30. Accounts not working!! Update them please?

  31. Only one of them works, but it is not premium. Can you update them?

  32. Can you update the list agian,

  33. How long until you post the new list?

  34. OneHDGamer says:

    Ummm I need new alts

  35. IJustNeed5AltsPls says:

    When are you going to update the list again?

  36. Want to try mc says:

    Hey currently looking to try mc but don’t have an accnt can you help me out

  37. Plz update March 2018

  38. Thanks bro

  39. Hello coud you send me an acc ?

  40. PaperFurball says:

    Hey I tried many could not get one to work could you please update the list 🙂

  41. hi the account I found in your list April kavitakl67@outlook.com its a demo account, I need a minecraft premium to play with my friends. Help plz

  42. Samantha says:

    It’s not working for me, and I did everything you said

  43. Please fast !! Your gave me demo account

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