How to Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Build 7601 Error in 2018


Undoubtedly, Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. If you’re using the Windows operating system on your PC or laptop, then chances are you might have come across a common error named as This Copy Of Windows is Not Genuine.

This error can be really annoying and frustrating at certain times and especially when you’re going to start a project or presentation. A lot of people are searching solutions for this problem, we’ve also got many requests from our readers to provide a working fix for this error.

So finally, we’ve decided to write an article on How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Build 7601 Error. Before proceeding further in our topic, first, you need to know why this error occurs or keeps promoting whenever you open the windows.

So, here are the reasons because of which you might be facing this copy of windows is not genuine build 7601 or any other similar errors on your Windows laptop or PC.

this copy of windows is not genuine build 7601

It’s common to encounter this error or problem if you’re using a pirated version of Windows on your laptop or PC. But this error can also occur on a genuine version of windows too.

I agree with the fact that Windows is full of bugs and glitches, but still, it is the simplest and worldwide using operating system in the world.

Of course, Windows is quite expensive nowadays, and because of that, people use pirated version of windows. Anyways, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using the genuine or pirated version of Windows on your PC or laptop. So, let’s dive into the topic right away without wasting time anymore.

Why This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error Occurs?

Well, there are many reasons because of which this error occurs whenever you boot up your laptop or computer. The first and the most obvious reason is that you are using the pirated version of windows, or you don’t have the official copy from the Microsoft.

This error can also occur if you’re operating system is expired. If you’ve got an outdated version of Windows, then you’re most likely to face this error everytime you turn on your windows. It is highly recommending, that you keep updating your Windows OS whenever you find any official updates from Microsoft.

Sometimes this error will also occur because of misconfiguration in the system. So better, you downloaded updates from the official website only.

One of the easiest ways to update your windows is by opening the Settings >> Update And Security. There you will find the option called “Check For Updates.” Just tap on it, the OS will search for the official updates. If there are any updates which have to installed, then you will get the option to download and install the update.

As you know, sometimes the installation of the updates will be over within a few minutes. And sometimes it can take up to an hour to completely install the updates.

Similar Errors to Windows Not Genuine You May Face

As I said earlier, if you’ve got a pirated version of windows, then you’re most likely to face this error. There are a few more similar errors which you may face.

  • This copy of Windows is not Genuine Vista.
  • This copy of Windows is not Genuine crack.
  • Windows is not Genuine.
  • This Computer is not Running Genuine Windows.
  • This copy of Windows is not Genuine 6002.
  • Windows 7 is not Genuine.
  • This copy of Windows is not Genuine 7601.
  • This copy of Windows is not Genuine 7600.

How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

Here are the exacts steps which you will need to follow in order to get rid of this annoying and frustrating error which keeps popping up. Read the steps carefully before trying.

Step 1: Just Press the Windows + R key at the same time. The run program will pop up once you press both the keys. Just type CMD in the box and hit Browse. This command will open the command prompt on your Pc or laptop. Refer the attached image below.

This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

Step 2: Just enter SLMGR_REARM in the command prompt program. Then press the Enter Key.

This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

Step 3: Once you hit the enter key, you will get the message of “Command Successfully Completed” in a popup. That’s all you need to do in order to get rid of this error. Just restart your PC or Laptop after you see the popup. After restarting your laptop or PC, you will no longer face This Copy Of Windows Is Not a Genuine error.

This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

That’s all you got to do. If you have followed the above steps carefully, then you’ll definitely get rid of the annoying error. In case, if you face errors like SLGMR is not recognized or slmgr rearm not working, etc. Then you have to open the command prompt in the Administrator mode. Just search “CMD” in windows search option, right click on the CMD icon and select Run as Admin or Adminatrotor.

Things To Remember And Follow

This method will help you to get rid of this error. Once you’re successful in this method then immediately disable the auto update option from the settings. To do that head over to the Settings Options >> Update and Security, then disable the Auto Update option.

Sometimes, auto update installation will misconfigure the system files. Also, if you have the pirated version then immediately disable it.

This is not a permanent solution for this problem if you’ve got the pirated version of windows. It’s a temporary solution. We highly recommend you to purchase the official copy of Windows from Microsoft.

So that, you won’t face such errors in the future. So, guys this was the easiest way for getting rid of this copy of windows is not genuine build 7601 error.

This error will keep popping up whenever you boot the windows. So better, purchase the license key as soon as possible to completely wipe out this annoying error.

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Wrapping Up

The Error is a not at all permanent if we can handle it and carry out a procedure to fix. In a similar manner, Windows is Not Genuine Error is one of them. I suggest you go through the steps and methods mentioned above carefully and resolve the issue right away. Hope it works for you too. I would like to hear from you through comments and that can be suggestions or doubts. Thank You so much.


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