Download Recboot for Mac, Windows to Enter or Exit iPhone Recovery Mode Easily


Download Recboot for Mac or Windows pc and try to enter or exit the iPhone recovery mode with ease.

iPhone recovery mode is the only way if you are unable to go with the software update or the device is not responding well.

Moreover, there are chances that you will be thrown into recovery mode automatically. It’s painful to face such issues without doing anything wrong from your end.

You don’t need to worry about those issues as I am going to help you exit or put your iPhone into recovery mode using Recboot. Recovery mode will restore your iPhone and make it a new device if you are unable to use the device in a normal condition.

On the other hand, you will be facing your iPhone booting into recovery mode automatically. The latter might be an effect of improper software update on your iPhone or iPad.

Of course, you will face such issues when there is a hardware defect. Let me help you download recboot for mac, windows 10/8.1/7 in this article and guide you enter or exit iPhone recovery mode.

What is Recboot?

It is an app available for Windows and Mac computers using which you can enter or exit iOS recovery mode with ease. Moreover, the app is discontinued for Linux computers.

It means that you need to have either Mac or Windows to carry out the process on your iPhone or iPad or on iPod Touch.

Recboot Download for Mac and Windows 10/8.1/7 Computers

Of course, there are different ways to put your iPhone into recovery mode. Pressing Home Button and Volume keys together will get the job done.

But that is not possible if you are having trouble with either the home button or the volume buttons on your iPhone or iPad.

Moreover, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8S, iPhone 8S, iPhone X (iPhone 10) does not have a pressable home button and it is a capacitive pushable home button.

So it will be better to use any tool to enter or exit recovery mode on your iDevice. In fact, I am going to provide you a tool so far. You can download recboot for mac from this link and for Windows from here.

Is Recboot Safe to Use?

Yes, it is safe to use on iPhone and iPad as far as I believe. I read somewhere that someone faced an error while trying to put his iPod Touch into recovery mode using the Recboot app.

Of course, I would like to use it on my device as I can bare the risk. It’s up to you whether to use it or not.

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How to Install & Use Recboot on Mac and Windows with iPhone to Enter or Exit Recovery Mode

Download Recboot for Windows and Mac computers from the links shared above. Save those Zip files on the desktop of your respective computers. Follow the instructions then on.

  1. Extract the Zip file on your Windows or Mac using WinRar or Archive Utility.
  2. Double click on the app to install it on your Windows computer. If you are on a mac, Right click on the app and choose Open and then Hit Enter. As opening directly on a mac will prevent you from installing.recboot download
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad or an iPod Touch to the computer using a USB Cable.
  4. Click on “Exit Recovery” if you would like to solve the automatic recovery mode on your iDevice.exit or enter iphone recovery mode using recboot on mac or windows 10
  5. Or else, go with “Enter Recovery” if you would like to boot your iOS device in recovery mode.

As simple as that!

That is the best way to put your iPhone into recovery mode or you can get it back from the recovery mode.

Recboot Not Working [Fixed]

Sometimes the app may not work properly and of course, that is not an end to this issue. Just disconnect your iPhone or iPad from the computer and try connecting it. Moreover, Give it a try by reinstalling the software on your windows or mac computer.

fix recboot not working on mac and windows

In addition to that, I would like to suggest you update the app to the latest version to fix bugs in the old version.

Recboot Alternatives

Recboot may not work on your device sometimes and there are chances that it won’t help in some situations. In such cases, you need an alternative to finishing the job.

There is a tool called Tenorshare ReiBoot to try as an alternative. It may fix numerous reboot and recovery issues on iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus or earlier and iPod Touch 5/4, iPad Air, Mini 2/3, etc. I haven’t used this app so far and you can go with it if you are interested.

Wrapping Up

No more worries about iPhone recovery mode and related issues. You can go with the tutorial shared above to enter or exit the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from the recovery mode. Moreover, you can use the default iTunes to enter/exit the recovery mode on your iDevice if you feel the method shared above is not helpful. I would always love to hear from you about this guide, please place your wonderful comments blow. Thank you so much.


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