How to Listen to YouTube With Screen Off on iPhone and Android


Youtube is undoubtedly one of the best places to find all types of songs, music, soundtracks, etc. However, one of the most common things which most people feel disappointed with Youtube is the ability to play or listen to music or videos when your screen is turned off.

The standard Youtube App automatically stops playing the current video whenever you switch between apps or when your screen goes off. A lot of people like listening to music videos in the background while they’re busy with other apps on their android device.

The amount of requests on this basic issues is rising tremendously day by day. If you’re also looking for a guide on How to Listen to Youtube With Screen Off, then you’ve come to the right place.

How to Listen to YouTube With Screen Off on Your iPhone and Android

The standard or official version of Youtube doesn’t allow users to watch videos with screen off. It’s because they want the users to keep their eyes on the Advertisements throughout the video.

how to listen to youtube with screen off

There is no Setting or Add-on available that can help you Listen to YouTube With Screen Off. However, there are a couple of workarounds that you can try in order to get the background playing feature on Youtube.

So, let’s start off the topic by mentioning the very first method to get background music listening feature on Youtube.

Using any Web Browser

In this method, you need to download any web browser on your android device to utilise this feature. It can be any browser, such as Mozilla, CM browser or even Google Chrome browser.

youtube playback screen off android and iphone

Once you install the browser, just go to Youtube and play your desired music or video in the browser. Now go to Settings and select “Request Desktop View” option. Immediately, the Youtube Page will reload and you’ll get the desktop view of Youtube.

Once you follow these steps, the video which you are running will continue to run even when your screen is turned off, or device is locked.

This is one of the simplest ways to Listen to Youtube With Screen Off. In case, if you don’t like method, then we’ve another method for you.

Youtube Red Subscription (Paid)

Recently, Google has launched a new service for Youtube called Youtube Red. It’s actually a subscription-based service where you need to pay 9.99 US dollars to get the subscriptions to Youtube Red.

how to listen to youtube during screen off iphone

It’s like an upgraded version of Youtube which provides access to content in the background. Once you get the subscription, you’ll be able to play any video in the background and carry out your work on any other apps.

Additionally, Youtube Red provides an ad-free experience to its subscribers. There’ll be no advertisements on your way at all; this is one of the highlights of Youtube Red.

Overall, it’s a great value for the amount you’re paying. But, in case, if you feel it’s too overpriced, then we have an article that will guide you on how to get Youtube Red for free of cost.


Youtube++ is a tweaked youtube app from the different developer. It helps you listen to Youtube Videos, Movies, Music with screen off on your iPhone or Android.

youtube screen off playback on android using youtube++

Fasten or slow down the playback using the playback settings. Youtube++ also helps you download movies, videos, music files and save them to the Gallery (on Android), Photos (iPhone). Therefore you can share them with your friends using social sharing apps.

So, Youtube++ is a great choice for downloading youtube videos and listening to music or videos with the screen off, give it a shot.

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Wrapping Up

Now you don’t need to worry, you can listen to youtube while you are at zym, travelling in a bus, riding a bike, while walking or running, etc. Follow any of the tricks and tweaks listed in the article to listen to music while screen turned off on your iPhone or Android. Share this guide with your friends, thank you.


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