Best Police Scanner Apps for iPhone and Android (Free)


Would you like to know more about Free Police Scanner Apps? I will discuss them in this article. A policeman is an officer who swears an oath to protect and work for the betterment of the citizens. The reason why we’re able to sleep peacefully nowadays is that of Police. Otherwise, there will be no peace; Criminals will start spreading like wildfire.

In today’s modern world, police have also begun using latest techniques to reduce the crime rates efficiently.

Now police officers use a Local phone to share information with other police offers regarding thieves, snatchers. Whenever a police officer shares any info using his local phone, the same would be heard by all other police officers.

Now imagine how awesome it would if you could manage to listen to all the information being shared on local phones? We have a few Free Police Scanner Apps for Android, iPhone that does this job. It’ll alert the people and help in taking appropriate action.

Best Police Scanner Apps for Android, iPhone (2018) – Free

We provide you the top police scanning apps to listen to their instructions easily:

1. Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio is probably the fastest way to listen to police feeds using your Android device. Firstly, the app features a pretty simple interface which will help you in switching radio channels.

best police scanner apps for free

Scanner Radio provides live radio from over 6,300 different channels and fire scanners. You can listen to your nearest police radio with the help of distance feature.

Just set the filter to “Distance,” immediately the app will show all the radio channels around you. Simply, tap on a Radio channel to get the live updates. Besides that, it also provides weather broadcasts which is pretty useful these days.

2. Police Scanner

Police Scanner is our second pick on this list of best police scanner apps for free. Initially, the app wasn’t accurate, but over time updates, it has made a name for itself.

best police scanner app free

Anyone who is looking for a free police scanner app can go ahead and download this app. As of now, the app is capable of delivering feeds from over 2,500 police and fire stations.

It provides instant alerts whenever there’s a crime going around your place. The developers of this app have a lot of exciting feature in the pipeline which is yet to be released. Nonetheless, it still deserves the spot on our list.

3. My Scanner – Police Radio

Comparatively, it’s a new app in the Google Play Store and features only about 250 different radio stations to listen. The easy to understand interface is one of the major plus points of this app; it provides basic instructions and guides as soon as you download and open the app for the first time.

Police scanner apps for android

Once you complete the setup, the app lets you browse different radio stations from the catalog. You can also set favorites in this app so that you can quickly tune into your favorite radio stations and listen to feeds anytime with ease. Lastly, My Scanner -Police Radio is a free app available in Google Play Store.

4. Police Scanner And Radio Scanner

Police Scanner And Radio Scanner is another powerful yet simplistic police scanner app for Android devices. Being a free app, they have to manage to provide access to over 3000 different police radio stations all around the world.

free police scanner apps for android

You can not only listen to your nearest radio stations but all over the world. For instance, you can listen to UK or US radio stations from India without any hassle.

As soon as you install the app, it scans all the available radio stations and lists them in rank wise depending on their availability and quality.

5. HD Radio Police Scanner

HD Radio Police Scanner is a global app where you can listen to police feeds all over the world. The app works in most of the countries such as Calfornia, Ontario, India, etc.

best police scanning apps for iphone

Apart from listening to police radio stations, people also use this app to get live updates regarding crime rates etc. But most importantly, it’s a prank app that can you use scare the heck out of your friends.

In a way, it’s both useful and fun police scanner app for android app. Go ahead and get it from Google Play Store for absolutely free. Since it’s a free app, it includes short advertisements. Overall, it’s a decent app for peeps looking for police scanner apps for free.

6. Airport Scanner

Airport Scanner is actually a game app where you will have to scan the places using X-Rays. The app doesn’t really work in real life like other police scanner apps for free; it is meant to be a fun and prank police scanner app.

ios police scanning apps free

Once you download the app, it will provide you with screen instructions on how to play the game and have fun. You just need to scan the X-Rays and find something out of it.

Moreover, you can play it with your friends also and have a good time. Airport Scanner really gives you the experience of being a law enforcer with it’s simple yet influencing game.

7. BroadCastisfy

As the name suggests, it’s a broadcasting app that offers live broadcasting from over 5700 different stations and places. You can make good use of this free app to quickly listen to all the police feeds going on around your place or at any place.

android police scanning app

Furthermore, you can also search for stations using Location name and filters. Broadcastify comes in two versions, the free version only provides access to the 5700+ radio stations, whereas the premium versions enable you to listen to all the past broadcasts happened in the last 3 months.

This way, you will be able to know what’s been happening in the past and helps you in taking appropriate action to secure yourself.

8. Police Scanner 911

When it comes to simplicity, nothing can beat the user-friendliness of Police Scanner 911. The best thing about this app is that it provides feeds not only from Police but also from Air traffic control, firefighters, emergency centers, etc.

android police scanner apps for free

The app will intimidate you about the police feeds, o that you can make further decisions based on it. Additionally, it also comes with background listening feature which is pretty useful. Local police feeds are just a tap away from you, besides that, you can also listen to global feeds to know what’s happening at different places.

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Wrapping Up

To be cautious and avoid threats, listen to police from your Android smartphone or iPhone using the Best Police Scanning Apps available for free. They are free apps; just download and install them without any charges. Share this list with your friends on social media, thank you.


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