Top 9 Best Unblocked Music Sites 2018 for Free Music Streaming


Are you looking for the Unblocked Music Sites at School and office? Congrats, you have got top 9 sites you can use immediately.

Music is the most loyal companion one could ever have in this modern era. Every music fan would undoubtedly agree with this statement. Music has the power to pull of any person from whatever the problem he is going through, and you can’t deny that.

But unfortunately, music sources like websites are strictly prohibited in places such as Campus, Schools, organizations, etc.

Music sites that are blocked cannot be accessed as long as you are on the campus premises. A lot of students have been searching for unblocked music sites to stream their favourite music online.

So, we’ve decided to prepare an article featuring all the Best Unblocked Music sites for Schools where you can find and stream your favourite music without any issues.

Finding unblocked sites for music isn’t really hard, but if you are someone who doesn’t know much about the web, then it can be hard as all hell.

So, let’s just hop on the list of best unblocked music sites 2018 where you can listen to any music without downloading. But these Music Downloader Apps will help you download the music without any restriction.

Free Unblocked Music Sites at School 2018


PureVolume is a free music website for anyone who would like to stream music online. The website features several categories of music such as Sad, Romantic, Hip-Hop, Instrumentals and a lot more. You can also use the site as a medium to share your music to the world using the “Upload” option.

purevolume unblocked music sites for school

Just type in your music name or artist name, the site will show you plenty of music that is relevant to your search query within seconds. In case if you are a music composer, PureVolume website can be used to promote your creations.


HulkShare is a great option to discover new music and artist matching to your interests. It features a simple to search and find interface that will help you quickly find the music you are looking for.

hulkshare free unblocked music sites

Once you find your desired music, it can be directly downloaded on your device or can be streamed online without any restrictions. HulkShare is one of the safest and best unblocked music sites for schools, campus and organizations as well. Go ahead and let us know your experience with HulkShare.

Playlist Sound

Playlist Sound is another cool website that is unblocked for music fans out there. The options and categories on the site are placed quit neatly so that you don’t get lost while searching. Playlist Sound allows music streaming for free of cost.

unblocked music websites for school

You can even download the music and save it anywhere you want. One thing that makes it even more impressive is that you don’t even have an account with them in order to access the service.

Just simply type in the URL and enjoy your stream, as simple as that. PlayList Sound has a massive database of various genres including trailer and background game music.


MixCloud is the most popular music website used by the users all over the world. The reason behind its extreme popularity is because of its broad inclusion of music.

Music sites that are unblocked at school

MixCloud features music from different genres as well as from different languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, English, DJ, etc.

There are no limits on listening or streaming on MixCloud, you can stream music as much as you want for free. They even have an official app that you can download on your smartphones to enjoy your favourite music on the go.


Jamendo is an open community where a lot of individuals upload their music which can be streamed by anyone. The community includes both individuals as well as artists, and because of that, it is known as the largest free music community on the web.

Music sites that are unblocked

There’s no chance that you wouldn’t find your music on Jamendo, just hop on the site and search your music from over thousands of songs.

Jamendo can be accessed by anyone from school or campus without any restrictions. Lastly, you would need to create a free account on Jamendo in order to get access to the awesome community.


Grooveshark is an excellent web-based online music streaming service based out in the United States. The Grooveshark streaming site is all about personalization and the website collects your interests and delivers recommendations of music based on your choices.

music sites unblocked by schools

On top of that, the ease of finding music and streaming it online makes it even more awesome than ever. We highly recommend you checking out Grooveshark; they really have a great taste in finding the best and appropriate music for you. Just give it a try, you would fall in love for sure.


Slacker is actually a bit different compared to other unblocked music websites listed here. It’s a radio hub which features over 200 Radio channels that are related to music and audio song stuff. You easily jump from one radio station to another on Slacker with ease.

unblocked music sites for school

Besides that, you can also create your station full of songs and listen to it all the day without any issue of blockage from schools or campus.

You just need to have a verified account on Slacker to be able to stream the music channels. They do provide personalized recommendations based on your choices, but it’s not as relevant as others.


BlueBeat is one of the newest unblocked music streaming sites accessible to all over the world with pre activated VPN, without paying even a single buck. Snap VPN for PC is the best one to try out if you have issues accessing any website in particular.

bluebeat free music streaming sites

Create an account and login to your account on BlueBeat and create a playlist of all your favourite music tracks, songs, albums and enjoy your free music. The best part of this website in particular is; it’s so very user-friendly and have lakhs and lakhs of tracks and music albums of various languages to choose from.


TuneIn is another great unblocked website for music streaming, podcasts, commentary and much more. It also provides updates on your favourite sports, so that you always stay updated with your entertainment.

unblocked music websites

TuneIn features over a thousand radio stations and has a database of over 400 million podcasts. TuneIn focuses on simplifying the process of finding music on the web.

Its’ really simple, and doesn’t need any subscription in order to avail the benefits. TuneIn is all free and has been known as the best music site that is unblocked.

Wrapping Up

No matter where you are, you can enjoy free music streaming without any interruptions. Comment down if any of the free unblocked music streaming sites at your school. Share the stuff with your friends on social media, thank you so much.

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  1. Hey, Tricks Empire. Only one works for me, that’s grooveshark, but it won’t let me play any of the music that I chose! If possible can you set some that work on and IOS device at school? Thanks so much! πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜

  2. Hiii I go to PJHS, and only grooves shark works! Even still, it won’t play the music on my iPad. Do you happen to know why or how to fix it? Thanks, so much!


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