Top 27 Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Android 2018 [Updated]


Trouble downloading your favourite music? don’t worry, I am going to provide you Free Music Download Apps 2018.

Well, almost everyone loves to listen to songs, music either offline or online. That can be accomplished by the best music downloader apps for Android devices. In fact, listening to music will reduce the stress and makes us relax. Earlier, we had to buy special gadgets just for listening to songs and music purpose.

With the growth of technology and innovation over the years, now it has become even more accessible to the people. Mobile phones have completely replaced Mp3 players. Your smartphone is all you need to tune up for some good music. There are tons of sites and apps where you can listen to music for free of cost.

android music downloaders

However, you cannot easily download the songs and save it to your device. You need to download the free mp3 downloader apps 2018 in order to save songs to your device.

27 Best Free Music Downloader Apps 2018

Here is a list of best free music download apps for android:

Music Paradise Pro

Well, Music Paradise Pro is our first pick on this list of Free music downloader apps for android. It’s actually a search engine for music, but you can download songs for free with it. Music Paradise Pro is not limited to songs, but also short clips, ringtones, sound effects and pretty much everything.

Top music download apps

All you have to do is just install the Music Paradise Pro app and open it up, then search your desired song and hit the download button. That’s all.


  • The simple user interface is very easy to use.
  • Search, Downloads, Library are three great options linked together. Search for any song and download them in the presence of active internet connection. Those downloaded songs will be synced automatically to Library section.
  • The app has a music player along with the downloader. So that you can play the downloaded music right from the app. If you have got any WMA file, you can use the Free WMA Player for Android devices.


  • The app is discontinued in google play but you can still download the app from third-party sites. You don’t need to worry about it, you can follow the link attached above.
  • Pop-up ads are annoying.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is the most popular music app in the Google Play Store. The Wynk Music has a huge database of songs, the app has received over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store with an average user rating of 4.2. You can download any song and save it to your device using Wynk Music App. However, it’s not a free music downloading app.

Free song downloading app

You need to have the subscription package in order to download the songs. But you can try out their services for free for 1 month if your network provider is different from Airtel. Bharati Airtel users can avail all song downloads for free for 6 months.


  • Though it is a paid app, it has 1-month free subscription for non-Airtel users and 6 months free subscription for Airtel users.
  • It has Private album songs, movie songs of various languages.
  • The music is well categorized into Top Charts, Popular Music, New Collection, Top 50, Wynks Favourite. So that you can access them right way without wasting down the time for searching songs.


  • It does not have pop-up ads but they have audible ads that will be played while listening to the songs. In that particular case, you cannot forward the song and you can skip the ad. You just need to wait till the ad gets completed streaming.
  • The app won’t get connected to the internet sometimes.

Hungama Music

Hungama Music is another popular app and quite similar to Wynk Music. However, it’s not necessary that you need to have a subscription in order to use their services. You can download almost any song irrespective of time with Hungama Music.

Free music downloading app

There are some premium features in the app that can only be unlocked by subscribing to their plans. Overall, it’s a great app and one of the best Free music downloader apps for android.

In a recent update, they’ve come up with a mini video player, using which you can watch video songs, private album songs, etc. The premium version will enable you a lot more including the multitasking (watching video songs, downloading audio songs together), etc.


  • It has over 3.5 Million songs of various languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, all other south and north Indian languages.
  • Hungama Music app has an inbuilt video player using which you can watch video songs, short clips, album songs, etc.
  • The easy navigation is a great feature that can take you to any section in the app and it can also take you back to any menu without confusing at all.


  • The free version won’t let you download all the music as it is limited to few songs only.
  • Ad streaming is a big problem in Hungama Music App (Free version).


4Shared is another free content sharing platform that has gained a lot of popularity over time. You can download any song or music without any limitations from the 4Shared app. Just open the app, search your desired song or genre, play the song, then hit the download button in order to save the song to your device.

Top 10 Best music downloading apps

The process is quite simple, but make sure you create an account in 4Shared, then only you can download the songs. 4Shared has the ability to become one of the best free music downloader apps for android.


  • The app is completely free to download and use.
  • Streaming music online is as easy as you play offline songs on your Android device. There won’t be any streaming issues at all.
  • You can take all the online songs to offline by clicking on the Offline option located at the top right corner of the song.
  • The built-in Music Player plays music like a native Android Music Player.


  • Stop Error” is a major problem with 4Shared Music App.
  • It’s not working on some Android versions like Jelly Bean, Lollipop, etc. Make sure your device is up to date to fix all such issues right away.

Google Play Music

How can we possibly miss the most loved and popular music app Google Play Music?. The reason why I didn’t place this app in the first place is that it’s not a free music downloading app for Android. However, Google Play Music offers a 2-month free trial package that lets you try out their service.

Top free music downloader apps for mobiles

As you might know, the app has got almost all the songs that you think of in its database. Just try out their trial package, if you like the service, then proceed further.

Google Play Music also features Youtube Red in the app so that you can watch ad-free youtube videos alongside ad-free music streaming. But that will be accomplished by subscribing to the paid service.


  • You can discover and subscribe to Podcasts for free.
  • It will stream the right music for where you are and it can be anywhere.
  • Recommended New Releases tab is just more than awesome as it will have all latest songs, tracks, albums, etc and you don’t need to search for them separately.
  • The app has over 40 Million tracks and curated Playlists.
  • It will allow you upload up to 50,000 of your own tracks and songs.
  • It has featured Youtube Red in the app itself, in order to access, you need to subscribe and it’s a paid one.
  • Recommended Music will amaze you with the songs and tracks of your taste.


  • It has no Chromecast support even though it has become one of the biggest music download apps for Android.
  • No Music Equalisers of different types.
  • Problem loading the radio channels.


If you are looking for something really simple and straightforward app, then Soundcloud would be a perfect fit for you. You can download any music or song from SoundCloud for free of cost using theirs save as offline feature. However, it’s not completely free for use. The free version comes with ads which can be removed by subscribing to their plans.

Top free music downloader apps for android

So, if you are okay with the ads, then the free version is good enough to consider. Else, it’s better to move to the premium plan in order to get rid of the ads.

The paid version of SoundCloud app will get you access to over 150+ Million songs, tracks completely without ads. You can also discover all your favourite songs by using the ultra-search option.


  • SoundCloud is the world’s largest music streaming app available for Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
  • It features major artists along with the Garage Bands, Bedroom DJs, etc.
  • SoundCloud Charts, New & Hot, Top 50 are 3 major features it carries.
  • You will be able to get the suggested music tracks based on your likes and your music listening habits.
  • SoundCloud will allow you connect with your friends and also, you can get connected with all your favourite artists for free.
  • You can create various playlists suitable for various tasks like Zym, travel, running, party, occasion, etc.


  • Way difficult to find out the original song or track as people upload various versions of the original one.
  • The user interface is not friendly, it won’t allow you select various music tracks at once either to add to a playlist or to delete from a playlist.
  • Glitches on some devices like Samsung Galaxy S8.


First of all, Tunee app is not available for download in Google Play Store. So, we’ve attached an alternative link to download the app. Tunee is a freemium app that lets you download the mp3 songs in the highest quality. Just like the other apps, Tunee also has a large database of songs and music.

free music downloader apps for android

As far as the features are concerned (other than downloading songs) it’s pretty much decent. Tunee is one of the best mp3 download apps. Just the download the apk from the link and install it on your android device.


  • High-Quality music tracks of various languages.
  • Songs can be saved to offline so that, the user can access the offline music anytime without the data connection.
  • The simple user interface lets you get your favourite music.
  • The app is completely free to download and install.
  • Get access to Millions of free music, tracks, and albums, etc.


  • The app has been removed from Google Play recently.
  • Gets crashed and shuts down with heavy duty.


Gaana is a basic and simple music downloader app for android. The app is available in Google Play Store for free to download and use. The only drawback of this app is that it has only Indian-Hindi songs.

best mp3 download apps for android

But that should be okay with people who love Indian songs. In the recent update, they added download songs option by which you can save any song on your device and listen anytime you want later.


  • It has music from 10 different Indian languages.
  • The app has over 30 Million Indian songs.
  • Themes, Skins are the attractive aspects of the music app. You can switch over to any of them based on the lighting conditions and your mood.
  • It has a great collection of Radio Channels for hassle-free music streaming.
  • The navigation between Playlists, Albums, Radios, Artists and other local files is way easier than the other android music downloading apps listed out there.


  • Just like all other music download android apps.
  • As the name suggests, Gaana is a Hindi word and it has only Indian Songs, Music tracks, etc. It does not have international songs or private albums, etc.


Napster is one of the largest music downloading apps in the Google Play Store. The app features a database of over 30 million songs of almost all the genres. Surprisingly, Napster doesn’t feature any ads which is a good thing. You can stream or download songs as much as you want without any restrictions with Napster app.

mp3 download apps

Definitely worth trying out, give it a shot for sure. Napster features almost all free songs and ringtones in its database.

The free version is limited to non-skippable music steaming whereas, the premium version will allow you skip or change the song without any restrictions.

Premium version carries a lot more features but it will cost you around $9.99/month. Napster++ is a tweaked app to the original version that will provide you with all premium features for free. Give it a try.


  • It has millions of Songs, Tracks, Albums, etc.
  • New releases every week.
  • No Ad interruptions in the premium version.
  • Music suggestions are really attractive that provides music tracks, songs according to your music listening habits, tastes.
  • Download all your favourite songs and save them offline to access them anytime.
  • It has Chromecast support.
  • Shuffle the tracks or you may also share them with your friends over social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, etc.


  • It does not let you use Paypal to subscribe to the premium version.
  • Cannot download some songs, tracks.
  • Some songs stop through while playing.
  • Audio Equaliser does not seem to work at all.

RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

If you are looking for workout music, then here’s a perfect app for you. RockMyRun provides tons of workout related music of all genre. Apart from that, RockMyRun comes with an advanced feature called Body Driven. This feature will automatically adjust the tempo of the music to catch up with your steps.

mp3 download apps for android

RockMyRun also let’s download the music whenever you want with its cache feature. It’s more of a motivation workout music app rather than a simple music downloading app.

The only thing is that it’s more specific in workout field. All such awesome features made RockMyRun one of the best free mp3 download apps for Android devices.


  • Thousands of Music Mixes that can Sync with your body while running or exercising.
  • The best app for fitness freaks.
  • Set BPM (Beats per minute) to suit your exercise or workout.
  • It provides you awesome tracks with Daily music recommendations.
  • Enjoy every workout in combination with listening to suitable music.


  • It will stop playing the music mixes and reset to the beginning, that is really annoying.
  • The app will also reset the music tracks to the beginning if you get a voice call to your phone.

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

I was searching for a free music downloader for my phone which is running Android Gingerbread and found it finally. Yeah, you heard it right, you can get this app for old Android smartphones without any issues.

It will allow you download music tracks, albums with ease. Just enter the name of the of the mp3 song/track you want to download and hit the download button, the file will be downloaded in next few seconds.

a free music downloader app

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader holds the biggest advantage, i.e, “Preview“, yeah you can listen to the song online and download it if you want. That feature will save you from wrong file downloads.

Skull MP3 Music Downloader Pro

This is one of the free mp3 download apps for android holding good number of features. The user interface of the Skull MP3 Music Downloader Pro is way better than the SuperCloud song mp3 downloader, let me tell you why.

Actually, the skull mp3 music downloader pro is a premium version and it’s one of the best music apps that don’t need wifi or internet.

music downloader android

It means that the skull mp3 music downloader pro has an inbuilt music player that acts as a stock music player on your android device. So, you don’t need to go for a music player.

CopyLeft MP3 Downloader

If you are looking for some third party music downloaders for your Android device, you can use this one. CopyLeft MP3 Downloader will download music files directly SD card of your android device unlike Saavn, Gaana, Wynk Music, etc.

You can play them using any music player (including stock music player).

free mp3 download apps android

Accessing the downloaded files through any file manager is super easy. You can even share the songs, tracks with your friends using Shareit or WhatsApp, etc.

Free MP3 Downloads

Free MP3 Downloads app is a simple and one click music download app. You don’t need to do a hell lot of things to download music from this app. Just enter the song name or album name in the search bar and hit enter. The app will fetch the music for you, you can play it online or you can download it to your Android device.

mp3 downloader apps android free

This is not an official music downloader app and it’s not available in Google Play either. Give it a try but you cannot expect much from this app.

Tubemate Audio & Video Downloader

Tubemate is best known for youtube video downloads but it can also download music for you. It’s still a video downloading come music downloading app. Just like you download any video from the youtube, type name of the song or album and hit enter. Just tap the download button which is at the right side of the music file.

tubemate; free music downloading app for android

Tubemate will show you a video file according to your search query, but it downloads either only music or video with music, it’s your choice. Just go ahead and download tubemate for your smartphone.

Wrapping Up

Listening to music has thousands of benefits including stress management as well. I would always prefer listening to my favourite tracks while I travel in a bus or car. Of course, I use Wynk, RockMyRun a lot among the best free music downloader apps for Android mentioned out there. You may also listen to music by downloading the best android music download apps from this article. Show your love by sharing this list with your friends over social media, thank you so much.


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