How To Root Android Without Pc in 2017 [100% Working Methods]

People prefer Android over any other OS because Android is the only operating system which offers extreme customizations. Android is also one of the popular operating systems all over the world. Also, it’s quite cheap than any other OS you get in the market, Especially in India people prefer products go for something which is cheap and best. As I said earlier, Android offers a lot of customizations, but to gain access to your device’s settings you need to root android phone.

In this article, I be sharing some of the best ways to Root Android without Pc in 2017. Before jumping into the topic, let me clear all the doubts regarding android rooting.

What is Rooting?

root android without pc

You’ll find tons of articles explaining the root and its process to gain. If you’re someone who is holding basic knowledge in techy things then most probably you’d understand nothing. Many people think that rooting is a complicated process, but actually, it’s not. Let me explain you about rooting in my words for better understanding.

Rooting is nothing but gaining access to full control over your Android. Most of the mobile manufacturers don’t offer deep customizations and settings. But to unlock the potential of your device, you need to root your device. It’s like jailbreaking of Android, Once you successfully root your Android device, you’d get deep dive access to the settings of your device. You can make unlimited customizations on your device to make it faster and smoother than ever before it was.

Advantages of Rooting

There are tons of benefits of rooting, the list of advantages is massive. Here I’ve mentioned some of the most useful and attractive benefits of rooting.

  • Many Android phones nowadays come with shit loads of bloatware, and simply you can’t uninstall them using your the settings option. To remove all the bloatware apps, you need to get root privileges. Device with less/no junk will lead to good performance.
  • You’ll be able to unlock the features which are locked by the manufacturers using the root privileges. (Example: wireless tethering )
  • In unrooted phones, users cannot install apps which are bit incompatible and unstable, but one with root privileges can install all type of apps.
  • Having Root privileges will help you in staying updated with latest Android OS versions. This feature could be very useful for developers.
  • After passing a certain period, you’d get bored with your device’s skin and launcher. Having root access will allow you to change the skin of your device to make it look better and new.
  • You can also install custom ROMs if you have root privileges, installing ROMs is not possible on unrooted devices.

Disadvantages of Rooting

There are no many disadvantages of rooting, having root privileges will give you access to unlimited customizations. However, there’s one significant disadvantage of rooting which I would like to mention. So here it is

  • As soon as you root your Android device, the warranty of your device will void. Once you install root on your device, you’re on your own. The company will not be able to help if your device faces any damage. However, there are some popular brands like Xiaomi which offers warranty even after rooting. So it’s better to check with your device’s brand before installing the root privileges.

How to Root Android Without PC or Computer in 2017

There are many ways to Root Android Without PC, but most of them will not work all brand’s models. Here I’m going to share two ways which you can use to Root Phone without Pc. These are two apps which can help you in getting root privileges on your Android device.

KingRoot – Root Android Phone Without PC

root android phone without pc 2017

Kingroot is one of the most popular apps which is capable of installing root on almost all Android devices. The app is completely free to download and use, here are the exact steps which you need to follow to gain Root Android without PC using Kingroot.

  1. First of all, you need to download the Kingroot apk. Follow this link to download the latest version of Kingroot from the official website.
  2. The Downloading will be over within few minutes (depending on your internet connectivity’s speed)
  3. Now go to downloads, find the Kingroot Apk and install it on your Android device.
  4. Since the app is very small in size, the installation part will be completely within few seconds.
  5. Open the Kingroot app; it’ll show you whether your device is rooted or not on the homepage screen of the app.
  6. Click on start rooting to initiate the installation of rooting; the rooting process may take a few minutes to finish (If your device starts rebooting while installing the root, please don’t panic. It’s just a part of the process)
  7. After few minutes, you’ll see the success message of successful root installation.

That’s it; Now your device is rooted. You can enjoy all the root privileges now.

TowelRoot – Root Android Phone Without PC

how to root android phone without pc

TowelRoot can root almost any android device, millions of people have used TowelRoot to root their android phone. The app is developed by chinese developers and targeted for Chinese smartphones. Well, if you have a Chinese device, then I highly recommend you to try TowelRoot first. The success rate of Rooting with TowelRoot is very high than any other rooting apps.

The process of rooting via TowelRoot is same; you have to follow the same instructions which I’ve written above in Kingroot’s process. Download the TowelRoot apk from the official site to prevent malware/trojans.

Note: You need to allow installation from unknown sources, to do that open up your settings. Scroll down till you find “Developers Options,” open it and tick mark the option “Allow Installation of Apps From Unknown Sources.” By doing this, you can install any Apks on your Android device.

Improve the performance of your rooted android phone with these Best Root Apps.

Wrapping Up

Rooting Android device has both the advantages and disadvantages. Make sure that you have clarity on rooting android phone. We have few methods that won’t damage your android device. You need to follow the simple instructions to Root Android without PC, Windows or Mac. I would like to hear you in the comments. Thank you so much.