Best Windows Launcher for Android to Get Stunning Windows UI

The majority of the people in the world are using Android phones as they are quite cheaper and innovative than any other OS. Most people also choose Android because of its flexibility which lets the user do whatever he wants. Well, this feature or option lacks in other operating systems. Android is the most customizable OS for smartphones and also becoming stronger day by day. As I said, there’s no shortage of Innovation in Android. However, you may get bored pretty quick with your Android if you consistently use it. [Read more…]

10 Best App Lockers for Android (2018) to Lock Apps, Messages, Videos and Files

Would you like to hide photos, videos, messages, call logs on your device? you can do that using the android app lockers.

Over the years, we’ve become so attached to the smartphones. We store most of the important data in our smartphones so that it can be easily accessed anytime. Just like me, nobody wants to show up their personal things like Photos, Videos, and Chats to anyone. [Read more…]