Best Windows Launcher for Android to Get Stunning Windows UI


The majority of the people in the world are using Android phones as they are quite cheaper and innovative than any other OS. Most people also choose Android because of its flexibility which lets the user do whatever he wants. Well, this feature or option lacks in other operating systems. Android is the most customizable OS for smartphones and also becoming stronger day by day. As I said, there’s no shortage of Innovation in Android. However, you may get bored pretty quick with your Android if you consistently use it.

Even I get bored with my Android at certain times due to it’s regular and simple interface. I would definitely try out something to customize my device in order to get rid of the old interface. Well, in such situations you can try out some Best Windows Launchers for Android to get a new look and experience as well.

Windows Launcher will make your Android device look more of a Windows Phone. But the fact is that they are just launchers and they won’t help you install Windows Phone apps on your Android. You may uninstall the launchers anytime to get back your Android look and that’s the best piece of the story. Try out some Best App Lockers to Hide Which Windows Launcher you are using on your Android device.

9 Best Windows Launchers for Android 2017

Launcher 8 WP Style

Windows Launcher for Android

Launcher 8 WP Style is one of the finest apps when it comes to the windows launcher for Android category. The app provides Windows 8.1 OS’s theme and looks in order to give a different experience to the user. Launcher 8 WP Style makes the best out of it’s 8.1 OS in order to ensure that the user never gets bored with it. It’s worth trying out if you want to enjoy Windows theme on your android device.

Home 10 Launcher

windows 10 launchers for android

Home 10 launcher is another excellent app on this list. As the name suggests, it’s a windows 10 launcher for android phones. The app supports live titles as well for the apps which are installed on your device. You’ll also see a modified notification toggle once you install and configure the app. Apart from that, Home 10 Launcher offers tons of customizable features and effects in order to make your Android look special. Home 10 Launcher has received tons of downloads and positive reviews from all over the world. The development team is also quite active in providing updates and fixes.

Metro UI Launcher 10

windows 10 launcher for android

Metro UI Launcher 10 is known for its extreme customization functionality. The developers took Windows 10 as inspiration and have come up with Metro UI Launcher 10. The app is absolutely free to download and use which is a good thing. The app does a complete makeover of your device and delivers an impressive interface on your device. The kind of smoothness you’ll find with this app is incredible, there are no glitches or bugs at all. Metro UI Launcher 10 is a definition of the terms like perfection and simplicity.

Win 10 Launcher

Best Windows Launcher for Android

Well, the name itself says it’s a windows 10 launcher. Just like the other launchers, this app lets you set different icons for your apps in 3 rows with your desired sizes. One of the unique features that can be seen in this app is the Taskbar option which can be seen in the bottom of your screen. The app also provides quick access feature which could be helpful when you are in hurry. All you have to do is just type the letter or just hit the apps list to access whatever you want within no time.

SquareHome 2

best windows launchers 2017

SquareHome 2 is a bit different launcher than others. The app won’t change your entire launcher, instead, it customizes your device to get the Windows 10 style on your device. The developers of SquareHome 2 did an excellent work here and made it compatible with all Android devices like Tablets, smartphones etc. Even after customizing the launcher, the app still maintains the old features of your Android despite having the windows style look. SquadHome 2 would be a perfect fit for you if you are willing to try out something different as it doesn’t change your device into a Windows one.

Win Theme Smart Launcher

Windows theme launcher for android

As the name suggests, this app is a bit advanced in terms of features and other stuff. The best part about this app is that it manages well in combining the Windows Operating System’s visual style and features. The app is available for free of cost in Google Play Store and you can use it for free. However, you may have to face advertisements in the free version. Except for ads, there’s nothing much to complain about Win Theme Smart Launcher. The app totally deserves to be on the list of windows launcher for Android.

Nova Launcher

Simple windows style launcher on android

Well, Nova Launcher isn’t a windows launcher. The primary objective of the developers was not to make it a windows launcher. However, the app offers enough customization by which you can design your launcher like a windows launcher. Nova Launcher is popular and known for its flexibility in customizing the looks of an Android device. All you have to do is just hop into the settings and make the necessary settings to get the Windows style launcher on your Android device. Nova Launcher is the most popular launcher in the Google Play Store. The app has almost 4.6 out of 5 stars rating.

Windows 7 Launcher

Best windows 7 launcher for android

In case if you would like to try out Windows 7 style of interface, then here’s another good app for your Android. The app provides you the look and functions of a Windows 7 operating system. The developers of this app have done a lot of improvements over the years. At the end, Windows 7 Launcher deserves a spot on our list of best Windows launcher for Android.  You shouldn’t be missing out this one, it’s the best windows 7 launcher for android phone.

Metro Look Launcher

best windows 8.1 launcher for android

Metro Look Launcher is a bit similar to one of the previously mentioned app. The Launcher will resemble the look of Windows 8.1 Operating system. The app delivers the exact look of the windows 8.1 OS. It doesn’t compromise with any features that you’ll find in the Windows OS. Apart from that, you can also change the icons of the apps. You can also resize the icons and titles of the apps.  The latest version of Metro Look Launcher provides a lot smoother UI than the previous one. The customization options are good enough to get the best look and stylish User Interface on your Android device.

Those are the best launchers to get Windows User Interface on your Android devices. Go through the apps one by one and install any of your choices. Remember, you can do whatever you do regularly on your android even though you are on Windows UI. Do not miss out the WhatsApp Call Recorder and of course, you can use Root Apps if your device is rooted.

Wrapping Up

Get Windows User Interface on your Android device using the best Windows Launchers on your Android in 2017. Utilize the freedom to chose the best one for your smartphone and get the most out of it. Let me know if you are using any other windows launcher on your Android device, Comment below. Thank you so much.


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