How to Burn ISO To USB with iSeePassword WizBurn

When you read or hear the word ISO, the first question that comes to the mind even before wanting to know how it functions is, what exactly is an ISO document? ISO is an abbreviated form of the International Organization for Standardization and is actually an archive document layout. These documents usually come with an extension of .iso.

There is a huge number of devices and software that are changed into ISO photographs that are in reality an incorporation of immeasurable information that has been compressed and then modified into a photograph document, which is then denoted by the ISO symbol.

Now, the second question that may come to mind after fully understanding the concept of ISO is, can it be transferred to a USB, DVD, or CD so that the disk would become bootable? The answer that you would be thinking would be something along the lines of “copy and paste the file to the disk.” However, a replica of the ISO document wouldn’t work like that. You wouldn’t be able to read it and neither would it be executable, even though the ISO document would surely be transferred to that device.

What you would be thinking now is, how can you do it then? The answer to this is that in order to make the ISO document work, you would need to first burn the ISO document to the disk. When you burn the document, it would enable you to create a separate portion on the disk where the information would be executable.

This seems easy enough, right? However, you wouldn’t be able to do this without a nice ISO burner and here is where the iSeePassword WizBurn comes in which would make the whole process easier for you.

iSeePassword WizBurn

iSeePassword WizBurn is one of the most useful tools due to the fact that not only would it be able to burn ISO documents in order to make the disk bootable, but it would also be able to do its job perfectly and in no time. With the three functionalities that it offers, you would be able to burn the document and make the disk bootable very easily:

  • With the two burning modes that it offers, one can easily write the ISO photograph to any
  • Both MBR and GPT are fully supported by the software from which you can choose the one that
    you need based on the ISO and computer you have.
  • FAT, FAT32, and NTFS are offered by the program, so you can choose any file system.

How to Burn ISO to USB with iSeePassword WizBurn

With iSeePassword WizBurn, an ISO document can be burned with just a few clicks. Before following the few steps mentioned, what you require is a USB, DVD or CD that has at least 4 GB free spaces. For Windows, you would need source Microsoft ISOs and the WizBurn file that is available on the website. This tool will make everything

Now, you can follow these simple steps in order to burn the ISO document and use it as you want.

  1. Download, install and run the iSeePassword WizBurn software.
  2. The tool was designed in order to make it easier for the user. You can access it by clicking on the “browse” button and then you can import the ISO file onto the program.
  3. Once you have completed step 2, you can now click on the button available under the command “create a bootable CD/DVD.” You can then insert the device you want to burn the ISO document on.iSeePassword WizBurn
  4. Click on the button that says “burn” at the very bottom in order to start the process. You would see a warning flash on the screen that would say that you are going to destroy all the data from the chosen device. Click on the OK button so that you can proceed.
  5. Now you can click on “burn” and in just a few minutes, your disk will be good to go. You can then use the disk wherever you want and execute the .iso file easily.


Though iSeePassword WizBurn is a pretty new program but it works great for burning ISO image to USB or DVD. And it is much simple to use when comparing to other burning tools like ImgBurn, PowerISO, UltraISO, etc. Feel free to shot an email if you had any question about the program.