Download xCleaner for iOS 11/10/9 Without Jailbreak – iPhone Storage Cleaner


Is your iPhone running out of storage space?

My answer to this question is Yes. We all know that Apple devices are expensive than any other smartphones. iPhone or iPad will be priced based on various factors and the storage space is one of the most considerable factors among them.

If you have an iPhone or iPad with low storage capacity, there are chances that you run out of the free space. xCleaner for iOS 11, 10 is a great tool that will make some space on your iPhone by cleaning the junk and duplicate files.

Some applications like WhatsApp, Facebook will show you that space is not available on your device when you reach almost to an end. Sometimes, you cannot use WhatsApp to send or receive media as there is no space on your iPhone.

You need to take care of your photos, videos, and apps before deleting and it’s risky sometimes. But you cannot delete the hidden temporary files and junk files from your iPhone or iPad manually.

You do not need to worry about the free space on your iOS devices from today as we are going to get the app. Just download and install the app on your iDevice and let it handle rest everything. However, I am going to show you the downloading and installation process of the xCleaner iPA app.

download xcleaner for iphone

Check out what the app will provide and how it will help you by cleaning the junk and spam files from your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. But before, go through the features and requirements of the app.

Features of xCleaner

  • Clean the storage of your iOS device.
  • Cleaning is super fast and safe.
  • Wipes out temporary files and junk files to make free space on your iDevice.
  • Different modes (Zero Fill, Random Fill, US DoD 5220-22.M) to clean the iPhone or iPad.


  • Requires iOS 5.0 or iOS 6.0 or iOS 7.0 or More (iOS 8.0, iOS 9.0, and iOS 10, iOS 11).
  • An iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.
  • No Jailbreak is needed.
  • iOS device must be up to date.
  • Some free space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to install the app.

Go through the installation instructions if you are ready with the requirements mentioned above. Believe me, it’s super simple.

How to Install xCleaner on iPhone or iPad (iOS 11/10/9) – Without Jailbreak

I have tried many methods to install the app on my iPhone but I am going to provide here working methods only. Check out the first method and you can give it a try if you don’t feel that first method is helpful.


  1. Click here to visit the webpage of the developer.xcleaner ios 10
  2. Click on “Download” which is there at the bottom of the screen.install xcleaner ios 10
  3. It will show you a pop-up saying would like to Install “xCleaner”. I suggest you click on “Install” option from the Pop-Up.
  4. The app will be installed on your iPhone in next few seconds. But make sure that you need to trust the developer profile on your iPhone or iPad. Else, the app will not work on your iOS device.
  5. Go to Settings >> General >> Profiles on your iOS device and Click on Enterprise app profile.xcleaner app profile
  6. Tap Trust the Developer Profile now. Fortunately, The app is a Verified one and you don’t need to worry about your iOS xcleaner developer profile on your iphone
  7. Click “Trust” trust again
  8. xCleaner app on your iPhone or iPad has been installed successfully. It means that you can use the app to clean your iPhone without any ado.

That is the best method to Install the app on your iDevice. If you feel this is difficult, I have another tweak that will make it simple.

Using Hackz4iOS App

Hackz4iOS is an app store alternative and it has thousands of tweaked apps, jailbreak apps. It means that you can download X-Cleaner for your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Install Hackz4iOS on your iOS 10 or iOS 9 or earlier devices.
  2. Click on the top left corner menu of the screen.xcleaner on hackz4ios
  3. It will show you a menu and I suggest you click on “Jailbreak Apps“. Don’t worry, the apps it has are for iOS devices without jailbreak.
  4. You can see the app “X-Cleaner” on the screen. Just click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.xcleaner download
  5. Trusting the developer profile on your iPhone or iPad is as same as in the method above.

Download and Install xCleaner iPA using Cydia Extender

This is an alternative method to the methods provided above. In this method, you need a computer apart from your iPhone and a software name called Cydia Extender. First, Install Cydia Extender on your Windows or Mac computer.

Download xCleaner iPA on your iOS device using this link. Now, you can follow up the instructions provided below.

  1. Open Cydia Extender on your Computer (Windows or Mac).
  2. Connect your iPhone to the Computer using a lighting cable.
  3. Select your iOS device from the drop-down menu on the Cydia Extender app.
  4. Hold and Drap the iPA file of xCleaner onto the Cydia Extender on your computer.
  5. Hold on some time to let it finish loading the app to your iOS device. Make sure you don’t disconnect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from the computer in the meantime.

For more details, check out How to Sideload iPA files to iPhone using Cydia Extender.

That’s all, You can clean your iPhone or iPad and make some free space to install apps and shoot some photos or videos. Also, go through how to use the app.

How to Use x-Cleaner on your iPhone or iPad?

Open the app on your iOS device and wait for few seconds until the app loads completely. The app will show you the memory status statistics with partitions. Tap “Refresh” to check the updated memory status. Moreover, you can switch to storage cleaner to clean the junk files and make some free space.

Toggle on the “Remove Temporary Files” to clean the iPhone and delete the temporary files. That will make some free space on your iPhone and you can use that space to install the apps, etc.

x-cleaner for ios 10

Of course, you can choose the mode of cleaning on the app before proceeding. Once you are ready, Click “Start” and just keep calm as the app will do everything on behalf of you.

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Wrapping Up

Speed up your iPhone device by making free space. Improve the performance of your device and install various new apps. You do not need to do anything manually. Just install and run xCleaner on your iPhone or iPad and it will do everything for you. Follow the methods given above and get the app without jailbreaking. I would like to hear you through comments and thank you so much.



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