“Best” Xbox 360 Emulator for PC (Windows 10/8.1/7/XP) [Xenia] 2018


Download Xbox 360 Emulator for PC (Windows) without need to purchase the expensive console just to play some games. Xbox is probably one of the best selling gaming consoles, manufactured and sold by Microsoft. Well, this year, Xbox 360 has got some of the best and famous games which are exclusive to only Xbox 360 only.

It means you cannot play those games on your PlayStation or Computer even if you purchase them. Now as a gamer, you might want to try out those exclusive games, but it’s only possible when you buy yourself a new Xbox console which is not worth it. But, there’s a way by which you can play any Xbox game (Including exclusive ones) on your PC or Laptop for free of cost.

Xbox 360 Emulator for PC is an ideal option for those who would like to play Xbox games on their computers for free. The good thing is that you don’t need to have any kind of Xbox subscription or membership to Play Xbox Games on PC (Windows). Anyone with an Internet Connection can download xbox 360 roms (games) and start playing the Xbox Games for free on Windows.

Download Xbox 360 Emulator for PC on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP & Mac Laptop

If you haven’t tried or downloaded any Emulators in the past, then this might be a bit tricky for you. But don’t worry, we’ll try to keep it as short as possible. Firstly, an Emulator is nothing but a piece of software that enables one computer (Your PC in this case) to function and behave like another one (Xbox 360 Emulator in this case).

xbox 360 emulator for pc windows download

Basically, the emulator allows users to play all type of Xbox Games on their Computers, that too for free of cost. Now there are a couple of Xbox Emulator guides on the web, but most of them require a high-end PC to play the games at a reasonable fps rate. Well, recently there’s a new official version of the Best Xbox 360 Emulator for PC is released globally which packs a lot of improvements and changes.

Just go through the article to know how to play Xbox 360 games on pc with the help of Xbox 360 Emulator for free. But make sure, your Computer’s specifications meet the minimum requirements before downloading the emulator.

Minimum Requirements of the Xbox 360 Emulator

Unless and until you meet the below-specified system requirements, you won’t be able to run the Xbox 360 Emulator on your PC correctly. Well, you’re more than free to give it a try, but you will only end up having laggy experience with the games you play on PC.

Microsoft Framework Version 2.0 [Latest Version]

  • Firstly, Xbox 360 Emulator is compatible only with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 Only. If your windows version is older than this, then you might not be able to use the emulator on your PC.
  • Make sure you have installed the Microsoft Framework installed on your PC to use the emulator. In case, if you don’t have, then go ahead and download the Microsoft Framework Version 2.0 from the official Microsoft site.
  • Your system should have at least dual-core processor coupled with at least 4 GB of RAM. Otherwise, there will be low fps rate.
  • Your computer must have an Active Internet Connection for the download and installation of the Emulator.
  • A USB game controller is required to play the Xbox games on your PC. However, you can map the controls to your keyboard keys according to your convenience. But some games need to be played with Controller only.

Features of Xbox 360 Emulator

Xbox 360 Emulator boasts a plethora of useful features to play Xbox games on PC. Well, it’s not possible to mention all the elements in this article itself. So, we’ve gathered some of the best and highlight features of the Xbox 360 Emulator that are discussed below.

  • Firstly, the Xbox 360 Emulator for PC is completely free for users to download and use. There are absolutely no charges to play the Xbox games using the Emulator to play games on your PC. It doesn’t require any sort of Xbox membership to use the Emulator.
  • The version which we’re sharing features robust coding and performance that helps in delivering the best possible fps rate. In general, you will be able to get at least 25+ fps rate with Vsync turned On on your system. The fps rate might go up if you turn off the Vsync as well.
  • Xbox 360 Emulator comes with fast loading facility which the traditional Xbox 360 itself doesn’t have. This feature will allow you to save your current state in a game whenever you want. And you can also load the previously saved games directly so that you don’t need to watch any cutscenes or wait during loading screens.
  • Earlier, a lot of users have complained the awful amount of memory consumption by the emulator. The developers have responded quickly to it and released a new version that reduces the memory consumption drastically.
  • The emulator enables the user to play any Xbox 360 game on their Computers for free. The list of supported games as of now is quite considerable. But it seems to appear that more games will be added soon to the list.

Xenia Xbox 360 Emulator for PC Download (Windows Only)

Firstly, you need to download the Xenia Xbox 360 Emulator installation file on your PC. The file can be downloaded from the attached site link. You can check the image if you’re unable to figure it out.

Xbox 360 Emulator For PC

The downloading of the file will start automatically after a few seconds. Once the downloading is over, you need to extract its contents using any Zip extracting software such as Winrar.

Place all the installation files and its content in a separate folder on your Local Disk. Or you can simply drag them to Desktop.

The file contains the Microsoft Framework as well, install it from there if you haven’t yet. Now locate the Xbox 360 Emulator.Exe file and run it as Administrator. Once the installation is successful, Launch the Emulator. Now select the BIOS (Will be available in the Downloaded file) and proceed.

Once the loading of BIOS file is complete, you can start playing the Xbox Games on Windows PC easily. Please keep in mind that you need to download the Xbox Games in the ISO file format. Otherwise, you cannot play the games.

Xbox 360 ROMS (ISO) Direct Download

There are quite good number of games available for the emulator to run games on a Windows computer. But finding them is the actual task which is not easy at all. But not to worry, we have gathered few sources from where you can get free xbox 360 iso downloads.

As we have already mentioned above, you just need to download the rom files in (.iso) format and load them to the emulator. Rest everything will be managed by the Xbox Emulator. So without any further ado, let’s jump and grab few Best of 2018’s Xbox ROMS.

   LOVEROMS (Official)



Head over to the official website links provided above to download Xbox 360 Emulator Games. Quickly gear up playing Xbox Games on your Windows computer without any third party apps or hardware.

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Now you don’t need to worry about buying expensive gaming consoles as you can get enough games on your pc using the Best Xbox 360 Emulator out there. Head over to the tutorial to xenia xbox 360 emulator download and start playing all your favourite Xbox games on your Windows computer, thank you.


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