Know Who Visited Your WhatsApp Profile Using (WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me?) App


WhatsApp recently announced that it has around 1 Billion active users daily (Source). That shows the craze of WhatsApp over other social or instant messaging apps. It’s not an easy task to achieve such a huge success until and unless it has everything that people love. Since WhatsApp stepped into Snapchat styled Status Update, it has got a tremendous response from users around the world. But many out there like me feels that it’s missing something very important, and it’s nothing but who visited your WhatsApp profile.

Actually, you can see who viewed your WhatsApp status but that will disappear after every 24 hours. But you cannot see who viewed your WhatsApp profile so far. It does not mean that it’s impossible. There are tweaks that will help you do almost anything like checking who viewed your WhatsApp profile or DP, etc.

You can also Record WhatsApp Calls on Android and iOS as well. The latest official update has got your Siri to Read Out the Text Messages with iOS 10.3.1 or later.

As a part of providing you the useful information, you can hide the last seen of your WhatsApp profile. But it will also hide the last seen of your WhatsApp contacts in return. Disabling/Enabling the blue ticks is yet another official tweak WhatsApp has got for its freaks. But, In this article, I will help you check Who Viewed You on WhatsApp using an app called “WhatsApp Who Viewed Me“.

You don’t need to do anything creative or beyond your abilities. Just follow the instructions provided below to check your WhatsApp Profile Visitors.

Download WhatsApp Who Viewed Me App for Android

whatsapp who viewed me apk for android

The most surprising part of this guide is, the tweak is not yet available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can use Wrevealer Cydia Tweak on your iPhone to find out your WhatsApp followers.

You can use it right away if you have an Android smartphone or a tablet. But you need to download and install WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? Apk on your android devices.

Don’t worry, I am here to help you do that without any issues. But before that why do you want to check who visited your WhatsApp profile? let me discuss them here.

With this tweak, you will be able to know who is spying on your WhatsApp activity. Moreover, you may know about a guy/girl how frequently he/she is checking your WhatsApp profile or a WhatsApp DP. It’s way better method to figure out your secret crush as well.

Without further ado, download WhatsApp Who Viewed Me for Android devices from this link.

Installation of the app is a simple task and you don’t need to worry about it. Make sure that you have enabled “Unknown Sources” on your device. To do that, Go to Settings >> Lock Screen and Security >> Toggle On Unknown Sources.

Now, Tap on the WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? Apk file on your Android device. Follow the on-screen instructions to wrap up the process of installation.

How to Check Who Viewed You on WhatsApp or Who Visited Your WhatsApp Profile Today

who visited your whatsapp profile

Th app on your android smartphone will show you who viewed your WhatsApp DP/Profile with a snap. So, it will be easy for you to check out the status without hustling at all. Moreover, it will help you better understand your contacts and well analyse what’s happening behind the screens.

Just a single click will do everything for you, it will scan all your WhatsApp contacts and provides you the report. Active internet connection is the most important factor for this tweak to work.

Instructions to View Who Checked Your WhatsApp Profile

  1. Download and Install the app on your Android devices from the link provided above. Note: Re-Connect your Android device to the internet if in case of any trouble.
  2. Click “Allow” for notifications to show on your smartphone.
  3. Open the app and tap on the “Scan” button which is in the green colour.who viewed me on whatsapp

Rest everything will be handled by the app. It will go through all of your WhatsApp contacts and provides you the list of users who viewed your WhatsApp profile today.

You may update the app if you have any trouble using it on your Android devices. It won’t show you the results right way as it needs some processing time. Otherwise, it may show you the wrong details like some default names as it happened with me in past.

Would you like to hide this app on your Android smartphone?, You may do it with the Best App Lockers for Android.

Wrapping Up

Check out the wonderful WhatsApp Tweak to know who viewed you on WhatsApp. Download and Install the app mentioned above and get to know your WhatsApp Profile Visitors today. I will update here if I found something related to the topic we have come across. Leave your comments below, Thank You.


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