WhatsApp Allows Siri to Read Your Messages Louder on iOS 10.3.1


WhatsApp has come up with the wonderful feature with the latest update. The recent biggest change to the app is WhatsApp status that disappears after 24 hours automatically. Now, It’s time to automate your incoming text messages on the app. Don’t get confused with it, The app will allow Siri on your iPhone or iPad to read the text messages. What more an iOS user would want from WhatsApp as it will allow Siri to read the messages?.

But wait a minute! do your iPhone supports Siri reading your WhatsApp messages? I know you cannot say it on the go. Let us check if your device is the list or out of it. You don’t actually need to go through the list of supporting devices to check. One simple thing is that your iDevice must be updated to the latest operating system.

To avail this feature, make sure that you need to update the WhatsApp application from the app store. In order to make it easier, just enable “Hey Siri” on your iPhone or iPad or on iPod Touch. That will make you say a voice command without pressing the home button twice to activate Siri.

If you have any trouble enabling Hey Siri on your iOS device, you must check if you iDevice is in Battery Saving Mode. Yes, battery saving mode will not allow Siri to take actions. To disable battery saving mode, just go to Settings >> Battery and Toggle Off the Low Power Mode.

Do you know that you can Record WhatsApp Calls on your iPhone in 2017 using few apps? Check it out right away. This way you can stay away from fake WhatsApp calls. Moreover, it will help you revise the conversation whenever you need.

WhatsApp team is working 24 by 7 to provide much more features like easy recharge etc. If it works, WhatsApp will become the leading alternative to Paytm and FreeCharge, etc.

Soon they are going to release those features and not sure about the WhatsApp call recording feature.

Forgot to mention, now you can make High-Quality video calls to your WhatsApp contacts.

How to Allow Siri to Read WhatsApp Messages on iPhone or iPad in 2017?

WhatsApp will allow siri to read text messages louder

To the question of reading WhatsApp messages louder, you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your iPhone or iPad and iPod Touch.

You can download WhatsApp latest version from the app store. Or on the same way, you can update it to the WhatsApp version 2.17.20.

Installing or updating the WhatsApp to the latest version is not just enough. Your iPhone or iPad must meet some requirements. Don’t worry, you are not going to play any magic with your iPhone.

Make sure that your iOS device is running iOS 10.3 or iOS 10.3.1. iDevices running iOS 9.3.3, 9.3.4 or iOS 9.3.5 can update the iOS operating system to the latest version.

How to Update your iPhone to iOS 10.3.1

First of all, connect your iPhone or iPad to the Internet. Then go to Settings >> General >> Software Update. Wait for few seconds until it shows you the software update is available for you.

Install the iOS 10.3.1 if available for your device. Make some room to install the update if your device is running out of storage space.

Uses of Personal Assistance Siri Reading WhatsApp Messages on iPhone or iPad

This awesome feature is extremely userful when you are driving, exercising or bathing, etc. It will read out the messages for you based on your voice commands. You can ask Siri to read out the latest messages on your WhatsApp number.

Moreover, The latest update of the WhatsApp application has got few more changes to the User Interface. The modified look for voice calls on WhatsApp and a new look to the contact details tab are new in this WhatsApp 2.17.20 version.

Wrapping Up

Now you don’t need to worry about wasting time on social apps like WhatsApp, etc. iOS 10.3.1 update has got Siri to read your incoming WhatsApp messages with the latest version of the WhatsApp. Do not misuse this and make the best out of it. I would like to hear from you about Siri reading incoming WhatsApp messages. Thank you so much.


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