What Song Is This? 10 Best Apps to Find What Song is Playing Around You


Music is a great option for time pass. Few people listen to music for entertainment, and some people listen to songs/music to get relief from stress or pain. There are various music apps you can use on your Android and iOS as well to listen to music. Technology has improved a lot over the years; it has changed the way of our living completely. Wait, Have you ever think What Song is This?, I think I listened to it.

There would be many instances in your life where you might have heard a few lines of a song which you’ve heard before. We often try to find those songs on the web by searching those few lines of the song, but in most cases finding what song is this is impossible.

To find a song with the help of few lines, you need something powerful and smart.

Thanks again to the technology, now we have apps which do this job with ease. But as you know, apps market is full of crappy and useless apps which are just waste of time. In those bunches, there are some good and useful apps which can help you in finding What song is this. Here’s a list of Top 10 Apps which you can use to find songs easily.

Top 10 Apps to Find What Song Is Playing Around You (What Song Is This?)

1. Shazam

what is this song

Shazam is a great app which is now available for all the platforms like Android, iOS, etc. It has a database of songs which will help you to find almost any song. Just type a few lines of any song and hit the search option, now the app will search the whole database to find relevant results for your search.

It’s quite accurate, and in most cases, Shazam will show the exact song which you’re looking for. Follow this link to download the Shazam app from google play store and App store.

Price: Free

2. SoundHound

Find What is this song

SoundHound is another great app which can help you in identifying the songs just by hearing a few lines of the song lyric. Just type the lyric of any song or sing a few lines of the song, and the app will start guessing the songs which look relevant/related to your query. Sound Hound is available for free to download and use in Google play store as well as in app store.

3. Sound

What Song is Playing Near You

Sound Hound is a sibling of Hound; it doesn’t provide many details of any song you find using lyrics. Hound is a complete package featured with lots of features. All you need to do is just type the name of any song; Hound will immediately throw the song which matches your keyword at your fingertips. Hound will also show you the related details like latest tweets from the singers/artists, facebook posts which feature the song you’ve searched on Hound.

Currently, the app is available only on Android platform and iOS platform.

Sound Search for Google Play
Sound Search for Google Play
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

4. Spot Search

what song is playing finder

Spot Search is an excellent to find What song is playing; it is integrated with Spotify which will help users in finding songs from a large database filled with songs. Just type the song name in the search bar, Spot Search will give you Spotify links of the song you’ve searched for. However, you will also need a Spotify account to use all the features of Spot Search.

Download Spot Search App from Google play store for Androids or from App Store for iOS devices.

Spot Search
Spot Search
Developer: Lex
Price: Free

5. MusiXmatch

app to find what song is playing 2017

MusiXmatch comes with a great coding and lyric recognition which recognises any song within few seconds. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to have an active internet connection to browse the lyrics of the songs, you can do it even in offline mode.  Not only just finding and searching for songs, but you can also share your favourite/tagged songs with your friends on social media channels from the app itself.

You’ll have to use third party apps to find the lyrics. Here’s the download link of the app from Google play store and app store.

Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music
Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music

6. TrackID

what am i listening to 2017

TrackID may not be the popular app in the market, but surely it is a wonderful to find what song you’re looking for. The Discover tab/option in the app will help you in recognising almost any song. TrackID also features a Live Map which shows other people’s tag around your location. It uses the GPS system of your device to identify your location. As of now, TrackID is available only in Google play store.

7. MusicID

what song is this 2017

MusicID is a well-known app in the music field, apart fro being a popular platform of songs. It is also a great app which can help the user in finding the song by using artist’s names, song lyrics, movie name, etc. You can also add comments to any song you’ve found in MusicId so that later you can know why you’ve liked this song. The app features an excellent interface, and the options are pretty straightforward compared to other apps in the similar field.

Download the app from the google play store if you’ve android device.

Price: Free

8. SoundTracking

what song is this app 2017

Here is another great app for identifying songs within minutes, the app may not work as fast as others, but it provides accurate results when compared to other similar apps. You can also share the songs on many social networks from the app; sadly it is available only in Google play store as of now.

Developer: Hoost
Price: Free

9. Digimarc Discover

What Song is Playing app 2017

Digimarc is an excellent app which everyone should give a try in my opinion. It helps in saving a lot of time which you spend in finding the songs. You can also find the songs using any barcode which you’ve found on any papers or pamphlets. Though the app has some bugs which will be fixed in the upcoming updates, download the app from

Digimarc® Discover
Digimarc® Discover
Developer: Digimarc Corp
Price: Free

10. TuneWiki

what song is playing finder 2017

WikiLyrics is one of the simplest apps which simplifies the effort of finding the lyrics of songs. You can also listen to the music with scrolling lyrics. TuneWiki also supports lyric arts, something which differs it from other music recognition apps. However, the app might not work properly on all devices, but one with the good spec device will have no issues with the app. That’s the main reason why I’m listing this app on the 10th spot.

WikiLyrics is also available for only Android, other than that it’s a good app to find out what song is this with lyrics.

TuneWiki - Lyrics for Music
TuneWiki - Lyrics for Music
Developer: TuneWiki
Price: Free+

If you feel any of them are premium, Check how to download paid apps for free on android.

Wrapping Up

You do not need to hassle in finding the music you are listening to. There are different methods to find out what song is playing near you. I have tried the apps given above, and I feel they are useful. You can give them a try and resolve your doubts regarding the music or song you are listening to. I would like to hear if there are any apps to find What song is this, through comments. Thank you so much.


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