How to Install TuTu Helper Free App on iOS 11/10/9 (iPhone or iPad) – No Jailbreak


Tutu Helper Free App is an incredible free market place for iOS devices. It is one of the top most iOS app installers available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I have many reasons to show this is the best app among all other third party app stores like Cydia, Mojo Installer, Bydia Installer, Hackz4iOS, etc. The app is available in two variants, they are free and VIP.

Today, I am going to show you how to download free tutu helper for iOS 11/10/9 without jailbreak. Of course, it is available for Android too.

Any iOS device having up to date firmware can install this app without jailbreaking. Moreover, you can get access to thousands of free paid apps on your iPhone or iPad. It simply means that you do not need to pay for the apps while downloading or installing. I can say that there is not better replacement for Cydia app if you do not like to jailbreak your iDevice.

The app has a fresh list of apps and games and the quick search bar can find out what you are looking for. The apps and games are well categorised and the app store apps are indicated with app store symbol.

It means that you can get such apps from the app store on your iPhone or iPad. Check out the attributes of the app in detail and get it for your iDevices without any issues.

If you have any difficulty with Tutu helper, Check out the Best Apps Like Tutu Helper.

Features of Tutu Helper Free App

There are multiple uses a user can get from this app. I have tried my best to list them here. You can check them and make the most out of the app with the tweaked apps like screen recorders, free paid games, etc.

  • Free Version of Tutu Helper on iOS is completely free for lifetime.
  • The app has app data/cache cleaners like xCleaner and iCleaner, etc.
  • Apps and games are well categorised for easy access.
  • Quick Search option on the app will make every user search apps with ease.
  • Simple user interface of the app will provide great user experience.
  • Tweaked/Modified versions for all famous apps and games like Snapchat++Youtube++, Instagram++, etc.
  • All latest apps and games will be added to the app automatically.
  • It has wallpapers and they are well categorised for easy access. Every iOS user can get access any number of wallpapers and downloading them is easy but free.

I hope you are excited enough to download Tutu Helper Free for iOS 11, iOS 10/9 without jailbreaking. Let’s check out the instruction manual then.

Install Tutu Helper iOS App on iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak

There are multiple methods to install this app without jailbreak. I am going to provide the working tricks only so that everyone can get access to the bunch of free paid apps.

Though Tutu app is itself a marketplace for many apps and games, you need to have iOSEmus on your iDevice. Moreover, you may use the flekStore app to download iOSEmus for your iOS devices.

Follow the instructions to get the tutu helper marketplace on your iDevice once you are ready.

Step 1: Open the iOSEmus app on your iPhone or iPad and search for the app using the quick search bar. Otherwise, you can scroll down to the bottom and find out the app in the meantime.iosemus app on iphone

Step 2: Tap TutuHelper (App Store Alternative) and the green dot beside the app resembles the working condition of the app. As there is a green dot with a small tick mark in it, it works on your device without any issues. Moreover, the red dots with cross mark will not work on your iDevice.tutu helper on iosemus

Step 3: Click on “Get” option beside the app and wait for 5 seconds. Of course, you can open that page on App Store also, but that will not help you install this app as it is not there in app store.installing tutu helper app

Step 4: It will show you a pop-up saying would like to install “TutuHelper” with two options. Click on “Install” instead of clicking on “Cancel“. would like to install tutuhelper

Step 5: The app is being installed on your iPhone. Please do not disconnect your device from the internet in the meantime.installing tutuhelper on your iphone

Step 6: You can open the app after installing it completely, but you will get a pop-up saying that the app is from an “Untrusted Enterprise Developer“. It means that you need to trust the developer profile on your iPhone or iPad.untrusted tutu helper profile

Step 7: Open Settings App on your iOS device and go to General and then choose Profiles. Scroll down and Tap “Winner Media Co., Ltd.” and Tap tutu helper profile on your iphone

Step 8: Click “Trust” again from the pop-up showing on the tutuhelper profile again

Step 9: Go back to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Click on Tutu Helper Free app that has been installed and start using. A pop-up may ask you to allow app notifications as a result of the app installation.tutu helper free on iphone

That’s all. Start installing various apps for your iPhone like Air Shou, PixlRec, EveryCord Screen Recorder, etc. Moreover, Explore much more from the app itself.

Alternate Method to Download Tutu Helper Free App on iOS 11/10/9 Without Jailbreak

It’s always better to have an alternative method and this is something that really works on any device anytime. You don’t need to download and install any third party apps in this method and that is the biggest advantage as it does not consume much resources of your iDevice.

Without further ado, Kick start the procedure and get access to thousands of free premium apps.

Step 1: Head over to using Safari web browser on your iOS device.tutu helper free app download

Step 2: There you can see different tabs for iOS and Android. By default, it’s on the iOS tab and you should click on Regular (Free) option.tutu app free ios 11 app

Step 3: Click on “Download Now” option to download Tutu Helper Free on iOS 11 or iOS 10 of your iPhone or tutu helper ios 11

Step 4: A pop-up will appear on the screen saying would like to install “Tutuapp Regular Version(Free)“. Click on “Install” button right away.

That will take some time and finish the installation process. Everything else is super simple and of course, it does not need any special skills.

By the way, you need to trust the developer profile on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Otherwise, you cannot browse or download apps using tutuapp.

How to Trust Tutu Helper Developer Profile?

To Trust the Developer profile on your iOS device, Go to Settings>>General>>Profiles or Settings>>General>>Profiles or Device Management.

Scroll down and click on the TutuApp Developer Profile and then Click “Trust” button. Done with the installation?, Check out how to get Tutu Helper Spotify Premium and TutuApp Minecraft Pocket Edition as well.

Wrapping Up

Check out the best and free app store for your iPhone or iPad. The app is available in two variants and we have come across the free version. Of course, you can go for Tutu Helper VIP version also. But, I suggest you get Tutu Helper free app for your iOS 11, iOS 10 or iOS 9 without jailbreaking. I have tried my best to provide you the instructions to get the app. Please use the comment box if you have something to share with me. Thank you so much.


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