How to Fix “Unfortunately the process has stopped”


If you are using an android, you may have come across a common error that pops up every now and then in a small size window. The errors say something like this “unfortunately the process has stopped” or “unfortunately the process has stopped unexpectedly”.

Well, it’s a common error that is related to Google Play Services, the error will keep on popping whenever you open any Google Play Service related app. We’ve noticed a lot of our Android users are facing this common issue, and most probably they have no idea how to solve this error.

So, today, in this article, we’ll be sharing the solutions to fix this annoying error. If you are looking fixes for the same issue, then I’m glad to say that you landed on the right place.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of this error, we cannot exactly figure out the exact reason behind it. This error can also occur if you have knowingly or unknowingly disabled your Android device’s internal app such as default Download manager etc. In case, if you are still curious to know the reasons why this error pops up, then go ahead.

What Makes “unfortunately the process has stopped” Happen?

unfortunately the process has stopped

Well, as mentioned early, we cannot conclude the exact reason for the occurrence of this error. Nonetheless, here are the possible reasons that most likely result in causing the, “unfortunately, the process has stopped” problem.

  • Most probably, the app you have installed recently might be the cause of this error. It is always recommended to download the apps from an authentic source only such as Google Play Store. If this is the reason for the error to occur on your device, then its quite easy to eliminate it.
  • Disabling or uninstalling updates of an inbuilt app can also cause this error. If you did any altering with any internal app’s settings, then you will most likely start facing this error whenever you open that particular.
  • Preferences of any particular app is also a good reason for this error. However, there aren’t many cases where this error showed up due to app preferences.

So these were the possible causes for the error to occur. There’s nothing much you can do to prevent this error from happening.

Well, don’t dishearten yourself if you are facing such error quite often, we have a few methods that can help you in getting rid of this error.

All you have to do is just go through the mentioned steps and execute them on your Android device right away to stop this error from popping up.

Fix unfortunately the process has stopped

Here are a couple of methods for you to overcome the “unfortunately the process has stopped” error. All of these methods are absolutely safe to perform, so just go ahead and try them all out.

1. Clear App’s Cache

If this error pops up whenever you open a particular app on your device, then most probably that particular error is the root of this issue.

In such cases,  you have to clear the data and cache of that particular app. Follow the below mentioned steps to know how to do clear the cache and data of the app.

  1. First of all, open up the app drawer and head over to the “Settings” option.fix the process has stopped
  2. Now open up “Application Manager” or “Apps” from the settings, and find the app which is causing the error.fix unfortunately process has stopped on android
  3. Open the app’s settings, scroll down a bit to get the option to clear “Cache“. Just wipe the cache as well as the data of that particular app.

This will most likely stop the error from happening again. Note that clearing app data will wipe out the progress/data of the app. It’s better to take a backup of it if it’s important for you. In case, if this method doesn’t work out, then try out the next one.

2. Disable and Re-Enable Download Manager

Re-enabling the default download manager can also help in getting rid of this issue. This method mostly works on Samsung smartphones, you can try it out on other brand devices as well. To enable or disable the download manager, follow these steps.

Go to your settings menu, then open up the “Application Manager” or “App Management“. Select the “All” option which will most likely to be located on the top right corner of the screen.

Now you will get the list of all the apps installed on your android device, just find the “Download Manager” and open its settings to enable it. Once you enable the download manager, the issue will be solved. In other case, you may clear the cache and check your device performance as well.

re enable downloader manager to fix unfortunately process has stopped samsung

It’s good if you perform this action two or three times, this will stop this error from showing up. If the issue still persists, then we’ve got another method for you.

3. Clear Cache & Data of Google Play Services

This issue will most probably start happening whenever there’s an update of Google Play Store or any Google Play related services.

It can also happen if one or more Google Play related services stop functioning. In such cases, wiping out the data of Google Framework and its related apps can fix this issue. In order to clear data of Google Apps, carry out these steps.

  1. Head over to the settings menu on your android device from the app drawer.
  2. Now open up “Application Manager” and select all the apps whose name includes “Google Play“.
  3. Clear the cache and data (if needed) of all the Google Play related apps and restart your device.clear google play services to fix unfortunately process stopped error on android

That’s all, this method definitely solves out all the “Unfortunately Stopped” issues. In case, if it happens ever again, you’ll have to follow these methods once again.

It is a fact that the error occurs very usually on older smartphones of Samsung. Of course, you can follow the procedures provided above to fix the issue on any Android device. Check out Samsung FAQ if you are still facing the issue.

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Wrapping Up

Hope you have resolved this issue by following the methods that we’ve mentioned. Lastly, there will be situations where none of these methods will work, in such conditions doing a “Factory Reset” is the only option you got. Just make sure you take the back up of your device’s data and store it in your SD card to avoid any crucial data loss. Share this guide with your friends on social media, thank you.


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