How to Use Multiple Snapchat Accounts on iPhone Without Jailbreak


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms which lets the user share pictures and short videos with their fans. You will find a lot of popular people and brands sharing photos and short snaps with their followers or fans. As you all know, nothing is perfect in the world of internet. With some reason, if you’re holding multiple snapchat accounts, then you can use only one snapchat account.

Using more than one snapchat account is not possible nowadays. Earlier, people use to jailbreak their iPhones or iPad in order to use their secondary snapchat account. As I said, earlier there were many jailbreak tweaks by which the users can easily use multiple snapchat accounts without any issue.

I’m not sure whether those tweaks are working or stopped by the SnapChat’s team. But I’m sure; there are many people who own an iPad or iPhone which isn’t jailbroken.

I do understand the struggle which you will face while using more than one snapchat account. Check out the best Apps Like Snapchat with face tracking and other awesome photo filters that snapchat has.

How to Use Multiple Snapchat Accounts on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Due to the growing popularity, SnapChat’s database is getting filled. But still, there are many people out there who own multiple snapchat accounts and want to use both simultaneously.

multiple snapchat accounts iphone

We have received many comments and queries on how to use multiple snapchat accounts without jailbreak. Also, the number of searches on search engines regarding the same topic is increasing tremendously.

So finally, we’ve decided to help you out people who are looking for ways to use secondary snapchat on iPhones or iPad which aren’t jailbroken along with primary. I have seen many complicated guides providing a solution for using multiple snapchat accounts on iPhone.

You don’t need to follow such lengthy guides. Today in this article, I’m going to share a simple and easy guide on how to use Multiple Snapchat Accounts. 

Here I’m sharing the best way which you can follow in order to start using multiple snapchat accounts on one iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking. A few users have reported that the method is not proper, so I have added the solution in this article itself. Do read the steps properly, before trying this method.

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Multiple Snapchat Accounts Tweak (No Jailbreak)

You don’t have to install shit loads of apps to start using multiple snapchat accounts. The method which I’m going to share in this article is the simplest and the easiest one.

All you have to do is just download the cloned version of snapchat. Here are the exact steps which you would need to follow to use two snapchat accounts on one iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking.

  1. Copy this link on your iPhone or iPad and paste it into the URL section of the Safari browser. Or else just follow this link if you’re reading through the Safari browser.
  2. The page will directly take you to the download page, below the snapchat icon, there is a download option. Just tap on it to start the download. The page is in Arabic language, so follow my instructions.
  3. While the app is downloading, just head over to the settings on your iPhone or iPad. Then open the General Options >> Date and Time, probably you may set the date and time automatically. If you did so, then just change the date to 8 Septemeber 2015.
  4. The downloading of the app will take a few minutes as the size of the app is bit large.
  5. After successful, just install the app on your iPhone or iPad.

Once you’re done with the installation of the downloaded app, you will find another snapchat app on your iPhone or iPad. Now all you have to do is just log in your secondary or second account in the snapchat app which you have downloaded from the link provided above.

2 Snapchat Accounts on One iPhone Without Jailbreak

I am pretty sure you will be able to use dual snapchats on your iPhone using this trick. Make sure you follow the instructions without missing any of them.

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Internet connection.
  2. Open Safari Web Browser on your iOS device.
  3. Copy and Paste “” without quotes on the URL bar of the web browser you have opened.dual snapchats one iphone
  4. Scroll down till you see the snapchat icon. Below that you will be able to see the download button.
  5. Click on that download button and it will ask you to proceed further to install the app and you need to click on Install Button.
  6. The app will be downloaded and installed on your iPhone in few minutes.
  7. Before going to use the app on your iOS device, Just go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and TrustCMN VIT” Profile.
  8. Go back to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad and launch Snapchat 2 app.
  9. Log in with your secondary snapchat account and start using 2 snapchat accounts on one iOS device.

Those are the two working methods I can suggest you. Few more methods and tricks are on the way. As I have mentioned earlier in this article, you may face some errors while using or installing the second app of snapchat, so here is a fix for all such errors.

You may also like to use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in one Android Phone. That tweak uses 2 minutes of your time, that’s it.

Multiple Snapchat Accounts in Single iPhone using Parallel Space App

Parallel Space is one of the best apps out there to clone the apps, and let’s you use 2 accounts for any social app. Be it WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook or Snapchat, you can use two accounts for sure. Let’s see the procedure without wasting time anymore.

  1. Download and Install Parallel Space app on your iPhone from this link. Installing the app is simple; hit “Install” button and provide proper authentication (Face ID authentication on iPhone X or Passcode Manual Entry).
  2. Open up the app and allow notifications, allow permissions to access your microphone, contacts, if prompted.parallel space snapchat accounts
  3. Once after opening the app, choose “Clone Apps“. That will again show you the apps that are already installed on your iPhone.clone 2 snapchat accounts on one iphone
  4. Choose any from the list that you would like to clone and use secondary account. If you have not installed Snapchat yet, install it now and clone the app.

This way, you will be able to maintain Dual Snapchat Accounts in One iPhone. The main account will be accessible as usual but the secondary account should be accessed within the Parallel Space application.

How to Fix “Multiple Snapchat Accounts Not Working” Error

There is nothing to panic or worry if you face errors when you open the snapchat app which you downloaded from the link which I have shared in this article. It’s because of the frequent changes made by the app in every iOS update.

Apple has changed a lot of things in the latest version of iPhone; now you would need to trust the apps which you have downloaded from the unknown sources.

Before you start using any apps which were downloaded from unknown sources, you need to add that app to the trusted list. In case, if you don’t add the app, then you would get this “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error in the form of pop-up when you open the app.

As I said earlier, don’t panic just follow these instructions to get rid of this error.

Fix 2 Snapchat Accounts Not Working on iPhone Without Jailbreak

In case, if face the error which I have mentioned above, then just press the home button. Now check whether you have properly installed the snapchat app from the link which I have provided in this article. To be sure, just uninstall the app and install it again.

  1. Head over to the settings options once again, then open the “General” option.
  2. Just scroll down a little bit till you find the “Device Management” option.
  3. There you will find many profile names, search for “VNE,” just tap on it and click on “Trust” option.
  4. Now you have successfully added the second snapchat app in the trusted list.

Most probably, now you should be able to use the snapchat app properly. I’m talking about the one downloaded from the link I have provided in this article.

It isn’t an illegal or wrong method; it’s a clone of the real snapchat app. This method is 100% safe and secure; your snapchat accounts will not be banned by using this method.

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Wrapping Up

Now, you do not need to search the web to know how to use two snapchat accounts in single iPhone or iPad and of course, Android. Many webmasters out there say they will help, but I hope you do not waste time with such useless tweaks. Why because I have gone through such unnecessary tweaks on my iPhone and finally got the right one for you. Follow the simple instructions shared above to use


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