Download MT65xx Preloader Drivers for Windows 10/8.1/7 64-Bit (2018)


MT65XX Preloader Drivers are very useful for your PC to detect your smartphone whenever you connect it via USB cable. Generally, your PC cannot recognize your Android device even though it’s connected via cable. That happens in case if your PC does not have compatible USB drivers (Which we call MT65XX or VCom) installed.

By default, Windows doesn’t come installed with all necessary drivers such as this. You will have to install them manually if you want your PC to recognize your Android device when it’s connected.

Today, in this article, I’ sharing the best driver links and a simple guide to install them.

Why Are MT65XX Preloader Drivers Useful?

Let’s say; you have to transfer some large size files from your PC to Android device. You will most probably make use of a USB cable to connect to your PC and transfer the files.

But, in order to move files via USB cable, your PC should first recognize that your device is connected via cable. Unless and until your PC detects the Android connection, you can’t transfer files or make any changes to your device.

importance of MT65XX Preloader Drivers

This can occur if there’s any compatibility issue which most of the PCs are having nowadays. These drivers will also help you for flashing your device, unbrick the frozen smartphone or stuck at bootloader, etc.

But the main problem starts to kick in during the installation of the drivers. Many people do not know how to install the drivers correctly, and they probably end up wasting their time.

Note: If you’ve already installed the Preloader Drivers and still if your PC is unable to detect the Android device, then there must be some issue with your Android or USB cable. Don’t waste your time by installing the drivers over and over, better visit any Service center to know the exact issue.

Advantages of MT65XX Preloader Drivers

A lot of flashing tools such as Odin, SP Flash Tool requires your Android to be connected to the PC via USB Cable. Unless and Until your PC recognizes the Android connection, these tools will not be able to perform any tasks on your Android device.

Advantages of MT65XX Preloader Drivers

In case, if you’re still not convinced, then here are some pros of Preloader Drivers that might convince you.

  • You can flash any firmware (old or new doesn’t matter) on any Android device if you have Preloader Drivers Installed on your PC.
  • Preloader Drivers will help in unblocking any bricked device or frozen device. Basically, it’s like bringing life to the dead phone.
  • You can flash any custom recovery such as TWRP or CMW on your android device if you have MT65XX Preloader Drivers. (cannot guarantee the successful installation on your device though)
  • Preloader Drivers are fully verified and tested before making it available for Public. Installing them will not harm your PC or Android device in any way. They don’t contain any third party links or advertisements; it’s all clean and safe.

Requirements to Install MT65XX Driver

  • You can install the drivers only on Windows-Based Computers or Laptop. If your system is running on a different operating system, then sorry!
  • An active internet connection is required to download the drivers and update them. The flashing tool which you’ll use may also use the internet, so make sure you’re connected to a Wifi or Ethernet.
  • Get a standard USB cable to connect your Android device to PC. You can proceed with any USB cable, but it’s good if use the original one that you get with your Android device.
  • Your system’s windows version must be 7/8/10 to install the drivers. You can try with other versions as well like Windows XP And Vista.
  • At least 500 MB of HDD space needs to be available on your Computer or laptop. Although the downloading size of the drivers is small, it will expand once you extract and install them.

If you have all the above-mentioned requirements, then you’re all set to install the Preloader Drivers on your system without any issues,

How to Install MT65XX Preloader Drivers on Windows 10/8.1/7 (64-Bit)

Now there are a couple of different methods to install the mt65xx preloader driver for windows 10 64 bit. Most of them require a third party application to process the installation of these drivers.

Download MT65xx Preloader Drivers

But there’s actually a way to install the drivers on any PC without any instantly any third party apps.

Download Driver Files

First of all, you need to download the Driver file using the link on your Computer or laptop. The file is in Zip format; you need to extract the folders of it using any extracting tool like Winrar. You can retrieve the files wherever you want like Desktop, Documents, etc.

Now search for Device Manager on your PC and open it up, you can also launch it from the Control Panel. Now it would look something like this below image.

mt65xx preloader drivers

On the top of the window, there is an option called “Action.” Just click on it and select “Add Legacy Hardware.” The system will launch the setup wizard in a new window; there you need to accept all the terms and press “Next” till you get this screen.

mt65xx preloader driver for windows 10 64 bit

Now just select “Show All Devices” and then choose “Have Disk” on the next screen. You will have to select the Drivers file which you have extracted in the starting.

Once you select the correct file, the system will throw up a warning window, just ignore it and click “Install Anyway.” Don’t worry; this will not harm your PC in any way, it’s all safe.

Note: You may get failed installation of drivers error on your initial attempts. You need to retry the installation process for like 2-3 times to be successful.

Close the Device Manager once you complete all the mentioned steps properly. Now you may try to connect your Android to PC via USB cable, but in most cases, your PC still won’t detect it.

This means, whatever the changes you made are not applied to the system yet. Make a full reboot of your PC to make the changes permanent. Most probably, your Android device will be detected once you connect it via USB cable.

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Wrapping Up

Flash custom recoveries such as TWRP, CMW on your Android device using the mt65xx preloader driver files with the help of Windows pc. It carries a lot more awesome features and the complete information is provided in this article. Share this article with your friends and show them you are loving, thank you.



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