LocaliAPStore: In-App Purchases Hack for iOS 11/10 and iOS 9


Free is a term people fall for, and there are different ways to get paid apps for free. What about In-App Purchases? Is it possible to download the app or game (Coins, Gems) for free from In-App Purchases?. Localiapstore is one of the best apps to skip payment page when you purchase any app from the app store In-App Purchases. It is a free Cydia tweak and that actually need your iPhone or iPad to be jailbroken. No doubt in saying that the Localiapstore is a best Cydia tweak to hack In-App purchases.

But what makes it difficult? Jailbreak? No, you can install Cydia without jailbreak. Believe me, you can hack different apps and games and gems from the In-App purchases but it won’t work all the time.

Coming to the advantages of using Localiapstore, we have many. You can try out the apps before spending money to purchase them is easy and it is really a good idea. Because you cannot get your money back if you do not like the app. And in some cases, the price factor may take control even if you are ready to pay few bucks to get the app or game.

So, In-App Purchases Hack is the only way and it is only possible by Localiapstore. Check out the simple tutorial to Install the app and download apps for free on your iPhone.

How to Install LocaliAPStore on iOS 9 & iOS 10 and iOS 11 Without Jailbreak? [Updated]

localiapstore download

It will become simple and easy to install the app on your iOS device if you can follow the guidelines given below. But the fact is that your iOS device needs Cydia as you can only download Localiapstore from Cydia.

If your iPhone or iPad is not yet jailbroken, you can use tools to jailbreak your iOS device. But jailbreaking the device is not at all recommended. Instead, you can Install Cydia from FlekStore without jailbreak.

Steps to Install Localiapstore on iOS 11/10 and iOS 9:

  1. Open Cydia on your iPhone or iPad and connect your iOS device to the internet by the way.
  2. Click on the “Sources” Tab on the bottom section of your iOS device.
  3. Click on “Edit” button to add Cydia Repository as the app we are going to install is not available by default on Cydia.
  4. Tap on “Add” button to add the Repository.
  5. Type “http://repo.biteyourapple.net” in the pop-up box and click on “Add Source“.
  6. The repository will load the apps and other files in few minutes.
  7. Click on “Return to Cydia” and click “Done“.
  8. Now you can use the search bar and type “Localiapstore” and hit enter. I am sure you will be able to see the app.
  9. Click on it to Install the app on your iPhone or iPad. It will take few minutes and then you can start using it.

Take a minute and restart your iPhone get the app for free through In-App Purchases. Here are few more instructions that can help you better use all its features to get apps and games for free.

How to Use LocaliAPStore?

localiapstore no jailbreak

The tutorial is not yet over just with the installation. Bypassing the payment page while buying apps on In-App Purchases is a big thing. So here is an instruction manual to help you bypass the payment page while purchasing.

Do not change any settings

LocaliAPStore is a simple app and it does not need any changes to the settings. So do not make any changes to the settings and all you need to do is, follow the next step.

One time purchase apps only

This app works only for one-time purchase apps and won’t support subscription based apps or games. Moreover, you cannot subscribe to streaming services, etc.

Open the app and leave it like this

This app works in the background and you do not need to do anything. Just open the app and just minimise it by opening the app store In-App Purchases. Process any app or game purchases and everything else will be done by localiapstore.

Guys, This tweak will work for most of the apps and games on Apple App Store. But, it many not work with some apps/games which have a direct connection with the Apple servers. In such cases, you may try out the Best Alternatives to Hack In-App/Game Purchases.

I personally use IAP Cracker on my iPhone to get In-App/Game Purchases for free and you may also try it out.

Wrapping Up

Now you do not need to pay hell lot of bucks to purchase apps and games. There is no guarantee for your money even if you are ready to spend on apps. It is super easy to download apps or games from In-App Purchases for free Using LocaliAPStore on iOS 9, iOS 10. I would like to hear from you and you can use the comment box. Thank you so much.

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