How to Fix Kernel is not Seandroid Enforcing on Samsung (2018)


Recently we’ve noticed a lot of Samsung phone users have started facing a common error that says kernel is not seandroid enforcing that pops up in the upper left corner of the screen.

You will not be able to boot up if your device is affected by this issue. It has become a common issue especially for devices like Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6, S5, J2, J5, J7, Note 4, Note 5, etc.

Although the issue is quite common, there’s no need to get panic. This error can pop up whenever you flash a wrong file after rooting, in such cases the error is often shown as recovery is not seandroid enforcing. If you have run into this issue and searching for solutions here and there, then you’ve landed at the right place.

Today, in this article, I’ll be guiding you on how to solve “kernel is not seandroid enforcing” issue in a simple way. So, let’s hop into the topic right away without any further introduction.

How to Fix Kernel is not Seandroid Enforcing Error on Samsung Devices

kernel is not seandroid enforcing

We all want to have maximum control over our smartphones, and often we tend to root the device using various rooting apps like KingoRoot, Root Dashi Apk, etc in order to gain maximum control over it.

Well, rooting isn’t bad and most probably does no damage to your device at all. However, if you are new to all these things, then there are chances for you mess up things pretty hard.

Many times people end up using outdated or work files to root their devices. If you use any file which is not compatible with your device’s firmware to root, then you will most likely face this error of kernel is not seandroid enforcing.

If you encounter such issue happening on your device, then don’t freak out or panic. This is just a common issue and most likely occurs on Samsung devices. We’ve seen many people complaining kernel is not seandroid enforcing on Samsung S8, S7, S6, S5, S4, S3, Note 4, Note 5, Galaxy J2, J5, J7, etc.

First of all, let me elaborate what this error does to your device. Whenever you flash a wrong file on your device, kernel is not seandroid enforcing error will pop up on the upper left corner of your screen.

Devices affected by this issue will get stuck on the boot logo forever, the booting animation also won’t show up, and a message appears on the upper left corner saying “kernel is not seandroid enforcing.”

You will not be able to perform any task on your device if you are stuck on boot logo. The only way to get back your device is by flashing your device’s stock ROM or by doing a full factory reset. Below I’ve given the steps to easily get rid of this issue. Just go through them properly, and you are good to go!

Factory Reset your Samsung Smartphone

The very first thing I would suggest you to factory reset your device by going into the recovery mode. This is the simplest way to easily get rid of this issue. There’s a good percent of chance for your device to get back to the normal state after you reset it.

If you don’t know how to go into recovery mode, then follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

  1. First of all, completely shut down your device. (If you are unable to do so, just remove the battery and put it back)
  2. Now hold your device’s power button and volume up button simultaneously for a couple of seconds. By doing this, the recovery mode will show up on your device.
  3. You will see a couple of options on the Recovery screen, the way to navigate through them is through the volume up and down buttons.
  4. Use your device’s volume buttons and select “Wipe Data or Factory Reset” option. Within a couple of minutes, all the data of your device will be wiped out.
  5. That’s all, now your device should be working fine, so just perform a reboot and start using it.

This method has been tested by a lot of users, and it works well in most scenarios. However, if the changes of flashing have been made to your device’s core system of firmware, this method may not work.

So, if that’s the case with your device, then a factory reset will help you in no way to recover your device. But don’t worry, we’ve got another method for you!

Try out FRP Bypass Apk to lift up the factory reset protection.

Flash Stock ROM

Another way to get rid of this issue is by flashing stock ROM on your device. This method is a bit lengthy compared to the first one but does the job very well. Also, you’ll need a Computer or Laptop in order to perform this method on your device.

At first, you will have to download the stock ROM of your device on your computer or laptop. The stock ROM of your device can be found on manufacturer’s site, all you have to do is just type your device’s name and model and select the ROM.

Wait a minute, and cross check all the needs to carry out the procedure.


  • The latest version of Odin Software. (you can get it from the link shared below)
  • Stock Firmware for your Samsung smartphone, get it from here.
  • Samsung USB Drivers for a Windows computer, get it from this link.
  • A better performing Windows computer.

Most importantly, download the ODIN software and install it on your laptop or PC. ODIN software works only with Samsung devices.

Important: You’ll have to download the correct flashing tools from the developer website depending on the device model you have.

Once everything is downloaded and installed properly, open up the ROM file and extract its contents to your desktop. Make sure that there is a file with .tar.md5 format in the ROM’s folder. Now you will have to go into “Download Mode” on your device, to do that just hold the “Home Button + Power Down + Power Key button“.

After doing that, use a USB cable and connect your device to your PC or Laptop. Now open the ODIN software and select the .tar.md5 from the ROM file and start the flashing process.

[Update]: Wait, you should select few options on odin before proceeding further. They are as follows,

You will see some options on Odin like BL, AP, CP, CSC, UMS. Select AP or any other suitable option according to your Samsung device.

Now, select the .tar.md5 file you have extracted from the file. Now, you will see some options like Log, Options at the left side of the Odin Window.

In Options menu, make sure you have checked Auto Reboot, F.Reset Time options. Make sure the other options are unchecked.

kernel is not seandroid enforcing s6

Now, Click “Start” and wait for sometime till the process is completed successfully. You won’t get it done if you disconnect your device in the middle.

After a few minutes, ODIN will show a blue light indicating the drivers have been successfully installed on your device.

Kernel is Not seAndroid Enforcing Error [Fixed]

Once the firmware is successfully flashed, you can reboot your device and this time it will boot up without the error. Flashing the Stock Firmware is the best way to get rid of any software related issues in general. Hope you have recovered from the issue with the help of this method.

Wrapping Up

The kernel is not seandroid enforcing error is quite common issue usually appears on most of the Samsung devices. Take a bow and stop the issue by going through the instructions provided in this article. I can’t guarantee you that these methods will solve the issue for you but I can say that these methods can fix the error on most of the Samsung devices.


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