How to Install TWRP Recovery on Android Via Fastboot and TWRP Apk App (Official)


A custom recovery like TWRP is a wonderful opportunity to dig into your phone and make changes at the root level. It allows you root your Android device and flash a custom ROM, Nandroid Backup (Complete Backup). In this article, I will guide you Install TWRP Recovery on all android devices and discuss the importance and advantages of using it.

There are other custom recoveries as well but the TWRP is the best as it is super simple, and supports most of the Android devices.

install twrp apk app on android

Advantages of Installing TWRP and Its Functions

A lot more advantages are there, we will discuss all of them right here.

advantages of using twrp recovery

Flashing ZIP Files

If you are upto Flashing Gapps, Flashing a Custom ROM, or Installing MOD, or Tweaking your Android device at Root Level, you need to have the ability to install zip files. TWRP lets you install any such Zip files effortlessly; thus, helping you tweak your Android at the Root level.

Factory Reset or Hard Reset

If you get stuck and unable to do anything on your Android smartphone or sometimes you would want to do a factory reset for some other reason, TWRP Recovery will help you do that never before.

You can boot your Android device into TWRP and perform a factory reset to get complete access to your Android device without any issues, then you can take a backup, make necessary changes to make it live again.

Installations from Unknown Sources

If you have installed TWRP Recovery and up running, you are all set to run apps from third-party sources without any issues. But you (yourself) should always check either that source is trusted or not.

So you don’t need to configure settings each time, it’s all become easy now.

Nandroid Backup (A Complete Backup)

Nandroid Backup means to be a complete backup where you can take full system backup. If you are ready with such a backup, you are safe even if something wrong happens with your device. It’s not like taking Photos or Videos backup, it’s a complete backup which includes files, permissions, modifications to the device, etc.

Restore Backups

Restoring saved backups is never so easy with other custom recovery ROMs. If you have trouble playing with your Android, restore a backup you already have and make awesome changes as you can fix any kind of major issues with a restore.

Tweak Your Android

Make changes to your Android device at a core level and get access to thousands of custom tweaks such as Free In-App Purchases, etc.

Disadvantages of using TWRP Recovery Mode on Android

The second side of a coin is “Disadvantages”, I do look after Disadvantages whenever I try something new on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I have recently booked Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I will be applying a lot more tweaks in the nearest future.

disadvantages of using twrp recovery android

Warranty Issues

Warranty will be voided and that’s the biggest disadvantage of using Custom ROMs and Recoveries. I strongly recommend you please do not try them on your new devices, it’s better trying tweaks on devices which are out of warranty.

Mess Up with Official OS Updates

This is yet another issue; You won’t be able to run official updates automatically. You always need to install them manually and of course, that’s a hectic task as well.

Prerequisites [Important Aspects]

Your Android must be rooted in order to carry out installing TWRP Recovery. Moreover, the bootloader of your Android device should be unlocked and of course, we will show you that in this article.

prerequisites to install twrp on android

Why Rooted Device and Boot Loader Unlocked? [Explained]

Rooting is needed to run the TWRP, you cannot do it without root permissions. The default stock ROM will not allow you to replace that with Custom TWRP Image if the bootloader is not unlocked.

You may follow this guide to unlock the bootloader of any Android device.

Install TWRP Recovery on Android [All Working Methods]

There are a couple of ways to install twrp custom recovery on Android devices and you can check all of them now.

1. Installing TWRP Using Fastboot Drivers and ADB

If you are the one who is unsuccessful in unlocking the bootloader using the CF Auto Root Tool, this is the best method for you to follow.

installing twrp on android using fastboot

Actually, CF Auto Root is a wonderful tool to unlock the bootloader of upto 350+ various devices but sometimes it may not help. In such cases, you may go with this method as it works pretty well.

As a first step, you must enable USB Debugging on your Android device. To do that, you must go to Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging and Enable it.

  1. Download ADB Installer from this link and save it somewhere on your device.
  2. Now open the folder on your device where the TWRP Recovery .img file is saved safely.
  3. Hold Shift and Right Clik inside the folder to open up the Command Window by selecting “Open command window here”. Once you do that, you are all set to carry out the process without any issues.install twrp using fastboot on android
  4. Connect your Android smartphone to the computer using a USB Cable and allow necessary permissions. Then, you must type the following command line into the Command Window without “-“.

    adb reboot bootloader
  5. Now your Android device boots into bootloader mode and then, you must type following command line into the Command Window.

    fastboot flash recovery twrp-2.8.x.x-xxx.img

    The twrp name should be correctly entered, you may do that by replacing the name given in the command line above.
  6. It will take some time to finish flashing TWRP to your Android device. Once it is done, you can type the following command to finish the process.

That’s all you need to do via ADB Tool.

Install TWRP Recovery on Android Using the Official TWRP App on Google Play

Here you go!

  1. Download and Install the official TWRP App on Android which is the official one from the Team Win Recovery Project.twrp app for android
  2. Now open up the app on your Android smartphone and then you must grand necessary permissions. On the Superuser request, it will ask you for root access, so, you need to “Grant” permissions to move forward.grant twrp root permissions on android
  3. I recommend you please take a backup before going further up. Because, sometimes you may wish you could have returned to the stock ROM, it helps in such cases. You can easily revert back to now if you don’t want to continue with TWRP forever and of course, you would be able to receive OTA updates and all as usual.
  4. To take a backup, Tap “Backup Existing Recovery” and select folder and then tap “Backup Recovery” and then finally “Confirm Backup” by accepting it.take backup of stock rom with twrp app on android
  5. Now the backup image file will be saved on your Android device and you can move to your PC or save it on Cloud to access it anytime. If you ever want to come to stock ROM, you can flash that recovery image using the TWRP App’s Flash ROM option.
  6. Now you should download the TWRP Image for your Android device to quick start the process. To do that, go back to the main menu of the TWRP App and tap “TWRP Flash”. Now you will be asked to choose your Device and the Model; once you are done, Tap “Flash To Recovery”.
  7. Now the app will take to download the suitable image file for your device and model. I recommend you go with the latest version to avoid various issues with the older and un-suitable versions.
  8. Tap the right version and the download will begin in a very few seconds. Once it’s done, go back to the TWRP App to start the actual process of flashing as you just have downloaded the file twrp recovery image for android
  9. Now you should flash the downloaded file; to do that go to main menu and TWRP Flash >> Select a File to Flash and select the file you have downloaded above.flash twrp recovery android
  10. Once you are done choosing the file, tap “Flash to Recovery” which is at the bottom of the screen you can see on your Android device. Once you are done doing that, please wait for 1 to 2 minutes to see the confirmation message on the screen. It will notify you once installing twrp on android is successful.

You are done! finished installed twrp recovery on your Android device now. You are all set to enjoy the custom recovery now, go ahead.

How to Make TWRP As Your Permanent Recovery

If you have installed twrp to make temporary changes, you don’t need to make it permanent recovery as the Android operating system will overwrite the image whenever you reboot your Android device.

how to make twrp recovery permanent

If you are on your way looking forward for a long time customizations, you should it make it a permanent recovery. To do that, go to the Sidemenu of the TWRP Menu and choose “Reboot Recovery”. Whenever it boots up, you will get an opportunity to make it a permanent recovery.

Tap “Swipe to Allow Modifications” and you are done!

Important Information [Must Read]

Before you make changes at the core level such as installing Custom ROMs and Flashing Zip files, please take a Nandroid Backup (A complete backup).

That will keep you a safer side even if something wrong happens with the device, you can restore the Nandroid backup to make our device working properly.

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Wrapping Up

Thats all for this session and I will come up with a lot more interesting stuff like this. Share “How to Install TWRP Recovery on Android” with your friends on social media or WhatsApp, thank you so much.


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