Install Mojo Installer on iOS 11, iOS 10 Without Jailbreak (Updated)


Installing jailbreak apps on iPhone without jailbreaking become super easy with Mojo Installer iOS 11 app. We can say that the Mojo App is a better alternative to Cydia. But the only different between both of them is “User Repositories“.

Cydia will have an option to enter the custom repositories to add files and download them our iOS devices. Whereas, Mojo 5 is the latest app and this update has become a game changer by turning off the custom repositories.

However, you can turn on the User Repositories any time as it is turned off by default. There are many apps that stand so strong as a competitor for Cydia.

But Mojo is one of the most awesome apps though it has removed user based repositories. As a result, you can expect improved and faster load times and better overall experience.

Today, I will help you download and install Mojo Installer on iPhone without jailbreak.

Mojo changed a lot since the new update which includes app download history and watchlist functions. They think that they are not necessary and of course they aren’t. We can expect something big in the next update. Mojo app will have a bunch of free screen recorders for your iPhone and much more.

How to Install Mojo Installer on iOS 11/10 or iOS 9 Without Jailbreak

Apart from the free version, Mojo Plus is an optional premium subscription. Users can opt for Mojo Plus by paying 3.99 USD to ensure none of their apps end up getting revoked.

More information about the premium service will be there on the official app. You are hereby instructed to follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Download and Install Flekstore on your iPhone or iPad (No need of jailbreak) and open the app after installation.

mojo on flekstore app

Step 2: Click on “Tweaks” and you will see a list of tweaks that the flekstore app is having. I am sure you can see Mojo Installer App Store on the list and scroll down a little if you can’t see the right away.

download mojo installer from flekstore

Step 3: Click on the app to expand the app menu and it will show you by the way.

mojo installer app downloadStep 4: You can see that the Green Tick mark right below the Installation Method menu on the app details page. If so, your device will install the app without any issues. Click on “Install” button to start the installation process. It will show you like in the image below.

mojo installer custom profile

Step 5: Click on Build Custom Profile option and wait for a second. It will take you to the profile installation page on your iOS device. No need to worry as it is so simple and iOS App Signer may help you sign the unsigned applications.

mojo installation on ios 10

Step 6: Click on “Install” option to create a custom profile on your iOS device. Now it will show you that the profile is unverified and of course you can get it by clicking on “Install” again.

mojo installer warning on ios 10

Step 7: As I told you, in the beginning, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone. Just check out whether you are able to see the “Installing Profile” page as in the image below.

installing mojo installer on ios 10 no jailbreak

Step 8: It will wrap up the installation process in few minutes and you will see a page as in the image below.

mojo installer for ios 9 installed

Step 9: Go back to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad and locate the Mojo App.

install mojo on iphone

Open the app and download desired apps for your iOS device. Check out the instruction manual to install apps on mojo without jailbreaking the iOS device.

How to Use Mojo Installer on Your iPhone or iPad

Now, I am going to show simple ways to use mojo app store on your iOS devices. This includes Installing Resources like Apps, Emulators, Screen Recorders, and Games, etc.

First of all, Open the App on your iPhone and you can see one Star and a Bubble at the bottom of the screen. Of course, you can go with “Buy Mojo Plus to avoid revokes!” if you would like to purchase a premium version of the app.

Click on the bubble icon to explore the apps from Mojo 5 on your iOS device. Use, Search bar to find out the app you are looking for. Or else, scroll down a bit and click on the app that you want to install. I am showing you installing “Playbox HD” app on my iPhone 7.

  1. Find Playbox HD app using the search bar of scroll down to the app and click on it.installing playbox hd on mojo installer
  2. Now, Click on “Install” option that you can see at the left middle of the screen.install playbox hd app using mojo installer
  3. You will be shown two options, one is “Cancel” and the other one is “Install“. It will take some time to finish the installation.Playbox HD app on iPhone using Mojo 5 app store

Go back to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad and launch the Playbox HD. I hope you do not need any information about Playbox HD, Though it is a movie app.

Mojo Installer is not Working [Fixed]

Sometimes Mojo app will not work properly. Actually, this is happening since the latest update and of course, we have a quick fix for that. Just, Confirm it to me about the error you are getting through comments. By the way, Today, I will guide you fix the issues that I have come across while using Mojo latest version on my iPhone.

Profile Installation Failed

This is not a common error as many of us are successful in installing the profile on our iDevices. Whereas, it is generating a minor issue with the profile installation for some people and here is the simple thing you need to carry out. You must fix this error in order to install the profile successfully.

  1. Put your iPhone into Airplane Mode.
  2. Go to Settings>>Safari, Click on Clear History and Website Data.
  3. You must see a small pop-up at the bottom of the screen saying that “Clear History and Data” and just tap on it.
  4. Restart your iDevice.
  5. Turn Off the Airplane Mode.
  6. Try Installing the app now.

Mojo is not Opening

It will take longer than the usual time while trying to open the app on your iOS device. That makes no sense and it will waste your time and effort if it’s not going to open up even after few minutes.

Change the internet connection on your iDevice to any stable network connection. Remove the app from your iPhone and re-install it again if you are still facing this issue. That will resolve the issue for sure.

Wrapping Up

If at all Cydia is not working for your, Mojo is on the way. Here is a simple method in the article that will help you download and install mojo installer on iPhone without jailbreak and without computer. Just let me know if you face any problem while installing the app on your iOS device. Thank you.


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