How To Install iOS on Android Phone in 2018 [5 Untapped Tricks]


Install iOS on Android: There’s no doubt in saying that iOS is the most popular. And iOS is one of the finest operating system ever in the world. Unfortunately, you can try this OS on only Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, etc. Prices of Apple products is reaching the sky.

So, most of the people prefer android over apple because it’s cheaper than iOS devices. And it has no limits in the list of things which you can do with an android phone. You can even have the iOS experience on your Android device without paying a penny.

There’s a tonne of things which you can do with an Android like installing iOS 11/10 on Android and much more. As of now, in this article, we’ll be discussing on how to install iOS on Android. Apple’s iOS has its taste and feel, its uniqueness and smoothness are unmatchable.

It’s easy to use, and anyone can get addicted to it in a short span of time. You can also get this experience on your Android device. Yeah! You’ve heard it right, Thanks to the apps which made it possible. So without giving any further ado, let’s dive into the topic right away.

How To Install iOS on Android 2018 – Run iOS 11/10/9 on Android Phone

Let me inform you something before installing iOS 11/10 on Android. You can’t install iOS into the android’s core. It’s just Android doesn’t allow you to make such change/customization.

There are a hell lot of sites which provides articles about installing iOS 11/10/9 on Android. But trust me, you will either end up wasting your time on something which doesn’t even work or damaging your device.

Even if it’s possible (Impossible according to me) first you need to root your android device. Rooting is not at all recommended. So think twice before doing such things and if possible limit your expectations.

run ios on android 2017

You can easily change the looks and the interface of your Android device with the help of few premium apps. These apps will be able to transform your Android into an iOS device completely.

In fact, you will also be able to use some of the iOS features. They are like the notification toggle which can be opened up by sliding down to up. So basically you can get most of the iOS features on your Android with the help of these apps.

Apps to Get iOS for Android 2018

So here is a list which you need to download from google play store to change the looks and design of your Android device.

One Launcher App

install ios on android 2017

iOS launcher is the first app in the process to get iOS for Android. There are many iOS launchers in the Android market. Which claims to transform your Android into iOS completely but they don’t.

It does the job better than any other iOS launcher apps. One Launcher has got almost every feature you see in iPhone or iPad. All you need to do is just download the app from google play store.

Open the app and make some quick settings according to your preferences. Then wait for a few seconds so that the app will complete the process. That’s it; now you can experience every animation/app icons/effects of the iOS right on your Android device.

One Launcher
One Launcher
Developer: one BJ
Price: Free

Inoty Style OS 9

install ios 10 on android

iOS’s notification/status bar is a bit different from android’s. Users can read the whole message from the status bar itself in iOS. They can also do further actions in separate tabs.

To get this feature, you need to have the inoty app installed on your Android device. It’s completely free to download from Google play store.

The app will replace your existing notification bar’s interface with iOS’s bar. It is a must have an app, in my opinion; iOS is known for its class and style. You should install this app to get iOS on Android.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Apple Keyboard

install ios 9 on android

I like iPhone’s keyboards, because of their sleekness and simplicity. You will find a tonne of keyboard apps in Android markets which customise your keyboard experience. But iPhone’s keyboard has its class. iOS keyboard will help you to type messages fluently and fast. It’s just 1.79 MB which will not consume much battery and ram of your device.

Overall, it’s quite helpful and will recreate your default keyboard into iPhone’s keyboard.

Apple Keyboard
Apple Keyboard
Developer: Arvin Jayanake
Price: Free

Passcode Lock screen

ios on android

There are a lot of shitty apps which claims to take over your device’s lock screen to make it look like an iPhone in the initial impression itself. The app has over 1 million downloads from all over the world, is rated 4.4 out of 5. The app will give a new lock screen look to your Android, it will just consume 5 MB of your space, but it is worth trying out.

Lock Screen is something which will help user actually to know whether it’s an iPhone or an Android. So basically it is a useful app which you should install.

Passcode Lock Screen
Passcode Lock Screen
Developer: HenryOsTeam
Price: Free

Messaging 6+

how to install ios on android phone

iPhone’s messaging interface and design are quite familiar. Here is an app which will transform your default messaging interface into iPhone’s glossy messaging interface. Messaging 6+ is developed by the Crazy studio which is a well-rated app in the google play store.

You can customise the look/interface/style of your device’s messaging system with the help of Messaging 6+. After setting up, you will feel like you run iOS on android but in actual you didn’t.

Messaging+ SMS, MMS Free
Messaging+ SMS, MMS Free
Developer: crazystudio
Price: Free+

That’s pretty much all you need to do to transform your Android into an iPhone. Well downloading and setting up the apps might take some time but it’s worth doing.

Wrapping Up

As I have mentioned earlier, there’s no way to install iOS on Android. In fact, Apple doesn’t even care to make apps for Android users. So I advise not to follow anyone for such complicated things blindly. At least you are going to lose your time/efforts.

Install the apps mentioned above to get iOS for Android. These apps are free to use. However, you may need to upgrade to a paid membership in some apps to unlock additional features.

Of course, the free versions are enough to do the job. If you have any doubts regarding these apps, feel free to comment them below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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