Gionee PC Suite and Gionee USB Drivers Will Help you Manage, Sync Files


Download Gionee PC Suite to connect and sync files with your Gionee smartphone. We all know that Gionee is one of the most popular smartphone brands across the world. Especially in India and other countries, people going crazy for Gionee smartphones because of the cheaper rates with all better features.

When it comes to popular smartphone brands, They will charge you more keeping in mind about their brand value. But Gionee, Micromax and Xiaomi are cheap and best smartphones with competing features of popular smartphone brands.

One of my friends recently bought Gionee smartphone and now he is happy with the smartphone. He told me few interesting things when I contacted him to know about the device. One of them is managing files such as Pictures, Videos, Files and Folders are not that handy. Then I took his phone for 2 days and I have gone through little research to find out the fix.

Gionee PC Suite and relevant Mobile USB Drivers helped to manage the files and other stuff on the smartphone. You can use those two handy tools to manage your Gionee smartphone from your Windows PC. For me, there is no other issue I have come across so far. Later I gave that phone to my friend and told him about the trick and he felt super happy about that.

gionee pc suite mobile drivers download

So, I started writing this guide to help someone who is struggling to manage the files on Gionee smartphone. Let’s go ahead and have a great time. If you are using Xiaomi Mi device, you might need Mi Drop for PC to manage files and other stuff.

Everything about Gionee PC Suite and USB Drivers

There are a lot more advantages on the list if you could install the tools. You may connect your Gionee smartphone to the Windows or Mac Computer or a Linux-based Laptop. All you need is a suitable PC Suite and Mobile USB Drivers. Check what all you can do with those tools.

gionee pc suite and gionee usb drivers

-> Connect your Gionee smartphone to any computer using a USB cable and nothing else.

-> Transfer any file from your Gionee device to the computer without reducing the quality of the file. The type of files you can share are Photos, Videos, Txt files, Pdf files, Microsoft files, etc along with all formats of Music files.

-> Synchronise the Gionee device with your computer to take backups.

-> Manage files and folders on your Gionee smartphone right from the PC when connected. You may carry out the hassle free operations like Cut, Copy, Paste the files and folders on your Gionee smartphones.

-> Restoring Gionee device data is yet another considerable advantage of using the Mobile USB Drivers along with the PC Suite.

-> Use the Internet on your Computer enabling the Mobile Tethering option on your Gionee smartphone. The smartphone will act as a Temporary router to provide you with the uninterrupted internet if your computer is connected to it.

-> You can Root your Android smartphone when connected to the computer. Later you may install the Best Root Apps on your Gionee device.

Download Gionee PC Suite for Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac Computer

As Gionee is still trying to emerge it’s brand to people, they are trying hard to develop new features with all latest Gionee smartphones. So, it’s not that easy to find out proper Gionee USB Drivers and compatible Gionee PC Suite for each smartphone.

Now, You don’t have to worry about that as I have shared required Gionee Tools to manage files and folders on your smartphone.

Make sure that your Windows or Mac computer is up to date and the Android version on your Gionee smartphone as well. Otherwise, you may not expect the smoother operation.

Check out this link to download the PC Suite right away. Make sure that you install (.exe) file on your Windows computer and (.dmg) file on your Mac computer.

Download Gionee USB Drivers to Connect the Device to PC

Whatever you have downloaded from the link shared above is useful to manage your Gionee smartphone on your computer. But the fact is that you need to connect your Smartphone to your PC. For that, you need a USB cable and compatible USB Drivers. Moreover, you should install those Mobile drivers to carry out everything you like.

Hey, download Gionee Mobile USB Drivers from this link and follow the on-screen instructions while installing them. Comment down if you face any issue while performing the job.

How to Manage Gionee Smartphone on your Computer

First of all, you need to install the PC suite software and Mobile USB Drivers Package on your devices. You may use the links shared above to download the files without any kind of time-wasting surveys. Check How to Bypass Surveys if you come across any.

-> Connect your Gionee Smartphone to the computer using a USB Cable. Try to get a New USB cable to avoid the connection errors.

-> Tap “Trust” or “Allow” if prompted. Otherwise, you can proceed to manage your device without any trouble.

-> Open the Interface of PC Suite Software on your computer.

-> Browse and manage the files of your Gionee device from the computer. Remember, you may perform almost anything like Copying and Pasting Files, Deleting Files, Creating new Documents, etc.

-> Go to “Options” if you would like to take a backup.

That’s all for this session and I hope you guys enjoyed reading the post.

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Wrapping Up

So, You have downloaded the PC Suite and Mobile drivers for your Gionee Smartphone. Start managing the files and folders of your Gionee device right from your computer. Make sure to utilise required features when needed. Thank you so much for reading this guide.

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