Best Live Sports Streaming Sites 2018 – Top 10 WiziWig Alternatives


In this article, We are going to provide you the Best Live Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Live Sports for Free.

WiziWig is probably one of the most popular places for streaming live sports and games for free of cost. A lot of users across the globe are using WiziWig on a regular basis to stream their favorite sports. I use WiziWig to watch live sports, so, I took it as an example here.

No doubt, it’s one of the best and easy to use streaming site available as of now. However, if you don’t like WiziWig for some reason, then it’s time for you to look out for WiziWig Alternative.

Today, in this article, we’ll be sharing some of the Free Sports Streaming Websites where you can stream your favorite sports or games.

Best Live Sports Streaming Sites 2018 (Top 10 Alternatives to WiziWig)

1. Sport365

If you are looking for a free streaming site, then Sport365 is your way to go. It is a web-based platform that offers unlimited free live streaming to users without any charges.

live sports streaming websites

No matter what sports you like, Tennis, Soccer, badminton, Whatever it may be, Sport365 has got every sport covered for you.  Sport365 provides live News, updates, matches of your favorite right at your fingerprints.

Though a lot of people prefer Sport365 to watch Football because of interruption-free experience. Anyone can access their service just by registering on their site for free.

2. VIP League

VIP League is well-known sports streaming site for sports lovers and fans. You can keep track of your favorite sports from anywhere in the world with the help of VIP league.

live sports streaming sites

The site provides updates on your favorite games right in your mailbox without charging you even a penny. You can also stream live sports anywhere from the world, the good thing about VIP league is that it doesn’t require any account registration.

Anyone can visit their website, select the desired sport and start streaming for free of cost that too in high quality. VIP League is ideal for people looking for easy stuff.

3. NewSoccer

As the name suggests, NewSoccer is an ultimate destination for all the football lovers out there. Sadly, they don’t provide services in other sports or games. Only Football related news, updates, streaming is available on NewSoccer.

best live sports streaming sites

Nonetheless, NewSoccer is still a viable option if you like football and stay updated with it. NewSoccer website doesn’t follow any registration system; it’s more like visit and play option.

Just go to NewSoccer, select your preferred match or set live streaming and start watching your sport for absolutely free of cost.

4. LiveTV

LiveTv is another free option for people wanting to live stream their favorite sports or games. You need to create your account on LiveTV and verify it in order to gain access to their streaming service.

best live sports streaming websites

Once everything setup properly, you can start streaming tournaments, ongoing matches of your desired sport. LiveTV doesn’t have any subscription concept or system; it’s all free for verified users.

You just need to have an email address to get started with LiveTV, so go ahead and get yourself registered on the website to begin streaming. LiveTv is known as the Best Live Sports Streaming Site and has been featured on the big lists of sites like Wiziwig.

5. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a European based web portal that provides free live streaming service. You can live stream pretty much any sport such as Hockey, Golf, Premium leagues, Madden, NHL, etc.

Free Live Sports Streaming Sites

There are plenty of channels and sources available on Stream2Watch to stay updated with your favorite sports or games. Stream2Watch features a lot of major sports telecasting channels such as ESPN, Ten sports, etc.

So just go ahead and register your account with an email address to get started on Steram2watch,

6. BatManStream

BatManStream is a hub for all kinds of sports lovers. It’s a free online streaming service that operates in various kind of sports and games.

Free Streaming Sites to Watch Live Sports

BatManStream does not feature any sort of registration system; you can simply select your desired sport and start live streaming without any account or charges.

Well, the site is banned in India, but you can access it anytime using a VPN software or app. BatManStream provides updates on all the matches that are ongoing all around the world at your fingerprints.

7. Atdhe

Atdhe is a popular Russian web-based platform for streaming live sports for free of cost. You will find most of the sports being featured on Atdhe such as Moto GP racing, Running, Handball, Hockey, Skating, poker and much more.

free live sports streaming websites

Atdhe provides high-quality streaming, meaning the resolution of the stream will be in high resolution. Atdhe focuses on simplifying the live sports streaming process, with an easy to navigate interface.

8. Sports Stream

Sports Stream is probably the best place to watch ongoing matches of your favorite from anywhere in the world. Their live streaming feature is far more superior compared to other free sports streaming sites.

watch live sports streaming online

If you are a sports enthusiast, then Sports Stream site would be the best bet for you. It’s a good site for direct live streaming without putting many efforts; you should definitely give it a shot. They feature all most of the major telecasting channels to choose from.

9. SportP2P

SportP2P is another Best and Free Live Sports Streaming Websites on this list. It is mainly focused on Football; they provide updates, news, and live streaming only in Football field. If you aren’t a football fan, then Sportp2p is not for you.

wiziwig alternatives

The website doesn’t feature any purchase or subscription concept, everything you see on Sportp2p can be live streamed for free of cost.

Do keep in mind that it requires account registration in order to avail the live streaming. You also need a VPN to access the site as it’s officially banned in India by the government.

10. OffsideStreams

OffsiteStreams is our last pick on this list of best Wiziwig alternative article. Before going further, keep in mind that it’s not a free service. OffsideStreams is a subscription-based live sports streaming site that costs around 18 USD dollars per month.

sites like wiziwig

Since it’s a paid service; you can expect premium features and streaming quality from OffsideStreams. There’s a ton of content available on the site to watch, you’ll never run out content to watch.

You can easily manage to keep track your favorite sports and games with the help of offsidestreams.

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Wrapping Up

Those are the topmost free live streaming sites 2018 to watch sports for free in HD quality without any issues. Most of them are treated as WiziWig Alternatives to watch live sports online for free. Share this list with your friends as well, thank you.


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