Top 10 Best Android Download Managers for Uninterrupted Super Fast Downloads


Best Download Managers for Android 2018: We all download files like songs, documents, media files on our smartphones. Some files may have a large size and it’s not so easy to download large files on mobile phones. You can use a Pc or Laptop to download the large files as it is easy, simple and convenient as well. Unfortunately, people with no Laptop or computers will have to struggle a lot to download the large files on their smartphones. Sometimes, we can’t even resume or pause the download in case of unstable internet connection.

Most probably, we end up wasting our data and downloading nothing. You need to have a download manager app installed on your Android device in order to download large files. So, if you are looking for the best ones then here’s a list of Best Android Download managers.

Using these download managers on your Android devices, you may download movies or any other videos without interruptions. It means you are not going to waste your time, data and effort. I have come across few super awesome download clients for Android devices. Go through any of the below-mentioned apps and let me know your choice of the Best Download Manager for Android to use in 2018.

10 Best Android Download Managers 2018

We present you the Best Download Managers for Android Devices:

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager makes it’s way to the top spot on this list. It comes with a lot of features and quite flexible. The app will automatically capture the downloads from the browser (only supported browsers).

Great download manager for android

It can download large files up to 3 at a time; the speed can be increased with the help of multithreading feature. Once the downloading is finished, it will send you the notification via sound or vibration.

Download Manager For Android

Download Manager For Android is a free download manager for android that sticks with the formula of simplicity. There are absolutely no limitations in this app; you can download whatever you want on your device.

free download manager for mobiles

The app is capable of speeding the download speed by three times. Apart from that, it also comes with voice search ability which is quite useful if you are lazy to type. Overall, it’s a simple and one of the best download manager for Android.

Loader Droid

As the name suggests, Loader Droid is a bit different download manager for android. It comes with the mechanism to capture the download links when you hit the download button in your browser.

Great download manager

The app also comes with an auto-pause feature, it’ll pause the download in case if there is no internet connection. Loader Droid can increase your download speed by diving the download file into smaller parts. The best part about it is that you can schedule the downloads whenever you want them to be downloaded.

Turbo Download Manager

The name says it all, Turbo Download Manager is the fastest download manager for Android devices. All you need to do is just long press the download option in your device, then choose the Turbo Download Manager from the pop-up menu to start the downloading of the file.

Free download manager for phones

It supports files with unlimited file size, you can cancel, pause or resume the download at any point without any issue. Apart from that, you can also rename the downloaded files from the Turbo Download Manager itself. People who are looking for the fastest download manager can opt for this app.

Easy Downloader Pro

Easy Downloader Pro is one of the EZ downloaders available in the Google Play Store. Once you open up the app, it will show the tutorial of adding the downloads, canceling, directory settings and other necessary information.

Top best download manager for android

Easy Downloader Pro supports multiple protocols by which multiple files can be downloaded at a time irrespective of the size of the files. It provides a progress bar as well to know the progress of the download from the drop-down menu.

IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager is a popular download manager on PC platform as well as on Android phones. It helps your download to get the maximum speed by optimizing the network protocols, it’s very much flexible and also reliable.

best download manager for android

You can download any number of files with unlimited sizes with IDM download manager. The app has received millions of downloads and positive ratings from the users all over the world. It also comes with live speed indicator and progress bar.

Fast Download Manager

Fast Download Manager is an efficient download manager for android phones. The app can download your files at a much fast rate than your default download manager. It also comes with a built-in browser which is a great thing.

Free android download managers

Fast Download Manager is also popular for its stylish design and interface, the options are pretty simple and straightforward compared to other download managers. Give it a shot, it won’t disappoint you at all. Most people consider it as the best Android Download Managers after using it.

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a must-have download manager for every Android device. What the app does is, it divides the files into three smaller parts and boosts up the speed of downloading. You’ll observe the downloads are completed at a faster speed than usual with Download Accelerator Plus.

Top & best android download managers

The app is completely free to download and use, there are no purchases at all in the app in order to unlock powerful features. All the features are unlocked in the free version itself. I’m sure, you’d like this app once you install and try it. It has been featured in almost all the Android Download Managers lists.

Downloader And Private Browser

Downloader And Private Browser is a multi-featured app for Android devices. With its private browser feature, you can download almost anything at a blazing speed. You can also save the downloaded files in a private folder that can only be accessed by you.

best android download managers

The app also comes with an inbuilt media player that can help you to play the media files anywhere and anytime. Overall, this app can save a lot of your time and storage on your device because of its multi-feature capability.


FVD stands for free video downloader for android phones. Well, the name suggests that it’s a video downloader. Actually, it can download other file formats as well like documents, songs, and movies.

android download managers

The latest version of FVD comes with an inbuilt browser as well, However, the feature is a beta mode. FVD supports Facebook integration as well, the app can be translated into 14 different languages. FVD is one of the best Android Download Managers in my opinion.

Wrapping Up

Now you don’t need to worry about the time-wasting interruptions while downloading files. Downloading big files on your Android devices is possible by using the Fastest Android Download Managers provided above. Make sure that your Android device has some free space and working internet connection to save the files, videos, etc. Thank you so much.


  1. Great post most informative and desirable thanks for sharing. My favourite download manager is IDM it works like a “one man army”.


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