“50+” Free Album Download Sites [2018] for Full Length Music Album Downloads


Would you like to download albums for free online? you must read this article then. We all believe that music is the best option to keep your mind engaged throughout the ageing process. It also helps in growing your usual productivity levels of work. Quite sure most of you listen to your favourite music either on Youtube or Apps Like Spotify etc.

Well, these are probably the best and most extensive source for finding some quality music. But nobody likes to see annoying advertisements for every song you play. And what’s, even more, worse is that you can’t do anything about it.

So what’s the solution? Well, you can just download and save your favourite albums on your device. This way, you don’t need to have Internet connectivity whenever you feel like listening to your favourite music and also get rid of ads.

Free Album Download Sites

Since there are tons of Free Album Download Sites on the web; it’s quite impossible to choose the best one. But don’t worry, we’ve gathered some of the best sites from where you can download full length albums free.

Free Album Download Sites to Quickly Download Full Albums Free Online MP3

Here we present you the top websites that lets you download music albums for free. Have a look and react if you like them:

Jamendo Music Site

Jamendo Music Site is the best site for free mp3 album downloads legally. The music which you find on Jamendo site is made available through creative commons measure. It means, the composers and artists of songs themselves decided to put their songs for free.

download albums for free online

You can download any music album in Mp3 Quality for free legally from Jamendo, as long as it’s for personal use. Otherwise, you will have to purchase the license by paying a nominal fee to the artist.

Talking about the site, Jamendo boasts a lot of features which helps you in discovering new albums based on your mood. But first, you need to register your free account on the site and get it verified to access the service. You can also stream your music albums on their site itself if you don’t wish to download the album on your device.


NoiseTrade is another well-established platform to download full length albums free from thousands of artists from all over the world. Noise Trade is a well optimised and comes with a lot of distinct functionalities. For example, if you’re unable to find any kind music to listen, use the Discover option to get recommendations based on your interests.

download full length albums free

Albums on NoiseTrade are of artists who want you to check their creations and promote their work (through sharing).

This site also requires user registration to download the albums for free of cost. Apart from that, Noise Trade has a huge collection of mainstream albums as well which you can download whenever you want on your devices. Although it’s a Free Album Download Sites, some particular music requires a purchase to download.


SoundClick is considerably a good option to download free music albums online mp3 on any device such as Android, PC, etc. The site doesn’t include any time wasting stuff or purchases to get started beside a simple registration. Once you’re done with the registration process, you can go ahead and start downloading your favourite music albums from their extensive collections.

download full albums free online mp3

You just need to select the album which you would like to download and select the “Download” option to get it for free.

Another good thing about Soundclick is that it lets you create your custom Radio channels. It’s actually useful if you would like to know what music other people around you are listening to. You can also search for your favorite music using the responsive “Search” option which many standard album sites lack.


SoundCloud is a popular platform which professional artists and composers use to share music with their audience. Well, not every music on SoundCloud can be downloaded for free due to certain restrictions applied by the artists.

download free music albums online mp3

While most of the stuff you find there will be open to download, but sometimes the music shared by independent artists requires you to complete tasks such as Liking their Facebook Page, etc. But Still, it’s an excellent way to download full albums free on android rather than paying huge prices.

A simple and easy way to download free albums from SoundCloud is by searching the music with tags such as “Free.” Once you apply the tag, the site will show you all the albums which you can download for free of cos without any restrictions. SoundCloud is a growing platform where independent artists come to show their creations.


Last.fm is a radio station (sort of) where you can find all types of music such as Romantic, Aggressive, motivational, Horror, etc. There is no shortage of music on Last.fm platform. You can explore thousands of new and wide variety of music on Last.fm and download it for free of cost.

download full albums free online zip

The ability to download any given music with just one click is something that separates last.fm from the crowd. However, you do require an account to stream or download music from the site.

On the top side of the site, you will find neatly placed options which will navigate to your desired locations. You can quickly browse through thousands of songs using the discover option. The discover feature will also give you music recommendations from the bands you love and would like to listen.

Aimerosoft iMusic

This one is actually a software (windows app) which lets you stream or download any music from all over the world. iMusic aims to provide error-free listening experience to its users. Windows users can download the app from the official site for free of cost. While Mac users need to purchase it.

download full length albums free

As soon as you install the app on your system, you will be prompted to create an account for yourself. Once you do that, the app will start showing you the popular and trending music from various well-known artists.

Just in case, if you’re unsure about certain music, then you can stream it online and decide whether to download it or not. Apart from that, the app will also let you record your favourite music and manage your existing music collections. Overall, it’s a decent music download manager to get free albums on your Android or PC.


So, you can download all types of music such as Folk Music, Jazz, Classical Music, Dubstep, Hip Hop Music, Rock Music, Country Music using the Free Album Download Sites provided on this page. Thank you so much for spending your time on this page, share this list with your friends as well.


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