Download Cydia for Android [Rooted] Cydia Substrate APK V4.2.2 (2018)


Most of the iOS users might have heard the term “Cydia” through their friends or by browsing the web. Well, Cydia is like a place of heaven for jailbroken iOS users. It’s because, by default, Apple has put a lot of restrictions and provided limitations options for the users in terms of customization. Therefore, iOS users often face the need to install Cydia on their devices to customize their devices the way they want. Even a lot of Android users have started asking the developer to release the Cydia for Android.

Due to the heavy surge in requests for an Android version, the developer of Cydia (Saurik) has launched the Cydia Android Version. But it seems a lot of users are unable to get Cydia working on their devices. As the installation process of Cydia through Apk itself looks pretty complicated. So, we’ve decided to come up with a simple article explaining how to get Cydia for Android 2018.

About Cydia Installer and Its Uses

Well, it’s essential to clear out some controversies related to the Android version of Cydia. First of all, Apple’s OS runs in a strict environment where users lose the freedom to customize their device. For example, iOS users cannot install any apps or games from any third party source which is pure disappointed. Thus, iOS users have started feeling like they need something like Cydia to customize their devices.

cydia installer android

Of course, Cydia for iOS is pretty much useful as it lets users to install any third party apps and customize their device according to their wish. However, when it comes to Android, the first question that tends to strike in user’s mind is how useful Cydia for Android is? And how it’s going to work on Android?

Well, Android, by nature is more like an open source and customizable compared to the iOS. By default, Android allows users to download and install apps from any third party source without any issues. Users on Android also enjoy the extreme customization environment and freedom to make changes wherever they want.

Special Importance of Cydia for Android?

Well, as mentioned above, Android is more convenient in terms of customization and usage than iOS. Since Android doesn’t restrict its users from installing any third party apps. It’s pretty evident for anyone to think that Cydia for Android is useless. Well, Sorry for breaking your illusion, but apparently you’re wrong here! despite having the freedom of customization, Cydia is still viable for Android devices.

cydia substrate apk

However, it works a bit differently on Android compared to what it does on iOS devices. Since Android users can download and install apps from any source without any restrictions. Cydia is pointless for them and is not required. That’s the reason why Cydia hasn’t made available for Android devices yet. But if still if you would like to have Cydia on your Android, then here’s a workaround for you.

The developer of Cydia (Saurik) has launched an app called Cydia substrate in Google Play Store. Cydia Substrate does serve the purpose of Cydia on Android devices. But due to Google Play Store’s conditions, the app has been removed, and that makes it even more difficult for users to install it. Well, that’s where you will need us!

What is Cydia Substrate?

A short description for Cydia Substrate if you’re wondering what exactly it is! Well, Cydia Substrate is an open platform by which users will have the ability to customize their software (Android in this case) as per their wish. In nature, both Cydia Substrate and Cydia are similar and serve the same purpose. However, both the apps work differently.

cydia apk for android

Also, Cydia Substrate helps the user to install paid apps (of Google Play Store) for free of cost. You don’t need to spend anything on games or apps to install on your device.

Cydia Substrate does all the job for you and allows you to enjoy all the paid stuff for free. Another good thing about Cydia Substrate is that it allows you to modify the already installed apps anytime on your device.

In the end, you won’t be needing any third party app editor to modify the apps on your Android device. Cydia Substrate is a multi-functional app filled with exciting features.

Requirements for Cydia Substrate on Android

In order to install Cydia Substrate on Android, you need to have the following basic requirements. You may still try it even if you don’t have the minimum requirements. But, we cannot guarantee the working of the app on devices that do not meet minimum requirements.

  • Firstly, your Android device should be running on Android version 5.0 or higher. The app might throw an incompatible error if your device is running on Android version KitKat or lower.
  • Secondly, your Android device needs to have root permissions in order to make Cydia work. In case, if you don’t have rooted, then go ahead and root your device using Kingroot, etc. Check out the wonderful guide to Root Android Without PC.

Another suggestion is to take a complete backup of your Android device using any backup apps. Your device may lose data during the process.

How to Install Cydia on Android using Cydia Substrate Apk V4.2.2 (2018)

Due to certain policies and restrictions, Cydia is no more officially available on Google Play Store for users to download. The app got removed a while ago, and we’ve no info whether it’ll ever come on Google Play Store again. As of now, users can follow the below method to install Cydia on their device.

Using Cydia Substrate Apk File

Download Apk File Here

Note: Please take a complete backup of your Android device in case of if something gets screwed up in the middle. Nandroid Backup is even more suggested and you can go with the TWRP Recovery Apk to do that easily.

  1. Navigate to your device Settings >> Developer Options >> Installation from Unknown Sources >> Tap on it to Enable.
  2. Now download the Apk file format of Cydia substrate on your android device from the given download link.
  3. As soon as the download is over, head over to “Downloads” and tap on the apk file to install it.
  4. Once the installation process is over, launch the Cydia substrate app on your device and go to the Homepage.
  5. On the homepage, you will find an option called “Install Cydia.” Just select it, and the app will ask for root permissions.cydia for android download
  6. Grant the root permissions whenever prompted and wait for the app to complete the installation process.
  7. That’s it, once the installation process is over, you can start using Cydia on your android device without any issues.

Once the installation is done, you can access everything that Cydia hosted for Android devices. Check out the method provided below if you have any issues with the above one.

Using Google Playstore

The best part of the story is that the developer of Cydia created a substrate and made it live on Google Play. So that you can download it without the need for enabling unknown sources, etc.

  1. Open up the Google Playstore on your Android device. Make sure you have an active wifi or data connection to avoid issues with internet connectivity.
  2. Type “Cydia Substrate” in the search bar and hit enter. Once you are able to see the app from the search results on Google Play, you are just one click away from it.
  3. Click “Install” and wait for sometime as the installation will take some time.
  4. Tap “Open” once the installation is done, and provide necessary permissions to enter into the app and get access to thousands of free Cydia substrate stuff for your Android device.

I hope you are now happy enough to use Cydia on your Android devices. In case of any issues and errors, leave your comment below this article.

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Wrapping Up

Get the most out of the Cydia on your Android device in place of Google Playstore. As Cydia is new to Android, you may experience some minor issues while using but you can fix them with ease; as a first aid, reinstall the Cydia. I am pretty sure you will have an opportunity to get paid apps and games on your Android seamlessly. Share this post with all your friends who are using Android, thank you.


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