5 Best Wifi Analyzer for iPhone to Check Network Signal Strength


There used to be a time where you need to rely on a PC or laptop in order to analyze your Wifi network connection.

Literally, those were the days where PC used to a be mandatory device to carry out tasks as small as wifi analyzing, etc. Well, with the improvisation in Technology and stuff, those days are no more now.

Your smartphone is the most potent device these days which is capable of doing almost every task that a PC can do. Now Wifi Analyzing can be done on your smartphones with the help of the Best Wifi Analyzer for iPhone.

ios wifi analyzer channel apps

However, it’s not easy to find a reliable Wifi Analyzer Apps in a world where everything is being promoted as good. There are several factors that need to be checked while Analyzing the wifi network; such crucial can be only with the help of best wifi analyzer for iPhone.

Usually, Apple doesn’t allow any third party apps to access the Wifi connection chip or even get anywhere close to that. However, there are a few apps that manage to sneak into the disk in order to provide you sufficient information to analyze any Wifi Network.

Top 5 Free Best Wifi Analyzer Apps 2018

Here we provide you the Best Wifi Analyzers for iPhone on iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9:

1. Network Analyzer Pro

Network Analyzer is a great tool that helps you in analyzing your Wifi network connection. The app lets you check the download speed and upload speed in real time. Use IDM Optimizer to increase the download speed of the internet download manager.

wifi analyzer for iphone

Network Analyzer can also assist in diagnosing the problems related to Wifi network. You can easily get an IP address, NetBIOS, mDNS, DNS names of the connected Wifi Network using this app.

The app also provides helpful statistics regarding your Ping and delays between the connection nodes. All the statistics are presented graphically in the app so that it can be easy for the user to analyze them.

Network Analyzer Pro
Network Analyzer Pro
Price: 4,49 €

The app manages to update every statistic in real time. There wouldn’t be any delay between the performance of your Wifi, and it’s graphical statistic representation. It’s one of the best Wifi Analyzer for iPhone as of now.

2. IT Tools

IT Tools Network Analyzer is another tool developed for techy savvy users who want to know the core performance and insights of any Wifi Network.

best wifi analyzer apps for iphone

The app firstly prompts the user to select any user interface according to their wish. After that, the app starts monitoring the connected Wifi network and immediately sends notifications if there’s any issue or delays happenings between the server and user.

It also provides relevant information and sources from where you can seek help to solve your Wifi network related problem. In case, if you don’t want to open the app frequently to check insights, the app can send all the information and report issues directly to your mailbox.

IT Tools - Network Analyzer
IT Tools - Network Analyzer
Price: 6,99 €

Like any other Wifi analyzer, IT tools is a real-time statistic tracker for iPhone devices.

3. IP Scanner

IP Scanner is a kind of iOS Wifi Analyzer built to provide information related to Open or Public Wifis. The primary focus of this app is to provide the least traffic oriented open Wifi to the user by analyzing all the surrounding networks.

ios wifi analyzer apps

However, you can use this app for wifi Analyzing purpose as well. IP Scanner can export the reports of Wifi connection directly to your mail place or wherever you want it to be delivered.

The interface and UI of IP scanner are pretty solid and clean; you will be able to analyze all the data just by browsing the app for a sec. All the information and tracking is done professionally to provide the accurate results to the users.

IP Network Scanner
IP Network Scanner
Price: 21,99 €

IP scanner is a paid app for iPhone. However, the app does its job flawlessly and doesn’t leave any disappointment to the user. Do give it a try to IP scanner if you are trying to find a public wifi where not many users are connected.

4. iNet Network Scanner

iNet Network Scanner in network explorer app for iPhones. The app was mainly built to alert the user whenever there’s any security issue involved in the Wifi network.

best wifi analyzer app on iphone

However, with the recent updates and additions, the app has turned out to be the best Wifi analyzer for iPhone. The iNet scans the Wifi connected on every level to detect any risks or issues involved in the connection.

Whenever you scan a Wifi network, the result is automatically stored on your device for a certain period so that you can analyze them later onwards.

iNet is an advanced Wifi Analyzer app for iPhone I would say; you can remotely control the app to scan the Wifi networks and export the reports right at your fingerprints.

iNet - Netzwerkscanner
iNet - Netzwerkscanner
Price: Free+

iNet provides a lot of additional insights as well such as Host visibility, number of connected devices, the status of connected devices, etc. iNet comes with in-app purchases for unlocking premium features which are useful for in-depth analyzing of Wifi networks.

5. Fing

Fing is a fancy wifi analyzer app for iPhone, well, it would be an understatement to call it elegant or fancy. It’s more like a creative iOS Wifi analyzing app where the information and data are creatively thrown on the screen.

ios wifi analyzer on iphone

Fing automatically does the work of scanning, testing and pinging of your Wifi connection in order to provide you the latest reports and insights. You can set notifications to receive alerts whenever there’s a new device trying to connect your Wifi network.

The IP searching feature is another plus point of this app. You can literally search for any Wifi network around you using the IP address. Unlike any other app, Fing is a fully fledged free to use app for iPhone devices.

Almost every information section in Fing is designed with bold colors, and creatively, it would be easy for the user to identify and analyze the wifi networks. However, due to the restrictions put by Apple, the app cannot directly examine the Wifi network which you are not connected with.

Fing - Netzwerk-Scanner
Fing - Netzwerk-Scanner
Price: Free

It’s essential to connect to a Wifi network to get the statistics and insights of it. Try it out to check iOS Wifi Signal Strength if you are looking for Best iOS Wifi Analyzer Apps. Check out the detailed guide to measure the strength of your wifi network.

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Wrapping Up

Make use of the Free Wifi Tools and iPhone Network Analyzers provided in this article to determine the speed of your network connection. Share this wonderful sources the “Best iPhone Wifi Spectrum Analyzers” with your friends on social media, thank you.


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