Best Selfie Camera Apps 2018: Top 10 Selfie Apps for Android


Let’s go ahead and find out the Free Selfie Camera Apps to use in 2018 on Android smartphones.

The selfie revolution started back in the early 2000s, that time not many smartphones used to come with a front-facing camera.

Fortunately, Smartphone manufacturers quickly responded to the market trend changes and have started manufacturing smartphones that feature a front-facing camera.

Today, the selfie trend has spread like wildfire everywhere. On every social media platform, the first thing you’d see is selfies, the craze for selfies doesn’t seem to stop.

Not only smartphone manufacturers but also many app developers have come up with various free and best selfie camera apps that will make your selfie experience much more fun and interesting.

Well, in today’s date, you would find hundreds of selfie camera apps in Google Play Store. Sadly, only a few of them live up to their claims and are worth trying out.

Today, in this article, we’ll introduce you to the best selfie camera apps for Android devices. All the mentioned apps will be available for free to download in Google Play Store.

However, they may contain in-app purchases to unlock certain features. Not to worry, Appsara, LocaliAPStore, iAP Cracker will help get free in-app purchases on Android and iOS respectively.

So, let’s hop on the list straight away without wasting any further time.

10 Best Selfie Camera Apps 2018

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

For all the die-hard selfie fans out there, YouCam Perfect is a must try selfie app. The app has got everything to back up your selfie clicking experience. YouCam comes with some really cool features to make your selfies even more beautiful; you can also edit them for some extra touch-ups.

Best Selfie Camera Apps for android

Features like Beautifying modes, beautify effects, face elements adjuster, stylization, etc will help you to shape your selfies. Once you click the selfie, the app will directly send you to the editing screen so that you can make necessary adjustments to your photo.

After editing, you can directly share them on your social media channels from the app itself.

YouCam does not play with the resolution or quality of the photo; all your photos will be saved in their native resolution even if you edit them.


  • The app is of course completely not free as it has In-App purchases, but whatever it carries in the free version is really awesome.
  • The updated version of the app carries “Fantasy Effects“.
  • YouCam Perfect Camera, Photo Edit, Collage, Makeup, Nail Art are the major sub-sections of the app. Those are more than enough to beautify your selfie. You can take a selfie using YouCam Perfect Camera and that photo will be directly loaded into the Photo Edit, there you can apply various effects, moods to the photo to make it even better.
  • It has a lot of other options like face shaper, body shaper, Auto-Tune, Frames, etc.


  • The app gets close if you touch anything from in-app purchases sometimes. It’s not a big issue, you can update the app to the latest version to fix it.


Retrica is another well known and one of the best selfie camera apps in Google Play Store. The Retrica app is quite popular for its vintage style photo capturing experience. It features tons of built-in editing tools; you don’t need to download any additional photo editing apps.

Free Selfie Camera apps android

Retrica can edit almost all the elements of a photo to make them even more appealing. As for numbers, Retrica comes with over 80 different type of filters that are available for free of cost. Apart from that, you can set up a custom timer to capture photos at intervals.

Features like the watermark, timer, filters (Up to 50) college maker, intermedia level of editing can be done through the free version of Retrica. For fully-fledged editing experience, you will have to upgrade the version.


  • Retrica app has 100+ filters including live face filters.
  • It has Watermark effect, Timer, Collage Maker at it’s best. We can say Retrica is a better alternative to Photo Grid in collage making.
  • Retrica app has 100+ fun stickers to decorate your selfies. All of them are pre-loaded, you don’t need internet to download the effects.
  • Decorate your Selfies and photos with a Retrica official stamp.
  • Discover option lets you meet and make new friends on Retrica app.
  • Doodle & Text option will definitely help you add text to your photos and selfies.


  • Too much vintage effects will make pictures way darker than they usually do. In such cases, you can take selfies on a built-in Android camera and then edit them on Retrica app.
  • The Older version of the Retrica app will generate some glitches on the screen.
  • No lense blur effect.


Aimera is our third pick on this list of best selfie camera apps for Android. The Aimera app can brighten your selfies with its glorifying colors and artistic touch. You can also manually select your desired colors to apply to your photos, Aimera makes your selfie experience quick and simple.

Aimera best camera apps for selfie

Well, there aren’t many advanced features in the Aimera app. Nonetheless, there are some unique functionalities such as Auto reverse shots, volume shutter, silent photo shooting etc. The materialistic interface of Aimera and easy to understand options are pretty much the reason why this app is quite popular in Google Play Store.

Unlike other apps, Aimera is available for free of cost in the store. Do give it a shot if you need a pretty simple and lightweight selfie camera app for your Android device.


  • Filter camera allows you choose from 140+ different live filters while taking selfies, photos.
  • It has soft filters for selfies, vivid filters for photography.
  • Customise shutter button according to your taste and style.
  • The silent camera is yet another awesome feature that can take selfies and photos without making noise.
  • Trendy stickers on the Aimera selfie camera app will amaze your photos. You can resize, rotate the stickers on your selfies, photos, etc. If you would like to animate your photos to the next level, check out the Best Animation Apps for Android.
  • Easy sharing option lets you share the edited photos to social media in seconds.


  • The front camera is in mirror mode, the selfies you take will rotate to the other direction.
  • Unable to add stickers to the photos that are already saved (sometimes).

B612 – Trendy Selfie Camera

B612 is one of the latest android selfie apps that can do the job at its best. It’s the most rated selfie app on Android platform. It will capture the photo with less editing requirement, removing the dots, moles from your face.

b612 android selfie camera apps

The stickers, AR Photo effects are the most deserving features for any selfie lover. If you are about to look bright with less scars, moles, pimples on your face, you should use it without any discussions.

The B612 app will save your search data, etc if you are logged in. Otherwise, you can just use the app without logging in.

Swiping from left to right will change the Photo filter, that shows you glamorous and beautiful.


  • Over 100+ Photo filters, effects to capture the selfies that you want.
  • Change the aspect ration from 9:16, to 3:4, 1:1, etc. Everyone of them will carry a different length and hight.
  • Make photo collages, pic collages with the beautiful collection of your selfies.
  • The timer is available in two different time slots; they are 3 seconds, 7 seconds.
  • Blur; it will blur the selected area, or the selected item.
  • Auto Save; it will save the photos automatically as soon as you take a selfie.
  • Touch Mode; it will help you take selfies with just a single touch anywhere on the screen. This way you can hold you photo tight and take selfies, to avoid damages to the smartphone.
  • Adjust brightness; you can adjust the brightness on the screen by swiping up or down the screen.


  • Not so quick, it takes time somewhere between 0.5 seconds to 1 second.
  • The shutter is not enough responsive.

Candy Camera

Initially, the app couldn’t make much noise in the market due to glitches and bugs. However, Candy Camera has been improving over time, now it’s capable enough to be featured on this list. Candy Camera lets you see the effects in real time without having the need of going into editing mode.

Best Camera Apps for Android to take selfies

It features blemish removal functionality to rectify the skin imperfections such as pigmentation marks, dark circles, and spots. Candy Camera is more like a beautification app that can help you beautify your selfie with its editing tools.

Apart from that, it comes with various sticker packages, collage templates, basic filters and silent camera as well for quick shooting. Candy Camera comes with in-app purchases, but you can download it for free from Google Play Store.


  • Natural selfie filters and real-time beauty functions are the biggest assets for Candy Camera app.
  • The full-screen mode lets you take the maximum of your selfies and photos. You can also configure them according to the screen of your smartphone.
  • It can capture a selfie video as well. The live video filters are really awesome.
  • Liquify, Facelift, Bigger eyes, Dark Circles, Smile, Softening, Whitening, Blemishes, Smaller Nose, Larger Legs, Slimmer waist, fuller hips are the tools that can transform your photos to the next level. I am pretty sure you won’t be able to see such many useful options in any other Android Selfie Camera Apps listed in this article.
  • Offline Stickers can be arranged for photos even before you take photos.
  • It has diverse collage grids that can put all your memories together.


  • Selfies/Photos you take in nights are not that perfect, they are more of un-naturally blurred.
  • App crashes while you take photos/selfies.
  • The app responds very slow sometimes, that will lead to bad user experience.

Camera for Facebook

Camera for Facebook deserves the fifth spot on this list of best selfie camera apps. The app glorifies your selfies with frames, relevant stickers, and special effects. Camera for Facebook (Often known as Bright Camera as well) comes with various perfection tools to brighten your skin and to remove the imperfections from your selfie.

best selfie apps android

There are several filters such as filter pastel, lomo filter etc to choose from, you can apply as many filters as you want without compromising the quality of the photo. Once you finish editing the photo, the app will save the photo to your SD card automatically in the smallest possible size.

Well, Camera for Facebook isn’t really a popular app but it does its job quite flawlessly and thus deserves to be on the list of best camera apps for selfies on Android.


  • Real-time photo filters and effects will leave your photos memorable.
  • Auto Selfie is a new concept that can make all necessary changes while before you capture. I am pretty sure you don’t see this option in any of the best selfie camera apps listed in this article.
  • Bokeh & Sun Rays will get a fresh look to your photos and selfies.
  • It has awesome filters and lenses for glowing artwork photos.
  • You can add vivid frames to your photos to give outline perfection.
  • Selfie Timer camera has 2 and 5 seconds time to capture the selfies.
  • Backlight, blur effect, violet light, azure black, pink and coral vignette camera effects will help your photos to become much better than they are.


  • Photos and Selfies will go less clarity after capturing them.
  • Brightcam feature in the recent update is way brighter than they used to. That will make your photos meaningless by over-whitening.

Line Camera

Line Camera is one of the widely used best camera apps for selfie on Android in Google Play Store. The app gives you full control and all the tools that you need for taking great selfies.

It won’t matter whether you are shooting party selfies or professional work photographs, Line Camera has got everything covered for you.

free camera apps for selfie

Use the quick action buttons to snap a quick photo, apply effects in real time and share them with the world. Line Camera offers great shooting features such as timer, flash, mirror mode, level, grid, and pretty much everything would need to capture your precious moments in the form of photos.

Moreover, Line Camera is a free to download app in Google Play Store, so give it a try.


  • Camera, Album, Collage, Video, Shop, Line are the dashboard options of the Line Camera app. The photos use take using Camera option from the line camera app will go to Album. Later you may add those photos to create a beautiful photo collage or you can also create a beautiful video.
  • Skin, Face, Eyes, Touch, Skin Care, etc will help your photos and selfies become much better than what they are when taken.
  • Add Text and Fun stickers to your selfies to portray a message.
  • Various Grid styles are mouthwatering.
  • You may also erase the background and replace any other photo in another photo using the tools Curve, Dot, Draw, etc.


  • The items or tools you have shopped in the app will disappear if you offload the app. Once you reinstall the app for any reason, you need to buy the tools again and that’s the major issue.
  • Unable to access the photos and selfies saved on Android device from the Line Camera app as there’s no perfect file manager for it.
  • Resizing, cropping is not handy on some Android devices.

That’s it! guys. Hope the issues associated with individual apps gets fixed with their next updates. Those are not just apps that can edit your selfies and photos while capturing, you can also edit photos, videos saved from Snapchat Saver Apps.

Wrapping Up

These are my favorite and of course, the best selfie camera apps for Android. Therefore, You can download and use them on your Android device to either capture the selfies or edit the photos already captured. Let me also know your favorite Android selfie apps using the comment box below. Share this list with your friends on social media if you love them, thank you.


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