Best Root Apps 2018: Top 50 Apps for Rooted Android Smartphone


Best Root Apps 2018: Rooting an Android Phone may be a bit confusing, but it has a handful of mouth-watering features.

Rooting was very tough in the beginning but the whole scenario has changed now, and there are a lot more ways in which you can do a hell lot of customizations.

Then you will be able to use your Android mobile with a bunch of excellent features. Rooting an Android Device or a STOCK ROM will give you the proper grip over your Android device. Root Dashi Apk will help you root your Android device other than Kingoroot, Kingroot apps.

Customise your Android device if rooted now or already using few apps provided in this article. Today I am going to give you the best apps for rooted Android device that you should have in 2018.

They only work on rooted Android devices, and you will not be able to use them on every Android device.

Rooting is not a big deal, check how to root android without computer if you are a newbie.

Go through the huge list of apps for rooted android phone provided in this article if you have rooted android device.

What is the Need of Root Apps (or) Rooted Apps?

Rooted apps will help you improve the performance of your android device. Few advantages could be battery enhancing, junk files cleaning, and duplicate files removal.

Moreover, you can extend the storage space on your smartphone to save big files such as Movies, HD Video Files, etc.

Excited?. Check them right away then.

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50 Best Root Apps (2018) for Your Rooted Android Device

Best Root Apps for Rooted Android

Rooting an Android device will provide the admin rights. So that, you will have enough privileges to modify CPU and GPU usage of your Android phone.

You will be able to increase the Internal Storage Memory and install Custom ROM. Not only CPU, GPU modifications but also improve the battery life of your Android phone.

You might need to have few best apps to make your device handier. So that, you will have the chance to customise your Android device with those apps.

Those apps are nothing but android root apps. I am sure that you are going to have Best Root Apps for Rooted Android device and get more advantage of your device.

Lucky Patcher

top root apps for android

Lucky Patcher is one of the best apps for rooted Android phone in 2018. It’s one of my favourite rooted Android apps that I use on my Samsung Galaxy S7.

Of course, I have an Apple iPhone X, but I love to customise my android using Lucky Patcher App. Removing the license verification from the apps is simple and super easy in this app. You can have a handful of tweaks in this Lucky Patcher app.

Advertisements on free apps will be a big thing to skip on our device. They will distract us and lead us to some malware pages sometimes. That’s nothing but wasting data, time and money sometimes. So removing that kind of advertisements from the apps is super easy.

You might have heard of Hacks and Mods and Cheats while playing android games on your android phone. Yeah, you can earn the unlimited number of coins and gems using this app. You can apply custom patches and enjoy the excellent outcomes from the app thereby.

With all those appealing features, we can say that lucky patcher is of the awesome root apps for Android phone. You may also check out the Lucky Patcher Alternatives for Android devices.

Download App


best rooted apps

Name of the rooted Android app has everything to discuss. Download and Install Greenify app for rooted android phone and improve the battery life as a result. Go green and save your the battery life of your Android device. I will say that Greenify is one of the best rooted apps for Android device to save battery life in 2018.

You may see the unrooted version of greenify app for unrooted Android phones. But it’s not that useful for your Android device as it has hell lot of limitations. However, I am going to provide you with the rooted version of Greenify app for the rooted android device. So that, you can customise various other tweaks along with the battery life.

Greenify app on your Android device will notify you about the background running apps. That will help you close those apps and save the battery life of your device. So that greenify app is also one of the Best Root Apps for Rooted Android phone in 2018.

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Titanium Backup

top rooted apps

Here comes another rooted app for Android phone or tablet. Backup data is crucial for any Android device. We may not be able to predict the causes to the data loss on your device. If you are the one who wants to backup the data like Contacts, Files, and Documents. Titanium backup is the best one among all best root apps for Android phone.

Of course, you can make use of the default backup option on your Android device. Let me tell you how you can do that and save your date.

Go to Settings >> Backup&Restore >> Backup. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the backup procedure on your Android device.

It’s the simple yet not that eye catchy. You may use that default backup option to save your data of course. But using Titanium Backup rooted app for Android device as well is a recommended thing.

Titanium Backup is a cool app that allows you take backup of the individual app on your Android device so that you might not miss anything. Chat heads and other necessary files and folders will be backed up for sure.

With all those great attributes, we can say that Titanium Backup is one of the best apps for rooted android mobile.

Download App

Xposed Framework

must have root apps

Xposed Framework will help you stay away from Installing Custom ROM’s on your Android device. Installing the Custom ROM’s for better User Interface experience and performance flow of apps is not that easy. Of course, the outcome of custom ROM’s may be beautiful.

But the process of setting up Custom ROM is a big thing, and that will generate issues sometimes.

But improving the performance of your Android device will be accomplished with Xposed Framework. It has hell lot more features using which you can make your Android device super handy. Moreover, you will have excellent modules in this app.

It depends on you to use them well on your Android to improve the performance. Theming and Button Remapping are well-known tweaks in Xposed Framework app. So we may conclude that it is also one of the top root apps for Android in 2018.

Download App

Nandroid Manager

apps for rooted android

Nandroid Manager is yet another one from top rooted apps for Android phone. It is one of the best alternatives to Titanium Backup.

Of course, you have few more tweaks in this app. It will manage and help you process the Nandroid Backups. It will help you save the data without losing on the one hand. And it will help you restore the data on the contrary. As a result of such useful features, it has become one of the top root android apps.

The user may go to the paid version of Nandroid Manager. Else you may continue with the free version as it is also having excellent control over your Android device.

Download App

Quick Boot

apps for rooted android

Make your power menu super accessible and give it a good feature “Recovery.” That will help your device to reboot in recovery mode. An Android device does not have this option. And it’s not an easy thing to carry out the key combinations to boot up the device in recovery mode. It will help you flash your Custom ROM and Kernels.

Reboot to Bootloader may sound new to you. Yeah, this option will also come for your Android device along with Reboot, Recovery mode. With those options, you will be able to boot your device with ease.

Do not need to use key combinations in case of any emergencies. Just make use of the super awesome features of Quick Boot app. I may say that Quick Boot comes in Best Root Apps list 2018.

Download App


rooted apps for Android

It’s one of the best paid rooted apps for Android phone. You can manage the battery life of your android phone by using this app. It will help you solve the issues related to battery draining, and it will improve the battery life as well.

Background apps is a major reason behind the battery draining problem on your Android device. So it will help you improve the battery performance by closing those background apps right away. Servicely app will stay awake and make your Android device bloat free.

I would love to say this app would be the best alternative to Greenify in the list of Best Root Apps for Rooted Android phone in 2018.



rooted android apps

Flashify will be the best app for rooted android phone. It will help yo flash your boot.img, recovery.img and other zip files with ease. You can take backups of your data to cloud storage or any local storage.

It will also help you wipe cache and Dalvik cache while using TWRP and Philz recovery. Flashify will be the best choice to flash various files like Gapps, TWRP (you can do that using Aroma File Manager), and Philz recovery, etc.

It’s one of the free apps that has everything. It won’t all you more than three flashes per day for safety reasons of your device. Keep track of your flash history and get immediate assistance for any of your queries. It’s in position 8 in the list of Best Root Apps 2018 for rooted Android phones.


SD Maid System Cleaner

root android apps 2017

It’s yet another best app for rooted android phone. It will help you maintain your device clean and easy to access. SD Maid helps you remove unnecessary files on your SD card.

It’s the best app that can help you maintain your Android device sluggish free. It will also manage the system apps/pre-installed apps. Customise various files and apps for better user experience.

It helps in finding the duplicate files, pictures, and music. You can manage all those tweaks with just a single tap. Everything else will be accomplished by the SD Maid on your Android device. Get optimised database on your Android device and make your Android sluggish free.

Download App


apps for rooted android

High CPU usage on any device will reduce the user-friendliness for sure. And this will be a frequent issue with gamers and Multi Tasker. It will help you change the CPU Settings on your Android device and make it run faster. SetCPU supports a broad range of smartphones and tablets.

You can create various profiles to perform certain tasks. Setup the customised CPU range for every job that you carry out on your Android device to make your phone alive with health.

Unhealthy Android devices are of no use. With SetCPU, you can have customised CPU usage. For example, CPU usage while using WhatsApp or the device is in charging.

Moreover, Setting up the CPU Usage while you are playing games will help you provide the heat less user interface. With all such tremendous attributes, SetCPU has become one of the Best Root Apps of 2018.


best root apps 2017

The dumpster is such a best app to recover or restore accidentally deleted files on your Android. You can eliminate the need for data backup all the time.

The dumpster will help you recover the files with just a single click. It works similar to Recycle bin on a Windows computer. The dumpster will work that simple and yeah it is a simple solution for your data loss issue on Android.

You can recover various file formats like Images, Videos, and Songs. It supports other formats like pdf, app, mp3, mp4, and ppt, etc. Freedom to delete the data comes with the Best Root App Dumpster on rooted Android.

You can also recover the uninstalled apps on your Android phone with just a single click. Schedule the clean by using the auto clean option with ease.

Dumpster App


tasker root app 2017

Here comes another cool rooted app for Android phone or tablet. It’s a paid app, and it has lot more features to utilise. Tasker will do everything for you from scratch on your android phone/tablet.

You can set various kinds of tasks on your Android using Tasker App. The tasks can be like opening particular music player when you plug in the audio jack. And set loops, variables and different conditions for the functions.

Designing your custom screen overlay is super simple, and of course, it’s fun too. You can automate almost everything on your Android device from settings to scheduling the SMS.

You can set Auto brightness though the sensor is not there for your device. Moreover, it will also allow you close system dialogues and error messages after it notifies you. With all such great attributes, we can say that Tasker is one of the Best Root Apps for Rooted Android phone in 2018.

Tasker App


Managing the audio devices and components connected to your Android is super easy. Viper4Android app will help you do that on behalf of you. You can change Treble, Bass, and Volume on the various devices connected to your rooted Android. It’s not possible to install Viper4Android on a non-rooted Android phone.

XDA has found the one click solution for every task that you cannot do on a regular android phone. Control the Playback through Bluetooth device or phone speakers.

It will help you customise various other sounding options like Bass modification and all. Listen the audio with freedom and in an enhanced way.

Viper App

Terminal Emulator

Sounds new right? yes. It will help you access the built-in Linux command lines on your Android device. You can get access to the terminal for various modifications from the administrative level.

Terminal Emulator is also known for “Android Terminal Emulator.” Open multiple windows and customise the launcher shortcuts with ease. Can be accessible in 8 different languages like Arabic, Chinese, Greek and Japanese, Korean and Russian, Thai, etc.

The app is completely ad-free, and it is not there in “In-App Purchases.” It a terminal commands category, Terminal Emulator has become one of the Best Root Apps for Android rooted.

It is not a game emulator, and you may not be able to install or play games using this app. Let me clarify several myths over this app. It’s not an app to root your android device and of course, it won’t help you change the IMEI of your Android phone/tablet.

Terminal Emulator App


SDFix is also one of the rooted android apps for rooted android phone/tablet. This app requires the root access, and you can customise various tasks related to your SDCard. It is developed by the Next App, Inc.

You can change the device configuration file using this SDFix on rooted Android. That will open up the doors to various excellent features on your Android related to Write/Modify SD related tasks.

This app is not for internal storage phones only. Let me tell you the fact that it will only work on the rooted android devices which have the option to install SDCard.

SDFix works like a charm with any Stock ROMS. But it will not support aftermarket ROM’s like Cyanogenmod etc. If your device is running with any such ROM, it’s not useful to install this app. I love this app, and I would say this is one more from the list of Best Root Apps for Rooted Android phone.

SD Fix App

GL Tools

GL Tools is the quick answer and solution for playing big games on android phone/tablet. It has become number one app that helps to play more major games like GTA, Pokemon GO, etc.

The rooted android device is a must to Install and uses the GL Tools app. Else you will not be able to access the impressive features of it. It can help you improvise the RAM and GPU. Moreover, it helps in playing games without Stuck.

GL Tools can help you improve the performance of games on your Android. Experience the fluid flow motion even with the bigger games. It’s recommended to install Custom Recovery.

Moreover, it helps you protect the data and files without loss. We may say that this is also one of the Best Root Apps for Android Phone in 2018.

GL Tools

ES File Explorer

It is yet another app from Best Root Apps 2018 for any rooted Android phone. You might have heard about the File Explorer or any other file explorer apps. It is the first choice of millions of Android users. It will provide excellent features on any rooted Android device.

It’s completely free and simple to manage your files without being lost. ES File Explorer works in showing up the hidden folders and paths for various purposes. You can also share files from your Android phone to another one without being lost.

You can connect this file explorer to cloud storage like Dropbox etc. It will automatically take the backup of your data. Moreover, you will be able to access your data anywhere on any device with ease.

It will allow you perform various actions like FTP, FTPS, and SFTP, etc. You can also kill the tasks which are running continuously and eating your RAM with just a single click. Download and Install ES File Explorer on your Android as it’s one of the best rooted android apps 2018.

ES File Manager


DiskDigger is yet another top rooted app for Android phone/tablet. You need to have the root access install and use this DiskDigger app on your Android. It will also work on the unrooted android phone of course.

But it won’t explore the impressive features that can help you carry out certain essential functions. Dig through the deleted files on your Android in a better way on the rooted android phone.

It will help you recover deleted photos and images with a single click. This operation can be carried out either in intern memory or on External memory like SD Card etc.

Later you can directly upload the recovered images and files to cloud storage. That, in turn, help you save the date from being lost again.

Disk Digger App

Kernel Adiutor

This app will not root your Android phone! More importantly. It’s an open source application and works only on the rooted android phone. Let us see if it comes in the list of Top 50 Best Root Apps for Rooted Android phone or not.

It will take care of many kernel parameters on your device. You can better utilise this app based on your requirement. And it ultimately depends on how you use them.

It has too good tweaks that one can do with it. They are Kernel Samepage Merging, Low Memory Killer, and Saving Profiles, etc. It will monitor various other things like Flash, Backup, and Input/Output scheduler.

Download App Here

Wifi Tethering

Share your mobile hotspot to different other devices like Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, etc. It won’t ask you a free, and it’s completely free. It will also help you share your mobile hotspot to Gaming consoles like Playstation 3/4, Xbox One/360 and Wii device. The app needs root permissions, and thus you can share the wifi hotspot with ease.

Some old phones and devices will not allow you share mobile hotspot. But, Wifi Tethering app will help you share the mobile wifi hotspot even on such devices also. So make your old Android phones to latest Android devices with Wifi and Hotspot.

Wifi Tethering App

ROM Toolbox

I can say that this is a must have root app for rooted android phone. It has awesome tweaks to do with your ROM. You have two variants in this app. One is a free app, and the other one is a premium app with a lot of new features. You can unlock various excellent features with Best Root Apps on Android, and this is also one of them.

It has beautiful and easy to use user interface. ROM Toolbox combines various apps into one and helps you carry out various important tasks on your Android phone. It combines the apps like Titanium Backup, SetCPU, Root Explorer, and Terminal Emulator, etc.

You can install custom ROMs and themes on your Android with ease. Installing AOKP, CyanogenMod, etc. is an easy task with ROM Toolbox app. You can also take the Nandroid Backups with a single click. Clear cache and Dalvik Cache and improve the battery life.

Thereby, improving the device performance. Automatic Batch Uninstaller is an awesome tweak to carry out. That will help you save time. You can also customise the startup apps with this ROM Toolbox app. Check few more root android apps for rooted android tablet, phone.

ROM Toolbox App


It will help you manage your apps and games on your Android. You can move the apps to SD card quickly. So that, you can download and install any number of apps and games. The Android operating system won’t allows sharing the apps and app data to SD card.

But you can share the big games and apps to SD card using Link2SD. That will help you save the internal memory. Moreover, you can access the games and apps from the SD card itself.

It will also help you uninstall the native apps on your Android device. Removing the bloatware become so easy with the Link2SD. Move to SD and Move to Phone are the key features of Link2SD app. The rooted android phone is the must to carry out those operations. Else it will not allow any Android device to convert user apps into system apps and either way.

System apps can’t be removed in Android. But Link2SD app can do that for you. Moreover, it will help you make user apps to system apps, and they can’t be removed from the conventional Android device. With all such great features, we can merge this app into Best Root Apps Android 2018 List.


Boot Animations

Boot Animations app is yet another best rooted app for rooted android phone. It’s an animation that will be shown up while rebooting the Android device. Your android phone needs to be rooted and compatible to install custom ROM’s to install Boot Animations App.

It has a great collection of Boot Animations that you can use while rebooting your Android phone. Installing various boot animations from the SD card is also allowed along with the phone memory.

Manage different boot animations to allocate while booting the device. So that you can see a new boot animation every time you restart your Android device.

You can also modify the boot animations on your Android. It will allow you change the dimension parameters like background colour and frame rate etc. Boot Animations is also compatible with the CyanogenMod theme engine.

This app will not support devices like Samsung etc. Because they use the different file format QMG. If your device has CyanogenMod, rooting permissions are not necessary.

Boot Animations

Hosts Editor

It’s one more best rooted app for Android phone. Let me tell you the feature it has and why we can say this is one of the best root apps of all time. You might have heard about the Hosts file on a Windows computer. No need to worry even if you do not know.

The Hosts Editor will help you block individual domains or websites. The same applies to your Android devices also. With Hosts Editor app, you can edit those sites or hosts and get access to various kinds of blocked websites.

Of course, Psiphon for iPhone helps you access restricted sites. But this will work without any apps and thus you can have free space on your device storage.

It supports Android 2.2 and above operating system versions. Hosts Editor app is completely free, and it’s an open source app. You can make betterments to the app if you know coding and all.

Hosts Editor is completely ad-free and supports IPv6. So why can’t we add this app to the list of Top 50 Best Root Apps for Android Phone in 2018?.

Download App

DPI Changer

Measure the quality of your display using DPI Changer and customise it for better display. It is simple to measure the quality of Display, and that is by calculating with Pixels per Inch or with DPI.

So changing the value of DPI on your Android device helps in improvising the display quality. That will improve the visual experience. Watch HD Movies with catchy eye clarity and enjoy the eye feast.

It supports various Android devices. Performing the DPI Changing procedure on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and 7.0 Nougat is super easy along with the older versions also.

DPI Changer


Name of the app says anything?. Yeah, it has everything in the name of the app itself. It requires the root access on your Android phone or tablet. You can download this app from Google play, and I am going to give you the link for it right below this section. Let me first give you proper information about the app.

The App “FullScreen” will hide the sidebar of your Android tablet. Thus it will help you use the tablet or mobile in full screen. This app works best on Android tablets rather than the Android phones. It plays a significant role while playing games and watching movies etc.

Surfing the web become super comfortable with this rooted android app. We have a huge list of best root apps for rooted android phone. And this is also one of them. The app is only for Android 4.4 and below. The latest version of FullScreen is not yet available for Android 5.0+ and 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, etc.

Download App

Device Control

You should need an android phone which is rooted to use this app. Why have I added this app to the Best Root Apps for Android List?. You will come to know all those details while checking the mind tapping attributes of Device Control root app. It will not root your Android device, but it works on a rooted device.

You are advised to use this app only if you are aware of using it. Else you may miss valuable data from your Android device as this app does not come with the warranty. But you have a lot of tweaks to do on your Android device.

Edit Vibration Strength and Modify Knock-on etc. Modify the CPU and GPU frequencies along with Input/Output schedulers. Take control of the device voltage and improve the charging speed of your Android phone. It will monitor battery temperature and CPU usage etc.

Device Control


DataSync is one of the best root apps for Android phones for data synchronisation. It will help you share application data with as many devices as you can use.

DataSync will help you sync the data between multiple devices with just a single click. It works either on Wifi Network or Clouds. You can sync the data either way. The latest version of DayaSync also collaborates with the Bluetooth and NFC.

Two-way synchronising is there with the DataSync root app. It has cloud integration like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Automatic Device Discovery option will help you find the devices to share the data. Background syncing support is the best part of the app that does not disturb you at all.

DataSync App


It is one of the best root apps android phones in 2018. Name of the app has everything to convey. Boost your device performance with XBooster app. It will help you improve the battery life of your device also. Increase your RAM and play the bigger games with fluid flow touch motion.

Watch High Definition videos and carry out multi-tasks without fear of overheating or stuck.

Download App


LiveBoot is one more excellent rooted app for Android phone. I would love to say that this app is the best alternative for Boot Animations.

It will help you provide various new boot animations to add on your Android device. Customise the booting animation for your Android device. Let me give you few more great root apps for Android phone in 2018 to have a handful of tweaks.

Download App

System App Remover

System App Remover is yet another one from a top list of apps for rooted android. It’s not possible to remove the system apps on a regular Android device. But it will be possible on a rooted Android phone with System App Remover. It will be a big problem if the bloatware affects your system apps.

But no worries! This system app remover will help you remove those apps without allowing them to trouble your device.

You can customise the apps in various ways. It may be like removing the system apps or moving the system apps from phone memory to SD card or vice-versa.


Battery Calibration

Check one more best root app for Android tablet or phone. It is such good app and helps your device by calibrating the battery. That will increase the battery life and of course manage the device in several ways. It will inform you when the battery is full while charging the device.

The free version of the app has cool features. But the premium version offers you few more advanced options to customise your device.

Battery Calibration App


Connecting to the internet through a web browser or any medium will be difficult sometimes. It may be because of the DNS server addresses or web addresses blocked on your windows or android device. Set DNS app will help you change those DNS addresses and let you access the internet.

Customising the DNS of your Wifi or Mobile device is super simple with this app of course. Moreover, it has a great collection of DNS addresses to access the internet. You can also add Google DNS address,, to access the unrestricted internet.

Set DNS App

XUI Mod Top

XUI is meant for User Interface. This app will provide you various colour schemes and tonnes of animations. Arrange the clock centre. Add few more widgets to make your phone look good. Customise the colour for battery percentage is one of the unique features of this app.

XUI Mod Top

DriveDroid Rooted App

Softwarebakery develops the app, and it will work on rooted devices only. You can boot your personal computer by using the ISO image stored on your rooted Android phone. Better utilise the DriveDroid app to boot Windows or Linux to rescue your computer when needed.

It will help you avoid burning CD’s and DVD’s to load the ISO image of Linux or Windows operating system.

This app will use the kernel on your android phone. Some phones may not work without kernel but some work of course. You can run most of the Linux operating systems through your Android phone with DrvieDroid app. Whereas, some Linux operating system versions will not support.

DriveDroid Rooted App

Root Browser

It’s one of the best root apps of 2018 for rooted android phone. Don’t get confused about the app. It’s not a web browser, but it’s a file manager that works like a charm.

You can explore the file systems of your android phone with this rooted Android app. Having the Root Browser app on the rooted device is nothing but having control over your Android device.

Perform Batch Copy/Paste and Zip or Tar and delete the files with ease. It will have two-panel file manager panels on your Android.

Root Browser App

37. Kernel Tuner

It will offer you the full customization over your android phone. Do not forget that rooted Android device is a must to use features and to install the app of course. Custom Kernel is must perform various operations on your Android device with Kernel Tuner. You can take Full control over the CPU of your Android phone. Monitor and manage the GPU usage of your Android phone.

Improve the charging speed and enhance the durability of the battery. Take advantage over Voltage Control and get Restore settings while booting.

Kernel Tuner App

3C Toolbox

It’s yet another app for rooted android phone from XDA developers. It’s one of the must have root apps for Android phone. It will combine various root apps on your rooted Android phone and combine them into a single toolbox. 3C Toolbox is completely user-friendly, and it has easy to use options.

The app is available in two variations. One of them is a free version, and the other is a paid version. The free version will offer you all important features whereas the premium version gives you few more advanced options.

Network Manager, Task Manager and CPU Manager along with System Manager are awesome options out of the box. Why can’t we say this is also one of the best root apps for rooted android phone?.

3C Toolbox App

Android Firewall+

The app is also known as AF+, and it’s completely free application. You can manage the applications in such a way to utilise which data connection. It can be via Wireless connection or Data connection and Broadband. Apart from that, you can control the data flow and usage over LAN and WAN with a VPN.

It can show or hide the application id’s and that will be super awesome for various tasks on your rooted Android phone. You can have roaming option for 2G/3G/4G.

Android Firewall+ App


Few android phones do not mount large storage disks. But the StickMount app will help you mount or dismount USB sticks on smartphones like Nexus, Nexus7 and Nexus 10, etc.

You can install big data sticks and apply batch copy/paste etc. With ease. The app supports every Android phone, and it’s not only for Galaxy Nexus. But the thing is that this app will not support the Nexus 4.



It’s one of the best root apps for Android phone in 2018. ZDbox is an excellent system optimisation toolbox. I can say that this is an All-in-One Toolbox for your rooted Android phone.

It will help you boost the performance of your Android phone. Moreover, it will save the battery life of any rooted android phone.

You might have heard about AnyShare. It’s The fastest file transfer option that comes with the ZDbox app. The app will not utilise any other network to share the files in batch.

ZD Box

Wifi Key Recovery

Are you looking for a bunch of best rooted apps for Android phone?. I can say that this app is one of them. One important fact about this app is, it’s not a hacking tool.

It won’t help you telling passwords of the networks that you are not connected. But it will help you recover the wifi password for the networks you are connected.

You can find out the passwords of the networks connected to your Android phone. Save those passwords and login information in a separate file use them for future.

With the help of Wifi Access point, you can recover the wifi password. Who can’t say that this is one the best root apps available for the Android phone?.

Wifi Key Recovery App

BuildProp Editor

It’s easy to edit your build.prop on any Android phone. It has an excellent code editor, and that will help us write the code with ease. The app has a unique user interface which is completely free to use.

It’s one of the top root apps for Android phone and build.prop tools as well. BuildProp Editor will take automatic backups of the apps before making any changes.

BuildProp Editor App

App Ops

The app supports Android 5.0 or more without root. But you need to root your android phone if you are willing to use the app on Android 4.4.2 or earlier. It is one more from the collection of best root apps in 2018 for any rooted Android phone.

App Ops


Most of the Android devices need FolderMount app. Let me tell you the great advantages of the app right here. This app will help every Android user who does not have enough space on their devices. Why would that happen actually?.

We come to know that the space on Android mobile ranging from 2 GB to 128 GB or more. It will be super awesome if you have the sufficient internal memory for all kinds of tasks on your Android phone. Else, you might not be able to download or install android apps and games.

We need free space to save pictures, videos, and podcasts on our devices. But that may not be possible if you wish to play bigger games and would like to keep and watch High Definition movies. Moreover, you can’t perform various other tasks even if you can play more major games, etc.

FolderMount app will create links in internal memory and stores the files and folders on SDCard. This app will fetch the data from External storage chips like SD cards through the Links from Internal Storage.


Solid Explorer Classic

Solid Explorer is yet another awesome one from the list of best root apps for Android in 2018. It has two independent panels that have various purposes on your android phone. It will help you change the system level permissions. Utilise impressive features of the app while using it on your Android phone.

This tool will help you view your photos and image. Listen to music through Solid Explorer and of course, watching videos is easy. Watching videos from cloud or computer without downloading is super easy.

Solid Explorer Classic

Root Firewall Pro

It Is a must have root app for Android phone or tablet. It will act as a Firewall on Windows computer in Android. You can block any application from being connected to the internet. It’s too important to do like that of course. Else you might be losing the data, and battery of your mobile will also drain fast.

Root Firewall Pro

Smart Booster App

It is the best rooted app for Android phone. The app will clean the cache and delete the junk files with ease. It can be a best alternative app for Clean Master app. Cleaning out the residual files and junk folders will be super easy this tool. One total click scanner will help you detect malware and delete the for safety.

It will also boost the performance of your Android phone and make it faster. Increasing RAM will help you do multi-tasking and play bigger games with ease.

Smart Booster App


Pry-Fi is one more best root app for rooted android phone. Name of the app resembles the term “Wifi” and the tweaks to do with it. Pry-Fi is complete a free app to use, and it has a lot of tweaks to use. Sometimes you get tracked by others near you though you are not connected to the internet through wifi.

Pry-Fi is a quick solution for such issues on your Android phone. It can help you in lot more ways.


Speed Up Swap

Speed up your Android phone with just a single tap. You have a lot of tweaks that can help in improving the performance of your Android phone or tablet. It is the last one from a list of top 50 best root apps for Android phone in 2018. The app is having various versions and it works like a charm.

It will adjust the memory usage on your Android phone with ease. It won’t clean the extra memory and thus prevents the overheating of the device.

Speed Up Swap

Wrapping Up

The apps releasing for Android operating system every day is huge in number. It will be a difficult task for guys to select the best app. To reduce such an effort, we have made a List of Top 50 Best Root Apps for Android Phone. All the apps give above are tested in relevant categories. I hope you like my selection of Best Rooted Apps for Rooted Android Phone. Let me know the Best Root App of your choice from the list given above. I would love to hear from you and see you in the comments.


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