Top 9 Best City Building Games for PC, Android, iOS 11/10 (2018)


City Building Games are the most satisfying games ever in the whole gaming industry. But sadly, there aren’t many games that can live up to its potential.

However, the Genre City Building is enormous and you’ll find plenty of city building games out there in the market. It becomes quite confusing the choose the best city building game and to focus on it.

Usually, you will find a lot interesting and fun initially, slowly they’ll start moving towards to Pay2win aspects. Well, there are some Free City Building Games for PC, Android and iOS that you play anytime.

These games are not Pay2win at all, you just have to use your mindĀ and make strategic planning while building your city. So, without any wasting any further moment, let’s hope the list of Best City Building Games for PC, iOS and Android.

Best City Building Games 2018


The interesting part about SimCity is its Simulation Part. The game provides you ultimate simulations to keep you hooked on it. You can build up to 16 cities all simultaneously, it’s an online multiplayer game.

Top City Building Games for PC

You can compete with your friends and challenge other players as well for a real match. SimCity allows you to truly become a builder of the city and gives you control on every part. There are plenty of Rooms to play online, just build up your City and start the war with a single tap.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is our second pick on this list of Best City Building Games for PC. The storyline of this game is pretty simple and straightforward. Fallout Shelter is known for its gameplay and originality of city building game.

Best City Building Games for PC

It’s a freemium game that received many awards for being the best City building game. You have to send your residents to defeat the enemy lines and loot the resources that are needed to build your city. If you love building-survival games then you’ll enjoy playing Fallout Shelter for sure.

Urban Empire

Well, being the Mayor of a city sounds cool and awesome but you’ll have to blend your brain to build the best city. This is where Urban Empire truly shines, being a mayor of the city, you have to plan and build the city according to it.

Best City Building Games 2017

You have to think about every aspect of your city like Hospital, Politics, Schools etc. Their resources will be limited for building the city, now it’s up to you how you are going to level up the city and make it the best city.

City Island 4

City Island 4 is a popular village building game in the App Store of IOS. The game features a solid andĀ intuitive gameplay that delivers tons of fun. There are over 150 unique items to build up the village, the new transport system is another good thing about this game.

Best City Building Games for IOS

You can also skip the waiting time of the infrastructure by spending in-game credits. If you want to build your dream city from the scratch, then this game is a perfect choice for you. It really gives you the feel of a City Builder.

This War Of Mine

This War Of Mine is a survival game, to be honest for iOS devices. Your job is to deal with the Aftermath war-effected places. You’ll have to go and search for foods, resources, medicines etc and build up your base strong.

city building games offline

The game is not just a city building game, it offers a lot more to the players. The game features dark and emotional tons that make it unique from other City Building Games. Download the game from App store and start your hunt for food and shelter.

Village City – Island Sim

Village City is another popular game in the genre of City Building Games. The game is available in 18 different languages that include all the popular languages. Village City boasts high-quality graphics and dynamic environment.

best offline city building games

The game becomes extremely fun when played with friends, you can also exchange codes with your mates to get several in-game rewards. If you have a good group of friends, then start playing this game. It’s a fun game filled with unique actions and rewards.

Egg, Inc

Egg Inc is actually a business simulator rather than a city building game. In the game, your job will be to produce Eggs. Well, that’s not all, there’s a lot of stuff to do like hatch chickens, hire employees, build houses and facilities for hens etc.

best city building games for android

Apart from that, you can also make flying drones to make it attractive and moving. It’s one of the best simulation games in the Google Play Store. Just download the game from the store and start your business of eggs right away. The game is available for free of cost in the store but comes with in-app purchases.


Godus is another fun City Building Game for Android phones. Apart from the role of a city builder, you’ll also play the role of a God. Your job is to take care of your creations, if anything goes wrong then you will be held responsible for it.

best city building games free download

You will be the one who is going to build a new civilization, move the places around to fit your needs and requirements. The game lets you do whatever you want, but make sure you don’t hurt the civilians in any way. This game is also available for free of cost in Google Play Store to download and play.


MegaPolis is a fun and addictive city building game in the Google Play Store. Your job is to build several residential places and buildings in the game. The game’s progress depends on the number of the house you build. The more houses you build, the more people will come to your city.

free android city building games

You can also manage various aspects of your city such as finance, airports, railway stations. seaports and a lot more. Apart from that, you can just challenge your friends and see who has got the best city. Megapolis is one of the best city building games for Android devices.

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Wrapping Up

Those are the most happening games in city building category. One biggest advantage of the list provided above is, they are a mix of games for both PC, Android and iOS operating system. Spend time playing those games on your smartphone or a personal computer and enjoy building your favourite city using the resources at your best. Share this list with your friends if you feel this is helpful and comment down your favourite game.


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