Best Anime Streaming Sites 2018: HD Anime Sites to Watch Anime for Free Online


First, I’m assuming that you are a huge fan of Anime. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here searching for the best anime streaming sites. Anime is probably the only type of show that can be watched and enjoyed by everyone irrespective of their age. Just like Movies and regular Tv shows, Anime is also a great way to have some thrilling and action-packed experience with your family.

In India, you don’t usually get the chance to watch Anime on your Television as most of the series and episodes come in different languages such as Japanese, etc.

However, there are many Anime Streaming sites where you can register yourself and start watching your favorite Anime shows for free of cost in HD quality.

In case, if you don’t know what those places are, then it’s the right time for me to introduce some of the Best Anime Streaming Sites 2018.

10 Best Anime Streaming Sites 2018

We provide you the top HD Anime Sites to Watch Anime for Free Online

1. 9Anime

9Anime is probably one of the most popular websites to watch anime online for free of cost. Well, despite being a free service provider, they provide compromise with the quality and user experience.

anime streaming sites

You can view your desired Anime episodes in full HD on any platform for free. As soon as you open the 9Anime site, the first thing you’ll notice is the collection of latest and highly rated Anime.

You need to register your account and verify it in order to stream the anime. Other than that, they also allow you to download the Anime and save it on your device to watch later anytime you want. Since it’s a free to use service; it’s obvious to expect Advertisements on the platform.

2. KissAnime.Ru

KissAnime is a web-based Russian site that provides Anime content to registered users. As soon as you register yourself on KissAnime, the site makes sure that you never run out of content to watch and enjoy.

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They’ve got a wide range of anime collections that includes all genres such as Romantic, Suspense, Crime, Horror and a lot of more. You can also search up for your favorite anime on the site using the search option.

As soon as you click on any anime episode, the site will ask you to enter the captcha, after that you can start watching the content in max resolution.

3. AnimeSeason

AnimeSeason is a well-managed place to stream anime shows from anywhere in the world. They have a simple and elegant interface where all the anime categories are neatly placed. You can also watch on-going shows of your favorite character for free of cost on Anime season.

anime sites to watch anime for free

Almost all the episodes and sequels of anime are available in fine print quality along with subtitles. You can search up for new anime shows based on ratings, reviews etc. There are many popular anime series on Anime season including fate/zero, hunter x etc.

AnimeSeason is by far the best anime streaming sites and a worthy contender for KissAnime.

4. Masterani

Masterani is probably one of the simplest anime sites to watch anime for free anytime and anywhere. The homepage of the site shows all the highly rated anime shows along with their average watch time.

anime sites to watch hd anime for free

Their layout and design allow you to quickly discover some new anime content to stream for free of cost. Once you select any anime to stream, a sidebar will pop up showing all the details regarding the anime such as Date of release, episode length, publisher etc.

You just need to select the “Start” option to begin the stream, quickly a settings menu will pop up asking you to confirm the resolution (360p to ultra HD).

5. AnimeFreak

If you are looking for a site that provides dubbed anime shows, then AnimeFreak is worth considering. Their anime catalog includes most of the popular anime franchises from all over the world.

best anime streaming websites online

AnimeFreak is mainly focused on providing dubbed content, so it’ll help in exploring the new series and franchises of anime. You can stream any show or episode without even registration and for free of cost.

Just go to the site, search for your anime and open it. Below the anime title, you’ll find all the available episodes to watch, select any episode and start streaming.

6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a premium anime streaming site, meaning you have got their paid plan that costs around 7 USD/month to watch anime shows. As it’s a paid service, you can expect premium shows and features as well. If you can’t afford, Crunchyroll Premium Accounts may help you.

After confirming your subscription, you’ll be granted with a variety of categories to select. After choosing, the site will start recommending personalized anime shows to watch based on your interests.

This way you can easily find what you’re looking for and also discover new epic anime shows to stream. Crunchyroll offers to stream on a smartphone also, just download their app from Google Play Store and sign in.

7. AnimeNova

AnimeNova provides Japanese based anime shows in English for free of cost. Their catalog mainly features trending and highly rated anime shows from Japanese studios. Well, their UI isn’t as smooth as other sites on this list.

best anime streaming websites to watch hd anime online

The homepage itself is filed with the names of Anime, you have to manually search for your anime to stream. They have a pretty big collection of Anime which makes it difficult to search for your desired anime, but it’s worth spending time on the site.

They also provide anime movies along with Tv series, all this at no cost. AnimeNova is an ideal option if you’re family with Manga, Naruto kind of anime stuff.

8. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is an excellent anime streaming sites where you can download the anime and save it on your device for free. Everybody, you’ll find a new on-going set of series of anime to watch and pass your time.

online anime streaming sites free

AnimeHeaven have differentiated the anime shows based on their categories. As a result, you will be able to find your favorite show or movie in an efficient way. The site boasts a lot of popular and trending anime shows from all over the world.

Overall, it’s a decent site that doesn’t require registration of account to stream anime for free. AnimeHeaven can be your last pick if you’re not satisfied with above sites, considering the number of advertisements it boasts during streams.

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Wrapping Up

Open any of the anime websites provided above and start watching all anime stuff for free. Every site listed in this article features a lot of anime videos, shows, etc. Mention your favorite site using the comment box, thank you.


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