Android Multi Tools v1.02b Free Download (Latest Versions)


Download android multi tools v1.02b the latest version for your Android device and deal with issues such as Pattern Lock, Data Wiping, Flashing, Software Updates, etc.

There are several tools specifically built for Android phones for various purposes. Be it rooting your Android device or reset the pattern lock which you don’t remember, all sorts of tools are available for Android on the web to carry out the process.

Well, there will be instances where you would like to carry out multiple tasks such as Data wiping, Enter into recovery mode (you can do that using Aroma File Manager), etc.

In such situations, you will have to download more than one app to get your desired result. For instance, if you want to perform a bunch of essential stuff on your android, then probably you’ll end up stacking a load of apps for each and every task. In order to simplify this process, Android Multi Tools v1.02b was released.

android multi tools v1.02b

Now a lot of you might not know about this excellent tool or probably haven’t used it in the past. But believe me, it’s really helpful for performing various tasks on your Android device without needing to download different apps for separate tasks.

Today, in this article, I will be sharing a lot of stuff regarding Android Multi Tools v1.02b which will help you in carrying out work worth minutes into seconds.

What Are Android Multi Tools?

As the name suggests, Android Multi Tools v1.02b is an advanced multi-purpose tool built for Android devices only. A lot of people actually use this app to reset pattern or pin lock on their Android devices.

But there are some other useful features available in it which we’ll look at afterwards. So, basically, android multi tools 2018 is like a compilation of several useful android apps packed into one.

You will be able to perform a lot of stuff on your device with the help of these tools.

Android Multi Tools is the only tool of its kind available on the web. There are a couple of versions of this app released recently, lots of new features and improvements have been made with every update.

Today, the version which we’re going to provide is Android Multi Tools v1.02b which is the latest version as of now while writing this article.

Hope by now; you’ve come to know what’s the purpose of Android Multi Tools. Now let’s look at the awesome features of this excellent tool.

Features of Android Multi Tools

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a multi purpose-built for solving several issues that an android may have. It wouldn’t look good to mention all the features now itself as the list is quite huge.

But we’ll try to cover all the major features of Android Multi Tools v1.02b.

Reset Pattern Lock: This is probably one of the most famous features of these Tools. Sometimes, we may forget the pattern lock or password of the lock of our android device. In such cases, this tool will help you in presenting or removing the lock without flashing.

Wipe Data: Generally, you’ll have to go into recovery mode manually in order to wipe out the device’s data. With the help of Android Multi Tools, you can actually wipe out the data with just a single click. You don’t even need to enter into the Recovery mode by holding multiple buttons simultaneously.

Check Information: This tool can show you the complete information regarding the software and hardware of your Android device such as Processor, Android version, etc. You just need to connect your device using an original USB cable.

Reset Gmail Account: When you perform a factory data reset on your device, there chances of your device getting FRP locked. You’ll have to log in with the Google account which you have logged in previously on the device. This tool can easily reset it for you and allows you to create a new account.

Driver/Software Updates: Android Multi Tools provides all the necessary drivers and software for your android device (If available)

Flashing: You can use this tool to flash any custom or stock ROM on your android device with just a single tap. You don’t need to install any separate flashing tools for flashing ROMs on your device.

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b (2018) – The Latest Version

Now anyone can download and install Android Multi Tools on their computer or laptop within a few seconds. The tool was built with an ambition to simplify the process of several complicated operations that might need to be performance on an Android.

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to download or use this tool. Just go through the below guide to know everything about this tool.

  1. First of all, here is the link for android multi tools latest version 2018 free download. (Don’t worry, it’s free of viruses and ads)
  2. Once the download is completed, go to the “Downloads” folder (Will be located in My Documents or Documents).
  3. Extract the Zip File multi tools free download
  4. You will find an executable file i.e .exe file in the folder of android multi tools v1.02b. Just click on it to begin the installation.
  5. Make sure you grant all the required permissions for the app to be installed on your Computer or laptop.
  6. Once the permissions are granted, the tool will be installed on your system within a few minutes. After that, you can start using it.

How to Use Android Multi Tools 2018 on Your Smartphone

Using Android Multi Tools is pretty simple, here’s a simple guide that breaks down the process for you. So, firstly, you need to make certain settings on your Android device before using the tool.

Go to Settings on your device >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging >> Enable it. (Mandatory Step)

Once you make the above setting, you’re all set to use the app. Now just take any USB cable and use it to connect your android device to your Computer or laptop.

The tool will detect your Android device once you plug in the USB cable.

android multi tools v1.02b free download

Once the device is detected, the tool would show you various options such as Device Information, Wipe Data, Recovery mode, etc. Just select whatever option you want and follow the on-screen instructions.

Cons of the Tools

A lot of people (Including myself) have used this excellent tool for various purposes. Every time, the process was super quick and successful. Till now, nobody has ever reported any harm caused the android multi tools.

So, it’s safe to use; there won’t be any issue with your Android device (If done everything correctly).

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Wrapping Up

Deal with any problem on your Android device using the Android Multi Tool Package. I hope you love the entire article, please do share Android Multi Tools Latest Version with all your friends and let them know they can also fix issues like you, thank you.


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