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How to Install Kodi on Chromecast and Stream Videos from Android or PC

Google Chromecast is one of the best streaming devices and it’s the best alternative to Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV Stick. On the other hand, Kodi is one of the leading streaming applications available for Android and iOS. Streaming videos from the apps using Google Chromecast is super but with Xbmc Kodi app. Don’t worry, there are multiple ways to Stream Kodi on Chromecast in 2017. Of course, it’s not an easy task to stream Kodi to Google Chromcast but you can do it with an Android Smartphone or a PC having either Windows or Mac operating system.

Moreover, You cannot do it with an iOS device like iPhone or iPad as that feature is unavailable. But you can watch videos on your iPhone by Installing Kodi without Jailbreaking.

Kodi is one of the most appealing Open-Source software built with home entertainment especially. Many coders took a chance to modify the app and provide everybody a better Kodi app. That’s the reason why Kodi become handier than ever. Check out the best ways to pair up Kodi and Chromecast to stream videos without interruptions from an Android or a Computer.

How to Install Kodi on Chromecast to Stream Videos in 2017

how to install kodi on chromecast

Installing Xbmc (Xbox Media Center) Kodi on your Chromecast stick is a tricky task. I have tried multiple methods and listed out the working ones. I recommend you follow the one which is easy and suits best for you.

Using the Chromecast App on your Android Device

This is the simple method that will help you stream videos from Kodi to your Chromecast device. But you need to have an Android smartphone or a tablet for sure. Along with that, you need to install an app called Google Cast and Kodi as well on your Android device.

Follow the instructions after completing the installation process of the apps mentioned above. Restart your Android device and connect it to the power to avoid low battery issues.

  1. Download and Install Kodi App and the Google Cast app on your Android device from the links shared above.
  2. Open the Google Cast app on your Android smartphone.
  3. Click on Cast screen/audio option from the Menu available at the top left corner of the visible screen.
  4. Ignore if you get any message saying Screencasting is not optimized for this device; your experience may vary. Click Ok to proceed further.
  5. Connect your Chromecast device to the TV on which you want to stream Kodi videos.
  6. Google Cast will start searching for the connected chromecast device. Select the appropriate device to start pairing Chromecast and Kodi to stream videos to the TV from your Android device.
  7. Open Kodi app on your Android device and Play whatever you want. Now you should see the video is playing on both the devices (Android, TV).

This is a battery consuming process as you need to play videos on Android to watch them on your TV. If your android device run out of battery, you can stream videos to the TV. So, connect your device to the power and do not turn off the screen as well. If you have a smart tv that supports Screen Mirroring, you can connect your Android device to the TV without Chromecast and watch movies from Kodi app.

Using the Chromecast App on your Windows or Mac PC

The heading is similar to the above one right?, Maybe but the procedure is not same at all. Don’t skip reading the guidelines at any cost as it requires your attention. You don’t need to install any app here but a simple chrome extension. That extension will mirror the whole screen of the Google Chrome browser on your PC to the TV through connected chromecast device.

Start streaming Kodi with Chromecast by following the instructions provided below.

  1. Install Google Chrome Web Browser on your Windows or Mac or Linux computer if it’s not there previously.
  2. Download and install relevant Kodi software on your PC (Windows or Mac or Linux).
  3. Moreover, Install Google Cast Extention on Google Chrome web browser. Chromecast button will be added to the Chrome browser on your laptop.
  4. Install Chromecast Setup Client if you are on Windows and pairing Kodi with Chromecast for the first time.
  5. Click on Chromecast button on the Google Chrome web browser, which can be found at the top right corner of the visible browser screen.
  6. Now, Click on a small down arrow exactly opposite to the Cast this tab to… and choose Cast screen/window (experimental) option.
  7. Now, You will see an option to choose the screen of your computer. Go with the “Entire Screen” to avoid screen broken issues, etc.
  8. Open Kodi Client on your PC and Play any video you want to watch on TV using the Chromecast device. Make sure that the Chromecast stick is connected to the TV.

One more similarity to the previous method is, you need to run the Kodi Client all the time while you stream videos. Turning off the Screen or Shutting down the PC will interrupt the streaming to Chromecast from Kodi. Check out more method to stream kodi on chromecast using an Android device.

Running Kodi Client in Background on your Android Device

The best advantage of this method is the less battery consumption. In previous two methods, the battery consumption is higher as you need to open the screen of your android till you finish watching videos.

So, you can lock your Android device while streaming videos to the TV using Chromecast. That makes your Android device to save the battery and of course, you can attend the calls as well. Follow the instructions provided below to stream kodi on chromecast to TV.

how to stream kodi to chromecast

  1. Install Kodi App, ES File File Manager or Filza File Manager or iFile on Your Android device along with the LocatCast App. But I recommend you go with the ES File Manager as it’s the best for smoother batch operations.
  2. Now, Download the PlayerFactoryCore XML file on your device and save it somewhere to access anytime.
  3. Open ES File Manager on your Android smartphone and go to Settings from the Menu which can be found at the top left corner of the screen.
  4. Enable Show hidden files under Display settings.
  5. Go to the location of the file PlayerFactoryCore XML on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  6. Copy the file from that location and paste it at Android >> Data >> org.xbmc.kodi >> files >> .kodi >> userdata folder.
  7. Open Kodi app on your Android device and play whatever you want. By the way, you need to choose the medium to play the videos and in this case, LocalCast. If you have installed any other casting app like AllCast or Google Cast, Of course, you can go with them as well.


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What Else?

Enjoy Streaming videos and movies from Xbmc Kodi on Chromecast to TV anytime. Moreover, you can add videos to the playlist by tapping Add to Queue and lock your Android device to enjoy videos with no disconnections.

Those are the best methods to Install Kodi on Chromecast using Android, Windows 10/8.1/7, or Mac PC. I will update this guide if I come across any new methods. Till then, Check out the guide to Install Kodi on Roku 3 and Roku 4 to watch kodi stuff on Roku stick.

Wrapping Up

Of course, the method is something similar to the simple Screen Mirroring. But you need to consider Kodi app and the Smart TV’s that do not support Screen Mirroring, etc. Anyhow, follow the instructions to start pairing Xbmc Kodi and Google Chromecast to watch almost anything you want. Thank you so much for reading this post. Shares appreciated.