Install Kodi on iPhone Without Jailbreak (Without Computer) – No XCode, No Mac

Installing Kodi on iPhone is a difficult task if your device is not jailbroken. It will be easy if you can jailbreak your iPhone or iPad in 2017. But the fact is that you cannot jailbreak nowadays. Many tutorials say that they will help you install Kodi on iPhone without jailbreak, but they are not working. You will end up the tutorial by wasting your time and efforts if you follow them. Why because the procedure needs a Macbook and Xcode. It’s hard to afford iPhone and it is even more difficult to get Mac just because to get Kodi for your iPhone.

So, those kind of tutorials are not useful for a normal iPhone user to download kodi for iPhone, iPad without jailbreak. Today, I am going to guide you How to Install Kodi on your iPhone, iPad without jailbreak and Xcode. If you have a Windows computer, you will be able to do it with ease.

In fact, the guidelines I am going to give you now will need a Windows PC. Do not worry if you don’t have a Windows PC; you can ask any of your friends. Moreover, But it’s not an easy task to get Mac.

Windows computer is compulsory to carry out the method that I am going to provide you now. One thing I can assure that it is a lot easier than the procedure that is related to the XCode project creation and a Mac computer. Ready?, Let me take you to the tutorial now.

Download Kodi for iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak (No Mac, No Xcode) in 2017

To install and use Kodi, you need to download few files on your PC. For downloading, the computer can be Linux, Mac or Windows operated. In fact, you need to have a computer for sure while installing Kodi on your iPhone or iPad.

download kodi for iphone without jailbreak

Make sure that you follow the instructions without missing anything. Else, it will cause you a bit confusion and you may need to start it again from the beginning.

  1. A Computer or Laptop (Windows or Mac or Linux).
  2. If you are on a Mac, skip this step as you might have iTunes inbuilt. Or else, you need to download and install iTunes on your computer either on Windows or Linux.
  3. Cydia Impactor; The software is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. This is definitely an alternative for iOS App Signer and XCode. Suggesting you go with Cydia Impactor is just I told you to install Kodi on iPhone without using Xcode. Moreover, installing Xcode files is not that easy.
  4. A USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.
  5. Un-Signed Kodi file. Check out the Dropbox link to download Un-Signed Kodi file for the operation.

I hope you are ready and looking forward to Install Kodi for iPhone or iPad using Cydia Impactor. Move on then.

Install Kodi on iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak and XCode

Make sure that your iPhone is turned on. More importantly, trust the computer on your iPhone on which you are performing this activity.

Note: You do need to resign the Kodi on Cydia Impactor for once every 7 days. Else it will not work well.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) using lightning cable.
  2. Trust” your computer if you did not perform this. Proceed to the next step if the computer detects your iPhone. Minimise the iTunes if opens up right after you have connected your iOS device to the computer.
  3. Unzip the Cydia Impactor zip file on your Computer. Try to locate the file “Impactor.exe” on your Windows computer.
  4. Just double click on the file we are talking about.
  5. If everything is fine, Cydia Impactor should detect your iPhone.Install Kodi on iPhone using Cydia Impactor
  6. Otherwise, restart your Windows computer and iPhone and follow the procedure from Step 1.
  7. If in case you cannot see the device name in Cydia Impactor. Click on the scroll down menu and choose your device.
  8. Drag and Drop the Kodi-16.1-iOS.ipa file that you have downloaded above.
  9. Enter your Apple ID details if it prompts. You can give the one that you are signed in on your iPhone, or it can be the other one also.install kodi on iphone without jailbreak
  10. Click on Start and your job is done.
  11. Just observe what is happening and click Ok if you come across any warning messages or pop-ups.
  12. Installing Kodi on iPhone without Xcode and Jailbreak will wrap up in few minutes. Make sure that you are not disconnecting your iPhone from the computer in the meantime.

Now you can see Kodi on your iPhone. But you cannot use Kodi right away. You may need to trust the developer by going to Settings>>General>>Profiles.

kodi profile on your iphone

Make sure that you have an active internet connection while performing this step. Once you trust the profile that is assigned for Kodi, you will be able to use Kodi on your iPhone right away. So, That is all about downloading Kodi for iPhone without Jailbreak and Xcode. Check out the simple tutorial to Install Kodi on your iPhone without a computer.

Would you like to watch kodi stuff on your smart tv? Check out this tutorial to Stream Kodi on Chromecast using a smartphone or a Personal Computer. By the way, If you have Roku stick, You can stream Kodi on Roku as well.

How to Install Kodi on iPhone Without Computer? (No Jailbreak)

We have come across the method to install Kodi on your iPhone without jailbreak. The process we are about to carry out now is without a computer. Installing Kodi without computer is not an easy task to carry out. But believe me, it works. Check out the simple instructions that will help you install Kodi without computer and without jailbreak. Moreover, the operating system of your iPhone or iPad can be of iOS 10.3 from iOS 7.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the Internet Connection.
  2. Open Safari Web Browser on your iPhone.
  3. Download Playglass for your iPhone or iPad from the official link shared here.
  4. Click on the Gree button that you can see there. That will help you download the app for your iPhone or iPad.
  5. You will be able to see the dialogue box asking permissions to install PlayGlass on your iOS device.
  6. Click on “Install” button to install PlayGlass on your iPhone but it will take some time to complete the installation process.
  7. Click on “Home Button” of your iPhone and check if the installation is over.
  8. If at all everything is fine, Just come back from the home screen of your iPhone and Click Here to download Kodi remote from the app store.
  9. Click on “Get” and “Install” in the app store. It will take some time to finish installing the Kodi Remote.
  10. Once after finishing above tasks, Go to Settings>>General>>Profiles. There you need to Trust Developer Profile for PlayGlass. This is the major step you need to carry out for Kodi. Else, it won’t work at all.
  11. Come back to the Home Screen of your iPhone and open PlayGlass. I hope you will notice that the app looks like Kodi but with few changes like Double Screen (3D).
  12. Click on the Right Corner of the Interface for Settings. It will help you customize the Kodi app on your iPhone.
  13. In order to feel the Kodi as it is, Try using PlayGlass (Kodi) in a landscape mode.
  14. On Settings, You can change the default language (Chinese) to any language that you wish.
  15. Go back to the Settings Main Page and then select System Settings and you will be able to see the “Preferred” mode. Click on that and choose 2D.
  16. Restart your iPhone and open Kodi again and check the appearance of Kodi on your iPhone.

Hope that works! That is the best method to Install Kodi for iPhone without Computer, and without jailbreak.

Wrapping Up

I am happy to help you download Kodi for iPhone without a computer and jailbreaking. There are awesome methods using which we can Install Kodi on iOS devices in 2017. I have tried my best and given you the best and working methods. I hope you are happy about them and you can leave your doubts in the comments.

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    • Hey Roland Deem,
      Go to Settings >> General >> Profiles or device management.
      Choose the last profile on the list if you have installed few others previously.
      Otherwise, you will see only one profile. Just click on that profile and then click on “Trust” from two options 1.Trust, 2.Cancel.
      If you still have any problem, Comment below specifying the issue.
      Thank You.

  • I installed playglass from the App Store. I then followed a YouTube to add “ares” but there is no option to download from zip or anything in the add ons. Help I’m new to kodi. Is there another way to get content? Thanks.

    • Hey Jess, Followed the guidelines correctly?. I am pretty sure that you will get kodi with the methods shared above. For your kind information, I will be coming up with one more awesome method to get Kodi for iOS 11 and Earlier without using a computer.