7 Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android Devices (2017)

It takes no time for an android to transform into a spy gadget in this new era. There are loads of apps for Android in Google Play Store which does the task of spying and monitoring even when you are not using the device. A hidden camera app is the best one that you could think of when it comes to spying. Hidden camera apps can actually turn your device into Ninja Mode, i.e., stealth. However, the problem is, there is an endless number of apps in every category and section. You can’t just go ahead and install all of them to decide which one is working perfectly for you. Seriously, it would take hell lot of time if you choose to do so.

Nobody wants to waste their time on such things, so we’ve decided to pick some of the Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android devices. All these apps will help you to monitor your device and can provide a lot of useful information if used properly. Now you don’t have to carry your device all the time and everywhere.

Now you don’t need to worry about your device if you have a hidden camera app installed on your device. So without wasting any further time, let’s jump into the topic of hidden camera apps for android devices. All the apps mentioned in this article are meant for educational purpose only.

7 Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android Devices 2017

best hidden camera apps for android

Secret Camera Recorder

Secret Camera Recorder is a simple app that turns any android device into a spy camera phone. If you are someone who wants to take photos secretly then this is the best app you could find in the entire Google Play Store. The app will display texts on the screen and secretly starts capturing the video of the user. The app does absolutely its best at capturing the video of the user without letting him/her know. Do give it a try, it’s been highly rated in Google Play Store for its smoothness and flexibility. Millions of people have downloaded this app and have given positive reviews in Google Play Store.

Silent Camera

Here comes another sneakily hidden camera app for android devices. The name itself is more than enough to understand the highlight of this hidden camera app. You probably don’t want to blow up the people around you by letting your device while it’s capturing the video. The Silent Camera is really at this, it silently starts capturing the pics and videos of the user. The app automatically silents all the sounds, so that the user wouldn’t know that he/she is being captured. It’s just simple, silent and amazing, definitely, deserves the second spot on this list.

Background Video Recorder

Have you ever wanted to record the videos in the background? Background Video Recorder is another great app that helps users to record videos or to capture photos in the background with ease. Unlike other apps, this app doesn’t limit the duration of recording time. You can record as much as you want, just make sure your device has enough data storage available. All the videos captured by this app will be in highest possible quality with no or minimal frame drops. it’s one of the best hidden camera apps for android out there.

Secret Video Recorder

Secret Video Recorder is another highly rated app for secretly recording videos and photos. The app has received an average rating of 4.3 starts (out of 5) from the users all over the world. Catching someone who might be snooping on you is a priceless feature of this amazing app. It also has a never ending minute mark feature in this app which is simply great. Not many apps have such kind of features and it’s a completely free to download. With just a little more bit of improvements and originality can get this app on the top spot of any list.

Just download the app from Google Play Store and turn your device into a spy camera recorder within minutes. It will be the best option record your family occasions and events secretly. Surprise your family members and friends showing what they did in the event.

Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera is also a background video recording app for android devices. You will be able to use your device normally; the app automatically does the all the background works to keep you unaware of the fact that you are being recorded secretly. Another good thing about this app is that it can record the videos even when you are on a phone call. The Hidden Camera app can record videos at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Most of the apps don’t offer such high-quality background recording, but this app has done a good job in providing the best possible quality.

Hidden Camera Snapshot

Well, first of all, this cannot record videos. The app is only capable of capturing photos even when your device’s screen is turned off. All you have to do is just press the volume key to start capturing photos. You can also set a timer for the app to take photos at a particular time or day. It’s actually a quite advanced hidden camera that takes photos in the background. You can expect an error free experience with this app as it’s perfectly optimized and well balanced for almost all the android devices.

The Hidden Camera Snapshot is a light weight app, that means the app will not be using much resources of your device’s system in the background. So you don’t have to worry about any lag or hanging issue while using this app.

Hidden Camera

Don’t get confused with the names. There are tons of apps with almost similar or same names in Google Play Store. However, the features and qualities of these apps aren’t same. Here’s another hidden camera named app that does a great job in recording videos secretly. The app is designed and developed by Koko App Studios, the developers have put quite a lot of effort while making this app. The interface of this is simply awesome and that is what it makes the app different from others. You’ll pretty much like the interface and its smoothness of capturing videos when your screen is turned off.

Well, the developer of this app have put up a disclaimer saying that it’s just a background video app. So it’s up to you what you are going to do with this app.


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Wrapping Up

There are apps for everything you need on google play and third party app developer websites. You just need to explore things in a right way in order get benefited. Now you don’t need to worry as you can now go through the best hidden camera apps for all android devices out there. Make sure you use them in a right way. I personally use them while I am not able to handle came or a phone to capture the moments, this way, you can record each and every moment of your activity to cherish afterward. Whatever the information provided on this site/page/post is only for educational purposes. You may request for removal of any apps listed here or any piece of information to be modified.