Wrevealer – The Best Solution for “Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on iPhone?”

Wrevealer is a Cydia tweak to find out Who Viewed you on WhatsApp on your iOS device. It will keep track of your WhatsApp Profile Visitors very accurately. You don’t need to do any magic as the app itself can figure out whats happening around your WhatsApp profile. [Read more…]

CCSettings iOS 10 Download Without Jailbreak – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

CCSettings is nothing but the Control Center Settings. It is a Cydia Tweak and it will allow the users to add extra settings to the control center. By default, iOS 9 and iOS 10 users will get few control center settings. In which, few important settings are missing and they are Mobile Data, Mobile Hotspot, Battery Saving Mode, etc. You need to go to settings and configure all the time to enable or disable the above mentioned settings. But the CCSettings Cydia Tweak will add loads of settings to the control center of your iPhone or iPad. [Read more…]

How to Restore Jailbroken iOS 10 Using OSRestoreX and OSRestoreXTerm

OSRestoreX is an on-device alternative to semi-restore for iOS 10. This is one of the best apps to restore your iPhone to a clean state in few simple steps. Nathanaccidentally is the developer and few other guys joined their hands to develop the app together. It works by using the Coolstars Stashing method by moving all tweaks installed, to /var/db/stash (user storage). Moreover, It can remove all your tweaks and user data in one click. Do not panic, all the tweaks and user data will be stashing or moved to a static location on the device. [Read more…]