How to Fix Super Mario Run Crashing on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The most awaited Super Mario Run is available to play on iOS now. Still many gaming geeks on Android platform are waiting for the game app. I was so curious and loving to play the game on my iPhone 6s Plus. But I came to know about the game while playing and ended up with disappointment. The interesting thing is that Super Mario Run Crashing on Logo Screen itself. However, I could able to resolve the issue by closing the app completely and started playing the same again. But that is not the end to the error. [Read more…]

10 Best Sites/Apps Like Pinterest You Should Try on Your Android, iPhone

Pinterest is another great social media platform where you can share your stuff with your fans or followers. This platform has gained a lot of popularity over the years. But as you all know, nothing is perfect in this world. Every creation or invention will have some drawbacks for sure. With some reason, if you don’t want to stick with Pinterest anymore, then here are the best Apps Like Pinterest which you should try. I’m in no way degrading or saying Pinterest is bad. [Read more…]

iOS 10.3 Beta 1 Features and Changes that You Need to Know in 2017

iOS 10.3 Beta 1 Latest Features: Your iPhone should be updated to the latest version and get most out of it. The recent update to the iOS operating system is iOS 10.3 Beta 1. Apple recently announced the news regarding iOS 10.3 Beta 1 Latest Update. It has got tremendous changes and improvements. Make your iPhone much better with the Brand new latest features with the iOS Update. The significant changes to the operating system that we can use are, Find My AirPods and Improvements to Apple ID Settings Profile. [Read more…]

What Song Is This? 10 Best Apps to Find What Song is Playing Around You

Music is a great option for time pass. Few people listen to music for entertainment, and some people listen to songs/music to get relief from stress or pain. There are various music apps you can use on your Android and iOS as well to listen to music. Technology has improved a lot over the years; it has changed the way of our living completely. Wait, Have you ever think What Song is This?, I think I listened to it. [Read more…]